Panda All Natural Licorice Chews Raspberry, 7-Ounce Packages

Panda All Natural Raspberry Licorice Chews are made from real fruit puree! Panda natural licorice has been produced by the OY Panda AB factory in Finland since 1927! Panda real licorice features all natural ingredients, no added colors, salt, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Panda real licorice is fat free, Kosher certified, and suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumption.

Quick facts

  • Premium quality, soft eating licorice
  • Made with all natural ingredients – no high fructose corn syrup
  • Kosher certified and suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made with real raspberry puree
  • No added colors or salt

Top reviews

Bad Taste

I couldn’t detect any raspberry flavor at all, more like prune. My wife agreed. We ate 1/4 box and threw away the rest. A $22 mistake.
JeannaMound City, KS


My family members have used words like “gross” and “disgusting” to describe these chews and I have to admit that I agree. We routinely eat natural foods and snacks so I wasn’t expecting Twizzlers – but I was expecting a product that tasted like raspberry. Something about the molasses + fruit gives it a weird twang and a wretched aftertaste that was very much like prune juice. If you love really dark molasses (like blackstrap) then perhaps you might like these but I am having trouble even giving them away.
EvelynLeiters Ford, IN

Blah. Tasteless.

Very bland. Tastes like raspberry apricot but not real fruity … kind of lame.
MaricelaOsage, IA

Strange flavor

Have to agree with a previous reviewer. They do taste more like prune flavor than raspberry. I can’t find anyone who finds these edible. Looks like I have 11-plus boxes I’ll have to pitch out, I can’t give them away.
YunEncino, TX

Panda Raspberry Chew

This is a delicious soft and chewy candy that adults and kids I know really like. It’s hard not to eat the whole box myself. Yum!
JocelynAston, PA

oh my…another addiction of mine….

I had to write a review of this raspberry licorice, after completing my review of the “original” black variety. For starters, if you are craving something fruity and chewy, this is for you. I love the sweet, slightly tangy flavor of raspberries in this licorice, as well as the soft texture. You can easily chew it, and it is very satisfying. What’s more, it is fat free. So, no guilt here! Just keep it out of reach, on a high shelf, so you don’t consume it all at once!
YuonneEagle Rock, MO

Wow – I’m surprised at all the negative reviews

I really like this product. You can taste the molasses, which works for me. It’s not overly sweet but it’s sweet enough (I have a sweet tooth). The texture is great – soft and chewy. It’s certainly not Twizzlers, but it’s good, none the less. Here are the ingredients – if this helps you decide – molasses, wheat flour, citric acid, sea salt, natural flavor, natural color.
SamellaPotosi, WI


I have been eating these forever! Since I was a kid. I have been buying them at a Whole Foods where I live but buying them off Amazon is cheaper. Don’t eat these thinking they are like licorice flavored or even like twizzlers. They have a very deep fruit flavor, maybe not even raspberry but berryish. Watch if you don’t eat a whole box in one day.
VernonLatta, SC

New recipe? Not impressed.

The, I’m assuming “old” recipe, raspberry confection chews used to be one of my favorite candies. I loved them. However, I recently picked up a new box of these raspberry chews and saw that the packaging had been redesigned a little to include the word licorice on the box, but to my dismay, the chews taste different too! They have more of a licorice taste to them, where they didn’t before. I’m so bummed! These are still good- soft, chewy, and not too sweet- but the old recipe was definitely better.
SherikaLitchfield, OH

Loved these since I as a girl

I have loved these forever. They are so good ,but out of the way at the whole food store. They taste yummy, even yummier when I was pregnant !!

I think you will enjoy them, I hate prunes, they dont taste like prunes to me. All NATURAL!!!

