Pan Harina Yellow Cornmeal, 35.27-Ounce

Harina PAN is the most popular brand of corn flour in both Colombia and Venezuela. Harina PAN is used to make many typical Venezuelan and Colombian dishes including arepas.

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  • Product of USA

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Pan Harina Yellow Cornmeal

This cornmeal is terrible! I don’t know if it is actually cornmeal; it acts and probably taste like cement. I want my MONEY REFUNDED.
ElaCarthage, IN


I didn’t know what to expect since I have never used a pre-cooked cornmeal before, but I made delicious polenta with it! The polenta was creamy and smooth and delicious, with a very mild nutty corn flavor,and the next day it had hardened and I slices it and fried it in a little butter and it was delicious! My first go at arepas was not so successful, but I think that I am to blame, and not the product!My only complaint is that it is hard to find recipes that use it.
MerylWhitleyville, TN