Pamela’s ProductsGluten Free Shortbread, Lemon, 7.25-Ounce Boxes

Pamela’s Lemon Shortbread cookies have a traditional shortbread texture with a zing of lemon. If you love lemon, you will love these cookies! These cookies are delicious with tea or for dessert. Pamela started her company in 1988 to provide great-tasting, gluten-free foods that everyone can enjoy. As a third-generation baker and pioneer in gluten-free foods, Pamela to this day continues to set the standard by using premium, quality, non-GMO ingredients to create delicious products.

Quick facts

  • Contains 6 – 7.25 ounce boxes
  • Traditional shortbread texture with a lemon zing; 9 cookies per box
  • Certified gluten-free by the GFCO, made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, and Kosher Certified (dairy equipment)
  • Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Egg-Free, made with premium ingredients (locally sourced where possible), no artificial flavors or additives, no hydrogenated oils or trans fats, no corn syrup, and low in sodium
  • Great for desserts using lemon shortbread. Visit Pamela’s Products website for recipes!

Top reviews

Downright disgusting.

I am a big fan of Pamela’s Products. Their plain shortbread and pecan shortbread are incredible. So I was optimistic about the lemon shortbread cookies, since I’m a fan of everything lemon-flavored. These cookies were a) too sour, b) soggy, without the crumbly, buttery texture of real shortbread and c) they tasted like someone had sprayed Lemon Pledge furniture cleaner on regular shortbread, then sealed it in plastic while damp. Really, they were that gross. Not recommended.
LouieSaint Clairsville, OH

Don’t buy them, this is not shortbread

I never write a review but I thought I should to lower the number of stars this product has. We bought the subscribe and save package of 6 and after eating 1 cookie I am thinking on throwing out the rest. The cookies are chewy and you don’t feel the crumbles you usually have in a good short bread. They leave a very unpleasant after taste in your mouth. I am extremely disappointed with these cookies. Please buy something else!
MikaDeer Creek, MN

Fabulous Cookies

These gluten-free cookies taste like regular, lemon shortbread cookies and are quite delicious. I highly recommend them.
ArdeliaEast Leroy, MI

Unclear labeling

On the original display of Pamelas cookies, Lemon and Pecan Shortbread there was no mention of gluten free. In the order page in was in very small print that I missed. They were definitely unsatisfactory. I opened the package to taste so felt that I could not return them. So I am stuck with 12 boxes.
HildredVienna, OH

My Favorite Cookie!

I was recently told by my doctor that I needed to begin a gluten free diet. I love cookies & was SO upset! I found these lemon shortbreads & fell in love! I like to put them in my freezer & eat them cold. My favorite thing to do is have a cup of English Breakfast Tea & these cookies in the afternoon. Now that it is summer I have switched the tea for pink lemonade. I definitely recommend these delicious cookies!
KassandraMountain City, NV


Product arrived well packaged…no crumbled cookies. These are the best gluten-free cookies I have ever tried. Very rich shortbread with delicious lemon taste.
WanetaMayo, SC

lemon cookie delight

If you have ever enjoyed a good wheat flour lemon cookie and are gluten free, this is the cookie for you. We keep this cookie on hand to have when we need that little special treat.
PeiWillow Spring, NC

Why does it smell and taste like furniture polish?

I didn’t know that cookies could taste so bad. I truly regret purchasing so many boxes for my job and will NEVER EVER trust my coworker for recommending them.
ChunPepin, WI

Lots of lemony taste!

A strong, not too sweet, lemony taste in a cookie that is resistant to crumbling yet is not hard. It melts in your mouth. Very filling – one cookie is sufficient to satisfy my cravings, unlike Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Pecan Shortbread (my absolute favorite!) which demand another one or two.
FreddyTroy, KS


I saw a case of 6 boxes of the lemon shortbread cookies for sale at the Amazon warehouse online (when did this start? It’s great) for $8.99. I had never tried any of Pamela’s cookies. I love lemon so I decided to buy the case. I read several reviews. Most people liked/loved them. One person said they were really tart. Another person, one of the few who didn’t like them, said they tasted something like lemon pledge had been sprayed on them. I am writing to share my opinion that they are neither really tart nor taste like lemon pledge. They are a lemon flavored buttery shortbread cookie. The shortbread does a lot to cut the tartness. I found them just perfectly lemony without being overbearing. They are a delicate cookie that is easy to eat. Unfortunately the delicateness caused a couple to break into pieces. I don’t find that to be a problem because I break my cookies into bites before I eat them anyway. Don’t be afraid to try these cookies if you like lemon. They are definitely worth a try, especially if you get them from the warehouse. I’ll order again even if I have to pay full price next time.
LorisBarrett, MN

An adult lemon cookie

I love lemon cakes and cookies, and Pamela’s lemon shortbread cookies are my favorite because of their appealing texture and natural lemon taste. Warning: they are EXTREMELY tart. Adults with a developed palate will like them, but children and teenagers tend to find them too sour. Spreading them with raspberry or blackberry jam will offset the tartness; the flavors go together nicely. They are especially good with hot black tea served the British way, with milk in it. And yes, you can eat just one of them at a time because they are so rich and filling.
StevenDuck, WV

