Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli, 7-Ounce Packages

Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli comes in a 7 ounce pack. It is all natural and authentic. It is a fat free, gluten free, cholesterol free product. For over 50 years, Peacock has been producing some of the finest quality rice vermicelli and noodles in Singapore. Peacock takes pride in achieving consistent and premium quality for all of its products so that their wholesome and natural goodness can be enjoyed by customers all over the world. Get creative in the kitchen with these easy to cook, all-natural rice spaghetti. Not only do they absorb favors better, they are gluten free, fat free, cholesterol fee and contain no preservatives. Simple to cook and savor its delicious goodness.

Quick facts

  • All Natural and Authentic
  • Fat Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free
  • Made with Brown Rice
  • Product of Singapore

Top reviews

Brown Rice Vermicelli Not for Us

The brown rice vermicelli may be fine for specific uses but not for the general use we had in mind. It simply does not fit in with our meal types.
PedroAshland, WI

I can’t rate this fairly

I am giving it 3 stars as being Korean and my husband Italian we love any form of pasta. I personally love vermicelli. The 7 oz bag gave in a box a size you could fit a mass volume of toilet paper in or 6 containers of laundry detergent. I can’t review this product in a fair way as when I opened the overly large box and grabbed the vermicelli, it was completely in little bits. There would be no way to even try and strain this product after being cooked. there were no large intact pieces. I would not order this from amazon as this is not the first time they have had poor packaging.
RolfPortville, NY

Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli

Not good at all. The vermicelle has absolutly no flavor on it’s own what so ever. It’s more of a filler for a dish. I soaked it for a minute in room temp water like it said, then put the olive oil & the garlic in the pan as directed, heated it & added my sliced peppers & shrimp, then added the vermicelli as directed. It was like a paste & NO, I didn’t over cook it. Very angry as it made the rest of the dish awful so I wasted my time as well as my electric cooking it & all the other ingredients I had put into it. I would personnally NEVER buy this & if someone gave it to me I’d throw it out, as I did. Lucky for me I had other actual rice to cook to use for my remaining ingredients as I did a small amount instead of cooking all of it together just in case I didn’t like it. I was able to pick out the shrimps & the peppers to save them. Those items aren’t cheap to buy. You may feel differently about it but I can’t imagine why since it has zero flavor.
AlphonsoTemecula, CA

Like eating crunchy hair

I’m pretty easy going about noodles. And I like my pasta with no fuss. So I was disappointed with these Brown Rice Vermicelli. Following the packaged instructions, the noodles came out so al dente they tased like crunchy hair or easter grass. No one in my family liked them. I ended up eating mine on top of my fried rice like a garnish, but frankly they were just too hard. Only after the noodles had sat uneaten in the bowl in a sink filled with soapy dish water, did these noodles actually soften up to a reasonable texture. So my advice?- soak ’em longer than the package says.

I also have to say the instructions weren’t that good. Its really hard to mess up noodles… But these yes… It is possible.

Overall, I can’t recommend this product. I like my pasta fuss-free, and this was a high maintenance low mileage generic tasting stuff. I’ve had better- and a lot less fuss too.

ElwoodForks Of Salmon, CA

Very Tasteful

I have loved “Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli, 7-Ounce Packages”(I am assuming at that age they might have been another brand but they were the vermicelli) since childhood. I loved watching the waiter get a wok full of hot olive oil, adding veggies and various meats(whichever you chose) and throw these noodles into the hot mixture….poof…they were little bird nests with yummy food inside.

I did this at home with “Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli, 7-Ounce Packages” with crab, orange, cilantro, Vidalia onion sliced very thin and threw in the noodles…Poof, I was back to childhood.

Delicious after being tossed a bit with a slice of lime.

Wonderful choice I made and I will make it again. They are incredibly healthy so tasty and good for you….how can you miss?

JudiQuechee, VT

Don’t like this

I would never recommend this item. I made it tonight with some vegetables and it pretty much ruined dinner. The taste is very bland (unlike other brown rice pasta that I’ve had) and the noodles are so small that they seem to divide and conquer the plate and completely take over. These are thinner than regular vermicelli and probably should just be labeled as an Asian brown rice noodle instead of trying to be an Italian vermicelli noodle. If you’re seeking a brown rice noodle that tastes good and has substance to it, this isn’t it. Try Tinkyada instead.
FrederickaTuntutuliak, AK

Tasty and Easy to Prepare

I tried this product with a stir fry my spouse prepared for me and found it quite tasty and easy to prepare. If you like Asian food you can’t go wrong with this.
KeniaSimmesport, LA

