Parent’s Choice – Sensitivity Lipids Infant Formula, 23.2oz


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Wonderful Formula, BUT….purchase it at Walmart!

I LOVE this formula. I have 5 month old twins that have tummy aches that wake them up in the middle of the night so we started to use this formula on the dream feed and 1 night feed that they are still on. We use the Costco (Kirkland Signature) formula during the day. I has been awesome, they stopped waking up crying with gas, it is a huge relief for my husband and I. It broke our hearts when our girls woke up crying with gas, highly recommend this formula- perfect price point! I am normally not a Walmart shopper, but this formula in the 23.2oz size is only $15.47 with $2 shipping and the 33.2oz size is only $20.98, way cheaper than buying it here on Amazon. Also I find that if you stir the formula with a spoon rather than shake it in the bottle it keeps it from foaming up, we have to do this with our Costco formula too; the foaming would be my only complaint.
RosalvaMulberry, AR