Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chunk, 13.6 Ounce Unit

Packed full of rich, dark chocolate chunks, this Incredible Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is so quick and easy to make that anyone can have fresh baked cookies anytime. Just two ingredients added to Pamela’s cookie mix creates fabulous cookies and fun desserts.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 13.6-ounce packages of baking mix (total of 81.6 ounces)
  • All-natural; includes organic chocolate chunks
  • Wheat-free, gluten-free, non-dairy; kosher-certified
  • Use to make cookies and other desserts
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Too Much Sugar

Although its always nice to find gluten free products available to those who suffer from Celiac Disease, its also troubling to find many of these products also are high in sugar. I found this to be extremely too sweet for my taste. If I purchase something that is chocolate I want to taste chocolate not be overwhelmed by sugar.Rice flour in itself is high glycemic and with the added sugar this product made me feel ill from the sugar content. I have been baking for years the old fashioned way with whole wheat but after developing Celiac I no longer could consume it. I learned later from a nutritionist that sugar was also a problem for people who have Celiac. Through trial and error I found this to be so true. Can’t the makers of these mixes back off on the sugar? I removed the chips as well as they were too sweet. Other than that its okay for a rice flour mix cause we all know rice does not compare to whole wheat.
HermilaDixon, CA

Best Cookies

This cookie mix is by far the best I have ever used and tasted for Gluten free products. Everyone loves them and I will continue to order them.

Vicki Brejla

DamienHighland, MD

Really good!

These taste like the real thing! They are delicious! And very easy to make! My whole family loves them – even the ones who aren’t gluten-free (like me)!
LettieSomonauk, IL

Too Good to be Healthy

After trying a number of other chocolate chip cookie mixes, my husband and I were beginning to wonder if any gluten, wheat and dairy free cookies could taste better than sawdust. Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix was a revelation! Tastes as good as regular chocolate chip cookies,,,,delicious!
SandaHazard, NE

Good and easy chocolate chunk cookies

The chocolate chunk cookie mix has one big advantage to it as it can be mixed by hand and come out just as well as when made with a mixer. I make the cookies smaller than recommended on the package and have over-baked them using the recommended baking time. They come out crisp but keep well and taste very good. Compared to the complicated chocolate chip recipe I make from scratch, these cookies are absolutely great!
WillianTrail, MN

Very good and quick to make

I could do without the cocoa in the batter because it makes them look burned when they are not, but very tasty.
WilberOsceola, AR

Take some getting used to, but good with milk

First, I can say these cookies are very easy to prepare and I am proud to say I made all 6 units without a single failed batch. πŸ™‚ So they are basically fool-proof as long as one follows the instructions.

The cookies do not flatten a lot while baking, so I was able to fit more per cookie sheet than normal — about 16 cookies on a 13×18 cookie sheet vs. the typical 12. In fact, if you drop the dough on the cookie sheet and don’t flatten it a little, you will end up with cookie mounds. Uneven edges around each cookie will remain so — these do not flatten out into smooth-edged discs. The texture reminds me of homemade oatmeal cookies, actually.

I realized after the first batch I didn’t even need to butter the cookie sheet. I use aluminum bakeware yet the finished cookies came off the un-buttered sheets as if they had a non-stick coating (they don’t). I typically baked the cookies for about 14 minutes and they were soft and moist but set. At 15 min. they were still soft, not quite as moist but not dry.

Second, I admit I wasn’t sure I liked the taste much at first. The one thing I could definitely pinpoint about the taste after the first batch was that they seemed too salty. So for all subsequent batches I used unsalted butter and this was a big improvement. These do not taste the same as non-GF cookies, IMO, yet they are pretty good (very good with milk) and for me they did satisfy chocolate-chip-cookie cravings**.

**These cookies have far more chocolate chips/chunks than I find in typical cookie mixes, which helps with my evaluation, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

SherrillHickman, CA

Excellent gluten-free & wheat-free cookie mix!

I had to admit I was skeptical about how these cookies would taste; it seems that anything using non-traditional baking supplies never really tastes right to me. I can detect even the slightest variation, too, and therefore usually end up throwing out gluten-free products.

Fortunately, this chocolate chunk cookie mix by Pamela’s is as tasty as cookies made with white flour! They have a good chocolate flavor and nice consistency; and are not grainy like I worried they might be.

You just add one egg and 8 tablespoons of softened butter; mix for about a minute, then scoop into little mounds on a cookie sheet, and bake. True that the cookies do turn out a bit darker than chocolate chip cookies made with white processed flour, but these taste just as good.