Difficult to Cook

The instructions on the back of this product were obviously a struggle to write in English and not clear. The product itself has no flavoring other than what you add. Rice pastas are notoriously difficult to cook as they will dissolve into a glob if not cooked correctly. Since I am experienced with cooking them, I figured out despite the incorrect instructions how to prepare this and that the flavoring was up to me to add. You don’t soak it for over a minute in cool water, then drain it, then stir it into a hot, non-stick skillet, with plenty of olive oil or oil of your choice that you’ve already cooked your peppers, garlic, onion, whatever you want to flavor it with. Keep some broth handy to add into the vermicelli as you are cooking it which it will absorb rapidly. Don’t leave it! This will be a short process when you start cooking it. Be careful stirring it or it will break up into little sticks. Actually, a package of Rice A Roni, is a lot easier to cook than this!
ElfriedeLake Park, MN

Meh – better rice noodles & GF options out there

We’re Gluten Free, so we eat rice noodles on a regular basis. Whenever I see a new brand come along I usually give it a try and most of the time they aren’t as good as Tinkyada Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta, Spaghetti, Organic, 12-Ounce (Pack of 6), and this product is no different.

First off, I never follow the instructions on noodles – I cook them all the same way I was taught by my mother…boil the water, put them all in with a bit of salt (oil optional) and test them until the right texture is achieved. I did the same with these – I’m not up for soaking, or boiling water, putting in noodles then letting it sit off the burner for “x” amount of time or any of that. So, that may make a difference. Anyways…

Many of the noodles were broken, so be aware of that if ordering vs. picking them out yourself in a store. I personally don’t like noodles so thin – they are harder to work with and to me just don’t contribute much to the overall meal. However, I do like the really thin rice noodles used for Pad Thai, Pho and dishes such as that and they cook super quick as well! My favorite of those are: GLUTEN FREE Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodles with Organic Green Tea – JUST NOODLES, 8.6 oz, 4 SERVINGS per box (Pack of 6) These are very long and skinny, cook really quick, and an be used like spaghetti noodles or in any way you might want to use noodles. I suggest you buy those instead.

My suggestion is to go with Tinkyada noodles for any type of “regular” noodle dishes you need, and the Just Noodles GLUTEN FREE Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodles with Organic Green Tea – JUST NOODLES, 8.6 oz, 4 SERVINGS per box (Pack of 6) whenever you need super quick cooking noodles or for Asian, Thai, etc. type dishes. I think they’re tastier, have a much better texture, they’re easy to cook and overall I like them better.

RanaEl Paso, TX

texture a bit odd

These noodles are fine and a bit textured when cooked. That is because it is brown rice. It would be good for a gluten-free diet. White rice noodles are more bland in flavor.
HwaKalida, OH

yummy stir-fry alternative to rice

I love to make stir-fry veggies, and I almost always have them with brown rice, so I was excited to have the chance to try this noodle product made from brown rice. As soon as I got the product, my son and I put together a terrific dish with this! After reading the two recipes on the back, here is what we improvised: Chop up half a small cabbage, an onion, two cloves of garlic, two stalks of celery, a red bell pepper and a few small portabella mushrooms. Saute in about a Tablespoon of olive oil. Soak the noodles for a minute or so. Add the noodles to the mix. Add one small can of chopped anchovies, along with the oil from the can. My son put lots of red pepper (cayenne) in, and I thought it would be too much, but it was actually delicious in it. We had a package of portabella mushroom soup in the fridge, so I added about a third cup of that for flavor and moisture. With this package of Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli, a little imagination we concocted a delicious hot dinner dish. The only thing I would have added if I had some would have been some seafood–such as scallops and/or shrimp. Bits of chicken would have worked nicely, too. It was quite filling and satisying. I will probably get more of this brown rice vermicelli to keep on hand for quick dishes.
ClarenceBanner, MS

the best noodles ever

Easy to work with. Soak in water and done. No need to boil water. The kitchen will say cool in this 90 plus heat.
VernitaKing George, VA

not for me

I was disappointed, to say the least, in this product. When I prepared it, I ended up with a sticky mass. The package directions don’t give much in the way of directions for cooking–just two different recipes. I obviously overcooked the product. It was such a gummy mess that I had to throw it away. I would not try it again unless the package directions were much more specific about how to use it.
PaWayland, KY

I softened it in water for 6 min. & it still felt like straw.