AdrienWinchendon, MA

Panda Candy- I am an Addict

I love Panda candy. Seriously. I named my kitten Panda after it. I have gone through so many little pink boxes of Raspberry flavored confection it’s a bit disturbing.
I like the black too, but too much real black licorice can raise your blood pressure and has other side effects.
Cocoa ones were amazing, but seem to have been discontinued.
So that leaves me with raspberry, not a bad situation to be in.
These chews are fat free. One serving is 130 calories. There is no refined sugar or artificial ingredients. It contains molasses as a sweetener, wheat flour, citric acid and natural flavor.
The texture is soft and chewy, but not lose a filling chewy. It’s a much better texture than a Twizzler for example. Not waxy or rubbery at all.
I can see it’s not for everyone. I do not agree that it tastes like prunes or apricots. To me it has a sweet barely tart raspberry flavor that tastes like candy, but perhaps more wholesome.
I suggest trying a bar to see if the taste suits you, as opposed to buying 12 boxes!
SharenGeneva, IL

just ok

This product taste’s ok but it’s the texture that gets me. It had kind of a grainy texture. I looked at the ingredients and wheat flour is in the ingredients. Why they would put wheat flour in this licorice. I think that contributes to the odd texture. This is the only licorice I’ve ever eaten with this weird texture. My favorite licorice is Natural Vines strawberry or black licorice which they sell here on Amazon. It is all natural and has no preservatives and no weird texture.
FaustoHamilton, PA

Panda Chews

I love these. They taste great. They’re a wonderful treat if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake (they do have molasses, which is another form of sugar, though). There are no preservatives or chemicals, so they feel like a healthier sweet tooth fix.
AnthonyRandolph, UT


The packaging was well done and delivery was on time. This is hard to find in stores so i am very glad i could find it online. It was also about $2.00 cheaper then buying it in stores. Tastes as good as ever. Great product, and service i will definitely be ordering again!
MarlynStevenson, WA

Old/new recipes seem indistinguishable to me.

I love these from the grocery store and was afraid to get them on Amazon after seeing the reviews that they’re different or just bad here. My review is a response to those. They do have a more complicated flavor than stuff like Twizzlers, so maybe some people would be disappointed in them if they just want cheapo, sugary licorice. As for whether they’re different from the old ones in stores, you can see in the picture that they are labeled “new,” and so I guess these were made with a slightly different recipe. The ingredient list is as simple and natural as I remember.

Anyway, I finally took a chance on ordering them and found them to be very similar to what I’m used to from the store. Without a side by side taste test, I can’t really tell the difference. I can’t explain why some of these other folks think they’re so different or bad, but don’t be afraid to try them and decide for yourself.

CarrolWeare, NH

Ick- don’t buy from amazon

I read some of the other reviews that warned this licorice was gross, but bought it anyways. I’ve purchased the same item in grocery stores and have loved it- I decided to buy it in bulk from amazon at a substantial discount- big mistake. I finished the last few in my grocery-store box, and opened a box from amazon. The taste difference was substantial. I’m not really sure how to describe it- they’re edible, but they’re not good- not something you’d want to eat- more something that you have to choke down like medicine. I checked the expiration date, and it says they’re good for another year. Fortunately amazon has great customer service and they refunded my order. Learn from my mistake- these may taste great when you buy them from your local store, but the ones from amazon are really gross.
RutheRockville, MN


This is a great product that feels like a healthy indulgence. I hope the recipe isn’t different than the one I tried from a convenience store, like a reviewer indicated previously. I have tried organic or “natural” licorice brands before that tasted awful, but this is very good. I like the bars b/c it is a 100 calorie treat, which helps with my calorie counting!
JohnnyArroyo Hondo, NM

Makes me weak in the knees

I would eat these every day if I was made of money, because nearly every time I get them I eat the whole box in one sitting. Tried these for the first time a few years ago on a whim and they are my guiltiest pleasure save anything mint-chocolate flavored. Twizzlers taste like plastic in comparison to these. Plus, pandas are my favorite animals, so it doubles my pleasure I guess!
MelissiaFort Klamath, OR


Most delicious candy you ever had. Hope they lower price to keep it so common man can purchase.
LinneaJolo, WV

It’s an acquired taste

If you have acquired a taste for real licorice, all Panda products, including this one, are fantastic. If you don’t like real licorice, don’t even consider buying it – you won’t like it.
MonserrateDyess Afb, TX