Paramount Coffee Blueberry Muffin, Ground, 12-Ounce


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Want a pleasant way to start off your day?

Want a pleasant way to start off your day? If your answer is yes, then start it off with a big cup of Paramount’s Blueberry Muffin coffee. I find the Paramount brand of coffee to be of very good quality and taste. So far, Blueberry Muffin is my favorite but I am looking forward to trying their Cherry flavored coffee next. Enjoy!
JudiPine Grove Mills, PA

blueberry coffee

smell is Very good. taste is Pretty good. sometimes i mix it with half reg coffee, so its not so fruity. for the price, it is very good.
ToniWrightwood, CA

Great coffee, nice flavor!

I love fruit-flavored coffees, especially blueberry. I also like darker roasts, and unfortunately, fruit flavors often have to be light roasts for the flavor to come through. This brand pulls off the “Blueberry Muffin” taste very well, while still being a medium roast that hasn’t lost it’s coffee-ness. I’m impressed!
JaneeEdgar Springs, MO

Good coffee with blueberry flavor

This is good coffee with blueberry flavor. I would buy this again. If it comes in decaf I’ll buy both regular and decaf to blend.
JosephinaStrathmere, NJ

Love the Taste!!!

I heard all about this coffee and I thought I would give it a try being I love Blueberry….Well Let me tell you I Love it and I have my Husband turned on to it too…I mean I don’t drink it everyday
I rotate between different ones but this is one of my Favorites….it is really Good Coffee for something different…
NakitaJefferson, CO

Best Coffee EVER!!!

I first tried blueberry coffee at Dunkin Donuts and I would always get it unsweetened. I was looking for something with a similar taste and this product is exactly it!! It tastes even better then the one DD’S has. Amazing!
PreciousYarmouth Port, MA