Each package makes about one dozen cookies. Fresh out of the oven – these are great!

LindseyKalkaska, MI

Subscribe and Save delivers OLD bags of mix! Two thumbs down

I’ve subscribed to receive Pamela’s GF cookie mix and after the second delivery of OLD mixes I am returning to buying them in the store. All of the last mixes during the last several months (6 bags per order x 2 = 12) have been OLD — not expired, but the chocolate is dried up, light brown and crumbles to a powder. I discovered it’s not possible to return a subscribe ‘n save order (for some reason) so I have to throw out the chocolate chips and use Ghiradelli instead. Whenever I have bought Pamela’s from Whole Foods the chocolate in the mix has been dark brown, fresh and never has crumbled to powder.

AVOID subscribe and save on this item. Buy them in a store.

FranceMohawk, MI

Proof that Gluten Free can be GOOD!

Living gluten-free for several years now, it’s been a while since I had any “real” chocolate chip cookies. But, I don’t remember them being even close to as good as what comes from this mix. They’re incredibly easy to make (though we only cook them just over half the time as directed), and even my non-gluten-free family is hooked.
EliseoHinton, VA

Pamela’s Chunk Cookie Dough

This Pamela’s dough produces an excellent-tasty cookie. This gluten-free product is kind to my sensitive digestive system.
AdriannaFairview Village, PA


I love these cookies. You just mix them all up in a bowl together and bake. I ADD MORE CHOCOLATE chips- at least 1/4 cup more of whatever flavor I am craving at the time- or better yet chop up some chunks from a semisweet baking bar! This makes it better, I think, as it doesn’t have enough chocolate in them when I really need a chocolate fix. The package says to melt the butter. You do not have to do that if you have a hand mixer with some guts. Just use soft butter or butter substitute. Also, watch how long they cook as mine never need the full time. My kids like them softer so I bake shorter for them and make a crispier tray for me. The only caveat is that each bag only makes a small batch and it is expensive. BUT this is the BEST tasting gluten free mix I have ever found. My kids love them and they are eaten quickly.
LulaSteele, MO

This cookie mix is amazing

I recently found out that I was allergic to Wheat, Gluten and Milk and I love baking, so I was very excited when i found Pamela’s Chocolate chip cookie mix. My friends didn’t even notice the difference! This is a wonderful mix so good and easy. I highly recommend this mix!
LavernRumford, ME

Delicious, and easy to make healthier

These are very good, and so easy! Plus, I never fail to be impressed at how CHOCK-FULL they are of chocolate chunks. No skimping here. I order it through Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” program, which makes these a very good deal indeed. What makes these cookies an even BETTER deal is that you can make them healthier by substituting ingredients. This mix calls for one egg and 1 stick of butter. Instead, I use the egg and a generous 1/4 c. peanut butter plus a generous 1/4 c. plain yogurt (and a bit of water as-needed for consistency). No butter necessary. They still come out good, and I feel even better about them. Eat & ENJOY!
MerrillWeldon, IL

Delicious but makes a difference on what you bake them

I prepared one batch by hand according to recipe using butter. I baked 1/3 of the batter on glass, 1/3 on corningware, and 1/3 on baking sheet. The glass batch turned out best. The corningware batch flattened a little more than the glass batch and also was more crumbling. The baking sheet ones tasted burnt although they didn’t look burnt; the baking sheet ones looked similar to the glass batch but tasted burnt and I threw them out. I don’t know of any other gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix that is also potato free and this one tastes great. Reminds me of the duncan hines regular glutened-mix but not as good as the recipe on the back of Tollhouse cookies glutened cookies.

Another very similar mix I like a little better is Authentic Foods Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix which AF just came out with and since Amazon carries AF, hopefully they will carry the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix soon. The ingredients for them is: Rice Flour, Organic Granulated Can Juice, Dark Chocolate Chunks (granulated can juice, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, dextrose, soy lecithin, vanilla), Natural vanilla flavor, salt, baking soda, soy lechitin – Gluten-free Wheat-free May contain milk & soy To mix add 2 eggs, 3 oz veg oil and 1 oz water. Bake 10-15min at 375. The Authentic Foods Chocolate Chunk Cookie holds together a little better than Pamela’s. The AF cookie has a more buttery taste whereas Pamela’s has a more cocoa taste to the cookie. I think they both get their chocolate chunks from the same supplier as they seemed identical so it is just the cookie part to compare!

PatrickPomeroy, OH

The best!

