Paramount Coffee, Fair Trade Organic Peru, Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Bags

With 75 years of experience and dedication to the coffee culture Paramount Coffee has perfected its roasting process to unlock the unique characteristics of each bean. Passion for the craft brings every nuance of aroma and flavor to your cup making each sip a true sensory experience. Fair trade organic coffees are produced to specific USDA quality standards, free from pesticides, fertilizers, and synthetic ingredients.Certified Fair Trade coffees support programs that provide funding for economic reforms, community development, education, and environmental support for farmers in coffee producing countries. In exchange, these farmers meet certain quality standards, and fair labor practices.

Quick facts

  • A favorite among the organics, good aroma and body with a slight sweetness in the aftertaste.
  • Every batch of masterfully roasted beans is then electronically analyzed before packaging to ensure the perfect cup.

Top reviews

Yet another wonderful coffee from Paramount.

I LOVE this coffee. It isn’t as bold a coffee as i prefer but it is great. A bright and crisp coffee. Great for a pick me up in the morning. I love the fact that it is fair trade and organic. If you subcribe and save it makes it worth while. You get better coffee for you and the environment for less than what you would pay for worse coffee at walmart. I encourage everyone to try this coffee.
CrisJenkins, KY