Pasta,Penne By Atkins – 12 Oz, Pack of 2

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Top reviews

Doesn’t taste bad… but does not impress

Bought this at Ralphs, 1 for $4.49 to try and was unimpressed. The high protein is great, but you can find that in other grocery store products. The high fiber is great for diets, and you can’t find this high in any other pasta, but it tastes and is the texture like macaroni for kids. It definitely tastes and feels better than some “healthy” pastas available, but I’m just not sold on this. If you want low net carbs and that’s your main goal, definitely use this and add in meats, veggies, and cheese to your dish for a good meal.
LanMazie, KY

A great option for low carb diets

I can just look at a carb and I gain weight. This product allows me to eat pasta and not get all the high impact carbs on my blood sugar. 18 grams of fiber is outstanding! Unlike the other reviewer I think it tastes really good. The texture is a little more chewy and thick but again this is something I like. I dont miss white pasta at all when I eat this.
NakishaLohrville, IA