Pawsitively Gourmet Cheesecake Tartlets for Dogs

This tasty peanut butter cookie cup is filled with creamy yogury and decorated with cherries.

Quick facts

  • Real peanut butter cookie cup

Top reviews

Woof Woof treats

A true reward for the faithful companion who loves you. He/she will do anything you want for one of these treats! Both of my dogs recognized this gourmet item at first sniff. They were very possessive of the treat while eating it. The colorful design meant after eating just one, they recognized from a distance the pattern and I had them at first glance!
DorrisBrooklyn, MS

Dog Food NOT People Food!

Embarrassing as it is to admit, I am one of those who purchased this item believing it to be for human consumption not canine. The advertisement above is extremely misleading. The only clue I found indicating that this was dog food was a statement that say’s “perfect” for smaller dogs. This one statement is VERY easy to overlook if you’re looking for ingredients not advertising.

Product Review: It took six weeks for this item to ship. Do not order if there is a deadline for delivery.

This item is extremely hard. To the point when I tried the first one I wouldn’t even throw it outside for the squirrels afraid that the nut training they had done all summer and fall was insufficient preparation to tackling one of these.

Once I came on-line and finally realized they were dog food, I did go home and give one to my Golden Retriever. She enjoyed eating it. However, 24 hours later she was throwing up and could not eat anything for more than 3 days. This product is responsible and it is not eligible for refund.

All in all other than looking attractive there isn’t much to recommend here.

LeonilaCentral City, NE

Not bad.

These tartlet cookies are cute. However, they’re really hard, so I can’t really break them into smaller pieces for our Pekingese. I generally just scrape some of the icing off for him and give the “crust” part to our Chow. Then he picks up her crumbs if he finishes the icing first.
TerrySanta Rosa Beach, FL

Pay Attention To What You Order!

Only after the second bite did I decide this isn’t human food! Tastes exactly like dry dog food smells. The plain re-packaging without nutrition info should have been the tip-off. Nonetheless, I bite into the thing, twice, before I decided that this isn’t for me. They look great and were a hit with the dog owners at my workplace.

Amazon, I’d consider quit mixing dog and people food in your “Grocery” classification.

KarlenePhilipp, MS