Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Italian Chef, 15-Ounce

This unbeatable taste of Pastorelli has produced a world best pizza sauce by being awarded a grand gold medal 5 times in it’s own category by “being In a Class by itself”. Pastorelli’s authentic family italian recipe is what made Pastorelli famous over 60 years.

Quick facts

  • Item Weight – 15 oz.
  • Pack of 12.IngredientsCalifornia Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Canola Oil,

Top reviews

Best pizza sauce

In my opinion, this is the best pizza sauce! Moved away from Chicago where we could get it at most any store, now we have to buy it online. tried other brands but nothing compares to Pastorelli! it’s delicioso. Thank goodness for internet orders!!!!!!!!!!
SheridanKeeseville, NY

Not my fave

I bought a case of this on the stellar reviews and should have tried one can as a trial b/4 I did that. I am not crazy about this pizza sauce. All I taste on the pizza is this sauce, it overpowers the pizza in its entirety. It is a darker color too, not a bright red. It has romano cheese in it, so perhaps it is overpowering the sauce. I prefer Gia Russa, Cento, and Don Pepino…no cheese in those sauces, so I suspect it is the cheese that I prefer OUT of the sauce. You can always sprinkle some on the pizza to taste. I also like that the other three brands are allergen free so I can use it safely for my granddaughter who has nut, egg and dairy allergies. Don Pepino does not contain citric acid (a preservative) which keeps the tomato taste clean and authentic tasting. I will probably use this sauce on occasion but most probably more as a regular sauce in Bolognese, meatloaf, etc..
HermineOrange Grove, TX

I’m hooked…

…I’ve been making my own home-made pizza sauce for several years with home grown tomatoes, or top shelf whole tomatoes. Mine tastes very good! I’ve tried ‘store bought’ pizza sauces just to see what’s on the shelves… yuck! WAY too sweet! Then I saw the reviews for Pastorelli’s sauce on Amazon and – what the heck – gave it a try. Wow! Terrific pizza sauce! No preservatives, additives, no sugar (that I could see on the ingredients), nicely spiced and very ‘authentic’ excellent taste. Give it a try! (I make my own rare Italian yeast/sour dough 3-day cold rise crust, and store-bought offerings can NEVER replace THAT, thank-you-very-much 😉 The 8-ounce is good for 2 pizzas… I bought the 15 oz cans, – 1/2 can too much – and used the left-over for pasta sauce. Good that way, too.
HelgaOtterbein, IN

Great Pizza Sauce – But Needs Better Price

This is very good pizza sauce – but the price is
very high. I bought some anyway thinking that the
taste may be extremely superior to such a degree as
to justify the price – but it was not so.
LeesaSuwanee, GA

Product is fantastic, their shipping really stinks

This has been my favorite pizza sauce for decades. Only one I’ll use, nice and thick, easy to spread on the crust and stays thick throughout the cooking, so that it’s not just a wet, runny mess. Fantastic flavor. I’ve lived all over the world and this is the one I always return to. I prefer it to all the homemade ones people have had me try as well, it’s that good.

Their shipping, however, is atrocious. Of the 12 cans that arrived, only one was unscathed. And only two will be able to be opened by my can opener. They have them encased in a small short box with plastic wrap, but the larger box they send it out in is not sufficiently packed. So the cans are all bent, one had actually opened. I’ll have to buy a manual can opener in hopes of being able to open the 9 cans that are useless now for any electric opener.

Prices here were far better than the only store in my area that carries these, but it’s not worth the hassle for the mangled cans I ended up getting.

NedSuperior, AZ

So far the best pizza sauce

This is better than Contadina as that one tends to be slightly bitter while Pastorelli has a better balance and is slightly sweeter. Another option to try if you like a sweeter sauce is the Prego Sweet Basil spaghetti sauce…face it sauce is sauce the thickness is the same its just labled PIZZA sauce to make ya feel good.
ValeriDeer Park, WA

Very tasty canned sauce.

I’ve hear that home-made sauce is the best, but who has the time? I bought this sauce at target today and I think it’s very good… flavorful but not to spicy. I was happy to find it online at Amazon since I probably won’t be able to find it at target the next time I go (they always change their stock unless it’s a household name like Ragu)
LaciNew Roads, LA