PAM-Original No Stick Cooking Spray, 3/8oz Cans by Congra Foods

PAM – original no stick cooking spray, 3/8oz cans is the versatile, undisputed leader in no-stick cooking sprays. Use it for everything from better browning of your roasted turkey to keeping spices on your uncooked meats. And it has just 7 calories and less than 1 g of fat per serving!

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  • PAM-Original No Stick Cooking Spray, 3/8oz Cans

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excellent deal

excellent seller perfect price very pleased with all aspects of this purchase and i would buy it this way again!
LelandHay Springs, NE

Pam — Who Wants to Live Without It?

We use Pam every day. Who would like to cook without it? I know it saves us hundreds of calories, and it keeps our food from sticking. It does not add anything objectionable to the taste of food. I spray it on the tops of food and place it under the broiler to brown food quickly and evenly. My mother’s life would have been easier if she had had Pam when she was cooking for her big family!

When I developed the recipes for Flavored with Love: Mary Lou’s Family and Friends Can Cook, I used Pam cooking spray constantly.

When we developed The Collard Patch, we used it to cook cornbread. Here is one of our recipes people have raved about.

Non-stick cooking spray (We use Pam PAM-Original No Stick Cooking Spray, 3/8oz Cans).
1 (5½-ounce) Bisquick package All-Purpose Baking Mix (or 1′ cup)
1 jar (11 ounces) Tiptree Mincemeat
2 eggs
½ cup (2% fat) milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice
4 ounces (1 cup) extra sharp grated Cheddar
1 (8½-ounce) Jiffy package corn muffin mix (Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 24ct)

–Preheat the oven to 350°.
–Spray the muffin tins.
–Mix the Bisquick and the mincemeat.
–Whisk the liquid ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and add the remaining ingredients.
–Spoon the muffin mix into the cups of the muffin tins. (Caution: Do not overfill the muffin cups. These muffins will not rise high, and you don’t want them to spread too much across the tops.)

I hope you found this review helpful.

BarrieHalma, MN