Pasticcerie Sinatti Panforte Margherita – 15.87 oz

Antonio Betti and Luciano Sinatti are confection artisans in the truest sense of the word. Their diligent research into traditional regional recipes, combined with their flawless balance of ultra-fine ingredients and gorgeous packaging, has drawn aficionados from around the world to their small shop outside of Siena. A reminder that even the simplest cookie can stir a joyous reawakening of the senses when crafted to perfection. Panforte, a specialty of Siena, is a flat, round cake, made with honey, hazelnuts, almonds, candied citron, citrus peel, cocoa and spices. It contains a small amount of flour, just enough to hold the cake together. Panforte Margherita is a traditional cake.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 1, 15.87 oz each (Total 15.87 oz)
  • Imported from Italy
  • Traditional holiday cake
  • Traditional style

Top reviews

A lovely array of spices and a nice, traditional flavour.

This is a really lovely panforte with a hint of cardamom that, while uncommon, is a really nice flavour. Panforte has no one single recipe. Each shop in Siena makes its own, and their recipes are closely guarded secrets. There’s no way to say “this Sienese panforte isn’t authentic,” since there are so many varieties. This is the traditional Margherita panforte, which is the most common to be found. Think of it as the ‘regular’ panforte with other options being nero (dark) or panforte biano (white), etc, etc. Again, each local shop in Siena may make three to six different variations of panforte, and their recipes will be different from the shop next door. Similar, but slightly different uses of spices or fruits.

I ordered this panforte because, living in Siena, where panforte originates, I really became addicted to the stuff, and have been trying ever since leaving to find a good solution to my cravings. Sienese panforte is a very local tradition that doesn’t extend too much outside of Tuscany in any great variety, and the variants we get all seem to lack in one very important aspect: thickness. This is no exception, and for that, I’ve removed a star. Most of the panforte you find in Siena is a couple of inches thick and cut as slices from a giant ‘pie.’ These are far thinner and smaller, but no less delicious.

EdytheMorro Bay, CA