PAM 100% Natural Olive Oil Cooking Spray 5 oz

The 100% natural, versatile no-stick cooking spray for today’s cook. Try 100% extra virgin olive oil pam for: stovetop & oven-cooking meats, fish, and vegetables. Cooking pasta dishes. Baking garlic bread.

Quick facts

  • 100% natural
  • No-stick cooking spray
  • For fat-free cooking

Top reviews

It’ll do in an emergency

We usually get Trader Joe’s olive oil spray. We use it on popcorn and things that need an even, light coating for spices to stick to. I was relieved to find Pam had this olive oil spray when I couldn’t get to Trader Joe’s, but I was disappointed with it. It comes out in more of an uncontrollable streak than a spray. It’ll do, but Trader Joe’s is far superior.
FranchescaShelley, ID


We have gradually changed over to using olive oil in almost all of our cooking. We like the taste of it and the health arguments are convincing to us. We now haven’t used any oil other than olive oil in the last three years.

One convenient item that has helped our conversion is the availability of cans of olive oil spray. We give our pans a light coating for frying eggs and other things and we lightly spray salads with it. It’s about the same as using regular Pam, except that the sprayed ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We’re very satisfied with this product and it’s very convenient.

Gary Peterson

GretaKinnear, WY