Paramount Chocolate Raspberry Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags

With 75 years of experience and dedication to the coffee culture we have perfected its roasting process to unlock the unique characteristics of each bean. Passion for the craft brings every nuance of aroma and flavor to your cup making each sip a true sensory experience. Green beans come from the world’s best coffee growers in 16 countries and are meticulously examined for perfect size color and texture. Every batch of masterfully roasted beans is then electronically analyzed before packaging to ensure the perfect cup

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 12-ounce bags (total of 36 ounce)
  • Chocolate raspberry flavor
  • Adds aroma and flavor
  • Product of USA

Top reviews

the best

I am an avid coffee drinker and have been since my early days in college where all-nighters were the norm. I have sampled hundreds of coffees in every flavor, from every part of the globe, including each thing on the menu at *Bucks. However, this Chocolate Raspberry coffee by Paramount Coffee Company is by far the smoothest, most flavorful and delicious coffee I’ve ever had the privilege of drinking. I have also experimented with other flavors and styles of coffee from Paramount Coffee Company, and while all of them have been above the line, this one never leaves my pantry.
JarvisMillry, AL