Gluten Free cookies

I am not a fan of these lemon cookies. I love other Pams’ cookies, but these have a too strong lemon flavor and that’s all I taste. I still have most of the case and I may just throw them out.
LachelleHamburg, MN

Not your typical lemon cookie

This has to be my most favorite lemon cookie ever. My preferences are cookies with less sugar than others…if that helps anyone. I shy away from fanny may candies, not for the flavor but for them being way too sugary for my palate. So if you have a sensitive palate and like a nice chewy, crumbly, lemony cookie with not too much sugar in it, then you should absolutely love these. I also love those little italian sesame cookies because they aren’t too sugary either.
PenneySheboygan, WI

Scrumptious cookies!

Though I am not a celiac and originally ordered these for a friend who is, they never lasted until she got here. Bet you can’t eat just one . . . box.
ShanikaBloomington Springs, TN

Lemony zingy tasty

Pamela’s is a good brand overall. These particular ones are very lemony, so if you like lemon, these are a good call. I find the texture very nice–they are crumbly and soft. Very tasty.
GussieLewisburg, KY

Best lemon cookies – ever!

A friend first shared these cookies with me since we both have food sensitivities to wheat, yeast, and sugar. I didn’t expect much at first bite — at best, I’d be able to swallow them. Boy, was I surprised. These cookies are moist, tender and loaded with lemon flavor. If you like cookies on the tart side without making your lips pucker, you’ll love these. I continue to share them with my friends and family, and they all have been delighted. You won’t be disappointed with these cookies Pamela’s Products Lemon Shortbread Cookies, 7.25-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6).
CarlaMorgan City, LA

best tasting Gluten Free cookie

The Lemon Shortbread Pamela’s cookie was the best I have ever eaten. The lemon flavor is so robust and you can feel the lemon pieces on you tongue when chewing. A great find!!!!!!!!!
TobiWilliamsburg, IA

Too good to keep on hand!

These are my favorite cookies; and I ordered a number of boxes online, because I could save money, rather than buying them in the store. But they’re too good for me to keep on hand; because I end up eating too many of them!!!! Oh, what to do?!? Perhaps I’ll go back to buying 1 box at a time in the store.
HaroldStephentown, NY

The best ever for lemon lovers

These are the best lemon cookies I have ever eaten. They are refreshing to eat although they crumble easily. My friends who are not gluten free agree. If you love-love-love lemon, then you will love these cookies!
PenniChillicothe, IL

very lemony

These remind me of lemon bars (wheat crust with lemon filling topped with powdered sugar) Those were always a treat in my pre-GF days–these have that strong lemony flavor but with the advantage of not being as gooey to eat πŸ™‚
TomekaPlum City, WI

Lots o’ Lemon Flavor!

I don’t have to eat gluten free products but picked these up so I’d have something on hand when I had a sweet attack (think once a month). I pretty much love lemon anything so I thought these would be a great treat! I do like these cookies; they aren’t quite as flaky as say, pecan sandies, but they are nice and light and the lemon flavor packs the perfect punch – yes, you CAN taste the lemon! I do experience a weird sort of snap sound/sensation when I bite into one and I have to think that is probably a result of the gluten-free aspect. It’s not bad, just different from regular cookies. They do satisfy quickly so eating a too many isn’t a problem. Bonus that they aren’t overly sweet. I’m going to pop them in the freezer like another rater suggested and see how they taste when they’re icy cold! One more thing…these came packed nicely and I haven’t experiencing any breakage (even when eating them) like some other reviewers mentioned.
KeenanGlens Falls, NY

I Crave these Lemon Cookies!

Someone with celiac disease shared these cookies with me a long time ago and I’ve been craving them since! I LOVE the fresh lemon flavor and rich texture of these shortbreads. Now that I am also off gluten I’m SO GLAD that I can still eat Pamela’s Lemon Shortbread cookies. They’re wonderful with cream tea! My mouth is watering right now.
KatlynShorter, AL

love these

As a celiac who must live the gluten free life these cookies are wonderful. They are a perfect balance of sweet and tart and never taste of chemical flavours. My daughter wishes they were a food group she loves them so much.!
I use these for a treat to myself as there is so little out there that g/f eaters can have, well done Pamela’s you have a winner.
NanciLee, ME

Soft, Buttery Lemon cookies that melt in your mouth!

Sometimes I get tired of chocolate chip and peanut flavored cookies – and something light and lemony hits the spot. These lemon shortbread cookies are so soft, buttery and lemony – very tasty! You’d never guess they were “gluten free” – I ate them before I was looking for GF products. I certainly recommend them. I have them on Amazon autoship πŸ™‚
DannKrotz Springs, LA

Gluten Free at it’s best!

I do a lot of my own GF baking, but with these cookies I couldn’t do any better. I love them!
RomanaKenney, TX

Nice and lemony

I was very pleased with the taste of this product. Will definitly be ordering more in the future.
ShawndaGuanica, PR