Paula Deen Collection Cheese Straws Flavored with Paula’s House Seasoning, 2.5-Ounce Boxes


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Very Tasty but a little Salty

These are SO good. Very cheesy but a little salty, with a lot of pepper. Kinda hot. But I look forward to my monthly shipment. Love them!
JackieEskdale, WV

It’s like the old joke: these cheese straws are terrible, and the portions are so small!

I was initially disappointed on opening the package because the packages are so tiny. Then I was more disappointed because they are less than half full. There were maybe 20 small cheese straws in each package. A four pack of Paula Deen has about the same amount of cheese straws as a single package of Geraldine’s (the best packaged cheese straws, in my opinion, which sell for less than $5 a package).
But I suppose it’s not a terrible thing that there are so few cheese straws because these taste terrible. They use oil instead of butter, and I think that’s the primary problem. They’re greasy instead of rich. They are also not nearly cheesy enough somehow. Very disappointing on the whole.
EffieGriffin, IN

Tastes like Pulp Paper!

I love Cheese Straws. I’m from the south and this is a favorite snack of mine. However, Paula Deen’s brand is tasteless, without any of the real cheese taste. If I were to eat the box it would probably be the same. They are also incredibly dry. If you want something like it without the high price, just go to a store and buy the store brand of cheese crackers. You’ll be happier.
TamikoNewark, DE

a little salty

these cheese straws were not very cheesy and a bit too salty, these cheese straws were not near as good as the traditional cheddar cheese straws that paula Deen has produced
RosalynCuyahoga Falls, OH