This cookie mix isn’t just the best gluten-free mix, it’s the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. Easy to make, they bake in no time and make a perfect cookie everytime. I will choose these over a homemade variety without question.
MarionFenwick Island, DE

another great Pamela’s product

these disappeared so quickly i barely got a taste! easy to make and taste great! Taste very similar to non-gluten free chocolate chip cookies I used to bake
JennellPiney River, VA

Wonderful cookies!!

This is a great product for people wanting gluten free cookies. It goes together easily and the cookies are delicious!!!!!! Add some walnuts or pecans to the mixture if you like nuts, that tastes great too.
DebiBronte, TX

Great for the whole family!

These cookies are every bit as good as their gluten counter part. Simple to make. Delicious and much cheaper than purchasing the already made, pre packaged gluten free cookies.
JimmieArgyle, MN

Maybe the best damn chocolate chip cookies ever!

the friends who introduced me to this don’t even eat gluten-free but they use this as their chocolate chip cookie mix because they think this is the best chocolate chip cookie you can make!

I love this mix!!! It is also way, way better than Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix (which is too bad, because I really like them & most of their products)

great texture, great flavor, great density (not solid but not too airy)

GildaWevertown, NY

Delicious—just don’t eat all of the batter first!

Although I love to cook, I rarely if ever bake due to a health condition. I probably have hypoglycemia—I haven’t taken the definitive three-tiered test to determine if I have the condition (after fasting, you are given a drink of pure liquid glucose, and then your blood sugar is measured three times over the next several hours); however, when my doctor had me fast for twelve hours on two occasions, then measured my blood sugar level, my readings were below normal the first time and at the very low end of normal the second time. He gave me the preliminary diagnosis of hypoglycemia and warned me not to eat concentrated sugar. The third time I had my blood-sugar tested, I had avoided concentrated sugar for a whole week, then fasted for twelve hours, and my blood-sugar reading was very normal at 90. I probably also have Candida, which is a very annoying and difficult-to-get-rid-of condition. My Candida tests showed that I have Candida, yet the readings were not high enough to merit a prescription to get rid of it (a Catch-22). Candida thrives on sugar and acidic foods. Therefore, added sugar and I are not friends, and I try to avoid the addictive stuff to the best of my willpower’s ability.

Yet I was craving homemade chocolate chip cookies last week. I haven’t eaten, much less made, chocolate chip cookies in a few years! One of my friends who also has Candida (be careful of antibiotics—they can mess up your body’s flora, and avoid sugar while on antibiotics and for a good few weeks after you finish taking your course of antibiotics—a lesson I learned a little too late!) said that if I ever do indulge my sweet tooth, take a TBS of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar beforehand, and it will help keep your body alkaline and therefore, offset the sugar. I also take Cinnamon capsules or New Chapter Cinnamon gel caps to help with my blood sugar. (If I don’t take all of these precautionary pre-sugar ingesting steps, my facial dermatitis will flare up for a good three weeks, and I’ll look and feel just awful. Nothing makes you feel more unpretty than red patches of inflamed skin. Gluten, or at least refined glutinous grain, also seems to exacerbate my dermatitis condition.) So I was stoked when I saw a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix in the Natural Department of a local grocery store. I didn’t feel like spending a lot of money and time chasing down organic chocolate chips, non-gluten flour, organic vanilla extract, etc. to make the cookies I was craving.

Although I was happy to see this mix and give it a try, I honestly didn’t think they’d taste especially good—enough to satisfy my craving and then I’d move on. O Contraire. These cookies are beyond delicious! As a person who is passionate about cooking, I can’t help but mess with a recipe, even when it’s already prepared for me in a mix and I only have to add an egg and butter (or in my case, a combo of Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread and Goat’s Milk butter). I added a small amount of crushed walnuts, crushed Brazilian nuts, a spoonful of raw almond butter, and a light dusting of Cinnamon, Ground Jamaica Allspice, and Coriander Seed. The result? Amazing! (I added the nuts, almond butter, and spices because I thought that that would help moderate the cookies’ concentrated sugar.) Another nice thing about this prepared mix is that it would be great for a vegan, which I briefly was (I still remain an adamant “cruelty-free” vegetarian), and then vegans can use applesauce for the egg and Earth Balance for the butter requirements.

The only problem–I don’t want to eat added sugar on a regular basis. Definitely believe we should all really, really limit sugary foods, only as a special occasions treat. These cookies make my resolution to avoid added sugar a bit more challenging. Yet my chocolate chip cookie craving is satiated for the time being.

