Panni Bavarian Potato Pancake Mix, 6.63-Ounce Boxes

Panni Bavarian Potato Pancakes, 6.6 Ounce Unit

Quick facts

  • Panni has been the leading line of German Potato Products for over 30 years
  • Panni’s great tasting products make it easy to prepare unique, special side dishes the whole family will love

Top reviews

100 dollars!

Look at the price. I always wonder how successful these type of pricing schemes work. I guess if you aren’t paying attention. Amazing! I bought in the past, but it was sold by Amazon.
MichaHodges, AL

Panni Bavarian Potato Pancake Mix

My Mother used to make these when I was growing up. The potato pancakes were delicious. I can not make potato pancakes from scratch that have the same taste. The last time I made the Panni brand, I added a few tablespoons of cornmeal mix. This gave it a different texture but still had the same great taste.
VeraWyanet, IL

Delicious and Quick for any Occasion

I found this product to be very tasty. It only takes two minutes to reconstitute the item into a potato product that can be used in place of mashed potatoes. Used by itself, of course, it is better fried like a pancake or potato paddy, but I have found myself combining it with other ingredients to enhance the taste or texture such as in baked breads. I would order again.
OlindaFranklin, NE

potatoe pancakes

Every thing was great except the product seems old, not out dated but when mixing the batter just seems old, although the taste was ok. would buy again when this order runs out.
RettaDecatur, AL


I am sorry, I have been cooking for over 50 years and have had a lot of potato pancakes both mix and from scratch and these were the worst. They were like eating paste. Did not fry up and were very oily. The favor was ok but the texture was terrible. If that is how they make them in Bavaria then so be it but my Grandma was a little old German lady and I learned from her and this is not what I call potato pancakes. For the price they are twice what I pay for some other brands. Will not try them again.
NanceeOrdway, CO

Very good, but not like homemade.

I should start by saying that I am Bavarian and, although I moved to the US as a child, my mom continued cooking traditional Bavarian food for the rest of her life. I also do a lot of Bavarian cooking, including homemade Bavarian potato pancakes. When I have time, my favorite is still the way Oma (my mom) made them. The Panni (Pfanni in Germany) Potato Pancakes are an acceptable alternative that take a fraction of the time.

If anyone is interested in the recipe for the real deal, just leave a comment here, and I’m happy to post it. As I said though, these here are a lot faster and an acceptable alternative. You’ll also dirty up fewer dishes in making these than with the original recipe.

Either way, “Moizeit!”

SenaKewanee, IL

there are 2 different ones shredded and Bavarian AND BOTH ARE JUST WUNDERBAR LIKE HOME

I am German and they are for a fast meal just wunderbar , there are 2 kinds Bavarian and shredded for both I take just a little less water then the packet say and then the shredded I make for smoked salmon and horseradich also apple sauce and the bavarien I make with small cut green onion bellpepper and shredded cheese for meat and fish , use good olive oil and back them … one times the month a wonderful treat ….
well can just say my whole friends and neigbour hood is standing on for german kartoffel puffer 🙂
good appetit you will love love love it and the price here on amazon is very good did buy it in a german store what can I say .. like always…. I love Amazon
JoannieBuffalo Lake, MN

My favorite potato pancake mix, great texture and flavor

I’m glad I can find this on Amazon, since only a few stores in my area carry it and only occasionally. I have a feeling it is not a popular item and it goes out of stock quite often. If you like Bavarian potato pancakes this is the best brand I’ve found. You can make pancakes crispy or chewy, with gradiations in between with a little bit of practice. Follow the instructions carefully, including allowing the batter to sit for a while to get the texture correct or you will get poorly shaped “lumpy” pancakes. The flavor has delicious undertones of herbs and just enough salt to make them a great savory snack. I use olive oil to fry them and it does not significantly change the taste (in case you wanted a healthier oil). My personal preference is a slightly crispy, more chewy pancake. They are great with fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, or just plain with sour cream and applesauce. Curiously, I found they go well with Indian curries. I serve them as a side with chicken curry if I can’t get nan or parathas. It works very well for texture and flavor in combination with the curry. To save time you can make them in batches and refrigerate them in sealed sandwich bags. You can re-heat them on a frying pan to make them crisp again. Not exactly as good as fresh, but they taste just fine.

The price is fairly reasonable considering I usually have to go to stores that carry luxury import brands to find this, so the mark-up and taxes is about the same as shipping. I just wish they shipped less than 12 boxes which is a bit much. FYI, there are two sealed pouches per box, so you can use half a box at a time if you like. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

JereRed Cliff, CO

potato pancakes

If you like potato pancakes, you’ll love these. They can be made as thick or thin and crispy as you like. I first found them at a local supermarket about 10 years ago. I was happy as could be because I love these things. Soon, though the store dropped them, but two other local stores started carrying them. Happy again! But soon the other stores dropped them and none were to be found. Even though I asked the store managers, they would’nt carry them. I must have been the only person in southwest Va. buying them. Begins the long drought. I thought I’d never taste them again until my son suggested Amazon because “they sell everything”. I don’t know about everything but they sell Panni potato pancake mix and I’m now a happy guy. I’ve tried other mixes and tried from scratch but Panni is the best.

DarrylBradenton Beach, FL

Great job

Fast service and all was in good shape. All in all the service and the shipment went well and we will be ordering again soon.
KrissyPineville, MO

great, no problems

great product, no problems, much cheaper than in store price, if U can find it. Shipping was good also.
JoniBoonville, IN