JettaDrayton, SC

Best gluten free chocolate chip cookies

These are by far the most delicious gluten-free chocolate chip (chunk) cookies out there. Easy to make as well. Super fast shipment from the seller and packed nicely. Easy transaction. Buying more today.
BelvaWilbur, OR

Great Chocolate Chips Cookies

So good that even those who do not need gluten free will also enjoy them.
That is the ultimate complement for a gluten free product. Well done Pamela’s!
I have these on subscription with Amazon. Great deal.
HanneloreWilliamsport, OH

Awesomely Delicious!

Best cookies ever! Every time we have an invite to a party I am always asked to bring these cookies. In fact if I don’t I get a lot of grumbling and disappointed comments. So I never go to a party without them now πŸ™‚
KimberleeBly, OR

Soooo tasty!

Admittedly, I am a bit skeptical about gluten-free products. Most pale in comparison to the ‘real’ version they are trying to mimic. While this cookie mix probably couldn’t go head-to-head with ‘real’ cookies per most peoples’ standards, it certainly does for me. The mix is fool-proof and easy enough for children to make–you don’t need an electric mixer at all–just mix by hand. You can add extra goodies too, though they are already very generous with the chocolate chunks. Walnuts or your favorite nut or fruit makes awesome additions.

As for flavor, these guys are -tasty-. I really like the cocoa in the mix and although there’s actually not a whole lot of sugar in them (6 g of sugar per cookie is -nothing- compared to other mixes and premade cookies), the cookies are very sweet. I’ve made, and served, them to regular cookie eaters (who are not gluten-free) and everyone has loved them.

You can make these cookies more interesting by substituting coconut oil (which is full of ‘good’ fat and MCTs) for the butter. Do so at your discretion though—I love the taste (especially when combined with macadamia nuts), but it is certainly a subjective area. Also, as a warning, the cookies come out pretty crumbly if baked for the time specified on the packaging. I did not cook mine for the entire time suggested and remove them from the pan shortly after removing them from the oven. This has prevented any sticking and crumbling issue.

All in all, I really like this mix and hope everyone who can’t eat ‘normal’ cookies enjoys it too!

JaymeLakeland, GA

Pamela’s Cookies

Pamela’s Products Cookie Mix Chocolate Chunk — 13.6 ozThese are the best Gluten Free Cookie Mixes. I bring them to church regularly and people really look forward to them! Love them and they are highly requested.
EsmeraldaKranzburg, SD

so good they are dangerous cookies

Dear Pamela …dont know if i should say THANK YOU?? lol or shake my fist at you..these cookies ..easy to make ..Gluten Free…are Way too yummy ..they have to be considered dangerous :) we shall leave it as a THANK YOU PAMELA..Highly recomend trying these
NatashaSpruce Creek, PA

These Cookies are great!!!!!!!

I love these cookies. They aren’t grainy and are really moiste and tasty! They are easy to make and enjoy. I used an extra amount of chips, but you wouldn’t need to. They are good on their own!
HeikeMorattico, VA

Oh So Good!

I have a wheat allergy and have tried just about every type of gluten and wheat free cookie mix out there. I have to say that this cookie mix is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and the BEST.

Prep and Baking:
Super easy, you add butter and an egg, that’s it. You want to bake them until the bottom of the cookie is a light brown, be sure not to over bake. I knew they would taste good, as even the dry mix was super yummy, not overly sweet, but more buttery and chocolaty tasting.

The texture of these cookies is so light and fluffy; they simply melt in your mouth. They also have the perfect combination of an ever so slight chewiness and a hint of crunch. Basically they look and feel just like a “real” chocolate chip cookie.

Taste: These cookies are not overly sweet, which I really like. They have more of a delicious, rich, buttery / chocolaty taste, with a good amount of dark chocolate chunks throughout, simply perfect.

CONS: As someone who does not like to over indulge in sweets and focuses on eating healthy, I normally bake and share. The con is I found it hard to part with these yummy cookies, as I wanted them all for myself.

LaveraEllenton, FL

You will forget about what you are missing with these cookies!!

I am a chocolate chip cookie lover. Once I learned that I had to give up wheat and other gluten products I started my search for alternatives. That was about four years ago and boy were most of the gluten free products awful. Then a couple of years ago I discovered Pamela’s brand of baked goods and baking mixes. I have yet to find one I did not think was wonderful. Back to the chocolate chunk cookies. This mix has huge pieces of dark chocolate and is delicious. Some of the reviews that I have read state that it has too much sugar. Yes it does, as all real chocoate chip cookies do. I am a health nut myself, but when I want an occasional indulgence this is it.
MamieChandlerville, IL