The good things about brown rice vermicelli is that it’s gluten free, cholesterol free, nearly fat free, very low in sodium, low in sugar, & had a nice amount of protein. However, there are almost no detailed preparation directions. Instructions on the bag say to soften the brown rice vermicelli in water at room temperature for 1 minute prior to cooking. I did it for over 6 minutes & it still felt like straw. I did heat olive oil & garlic over medium fire in a frying pan & added steamed veggies in with the vermicelli. I stirred well & added mozzarella & marinara sauce. No instructions are given as to how long you need to keep heating this mixture, so I played it by ear. I stirred it often & when the vermicelli no longer felt like straw, the dish was finished. It was quite tasty because of all the additions I made to this dish, but I’m not sure if I’ll bother to look for this product again. Portion size is my big bugaboo on all labels. The portions always seemed to be sized for skinny fashion models. In this bag of just 7 oz., there are supposedly 3.5 portions. Laughable. The entire bag contains 731.5 calories & that’s before anything is added, to give it flavor. The cover states that this is “naturally fat free.” Well, the bag contains 2.8 g of total fat, including over 1g of saturated fat; so while the fat content is very low – it is still not fat free. It does include 11.2g of protein. To me a logical portion would be half the bag, so you can cut these numbers in half. I guess it makes for a healthy meal. I’d give it 3.5 stars, but one can only give whole numbers here.
RuthanneWinfield, PA

good gluten free alternative

Following directions, I soaked the vermicelli in warm water at room temperature for over minute prior to cooking. I then stir fried (heated olive oil and garlic over medium fire in a frying pan) the vermicelli with parsley and veggies.

The vermicelli has a very distinct taste that’s crunchy and seaweed-like at the same time.

The package comes with two recipes, and I didn’t have enough vermicelli to try both recipes, choosing to try only the first recipe on the package.

Overall, this is a good alternative to TV dinners and fast food, but it didn’t taste as delicious as regular wheat pasta.

If you are eating gluten free and looking for an alternative to wheat pasta, however, I’d recommend you give this product a try. It is not a significant source of any nutrients. Here’s the breakdown from the package, per serving of container (there are 3.5 servings per container):

calories 209
calories from fat 7
no trans fat (zero)
no cholesterol (zero)
sodium 2.4 mg
potassium 3.3 mg
total carbohydrates: 47.1 g (15.7% daily value)
dietary fiber 0.6g
sugars 2.2g
protein 3.2g
Vitamin A 0%
Calcium 1.4%
Vitamin C 0.3%
Iron 3.2%

MachelleParade, SD


I love brown rice, and looking for more healthy grains in my diet- this cooks extremely fast and I was expecting more of a slimy product, but it was great! Made a chicken chili stir-fry, added these noodles it was extra yummy- Only downfall I can see is the price- A little pricey but for the health benefit its worth it !
DelHughesville, MO

Give it a couple tries.

I almost wrote a review for this product after using it only once. I was not impressed with it at all. In fact, this would have been a very negative review had I not tried it again. The first time I soaked it for a minute like the directions said and then cooked it. It tasted like straw! I felt like throwing the rest of the package in the trash! But, I decided to give it another try. I soaked it for about ten minutes and then drained. I used the recipe on the package called “Aglio Olio Style”. Basically, it’s stir fried vegetables. I used red bell peppers, onions and shrimp. I added creole seasoning and then the Brown Rice Vermicelli and some olive oil. Stirred it off and on until the shrimp were cooked. The vermicelli was very moist and soft. It was delicious! It actually came out like angel hair pasta. I will be buying this again!

On a side note, I was a little disappointed to note that the fiber count was not very high. One of the reasons I like brown rice is for the higher fiber content. The total fat grams are very low. The sugars are 2.2g and the protein is 3.2 grams. Total carbohydrates are 47.1 grams. It is cholesterol and gluten free.

DaiseyAndalusia, IL

Absolutely delicious and how incredibly convenient

I am thoroughly impressed by this product.
Where to start?

1. Brown rice based (healthier alternative to regular pasta)
2. Convenient – put in warm water for 1 minute and it’s ready to cook? Amazing.
3. Absorbs flavors wonderfully (suggestion: try cooking it with a sauce based on balsamic vinegar)
4. It’s like super angel hair pasta (very thin)
5. Easy to chew

I made a stir fry with a sesame/balsamic vinegar sauce, chicken, onions, carrots and broccoli – it was delicious.

The only problem, is that the package is 7 ounces (good for a 4-6 person meal) and it costs over 2 dollars each. If it was closer to $1 per packet, I would buy these regularly. I haven’t seen this at food stores nearby, so I can’t compare local prices..

DanielleHigh Point, MO

Very easy to prepare, fine taste, grainy texture

Comparing these noodles to regular vermicelli noodles is kinda like comparing brown rice to white rice. These noodles have more flavor and more texture. Regarding the texture, it is a bit grainy – very similar to any noodle made from a less processed grain. So, these noodles will need a few chews before swallowing.

As for taste, they taste a bit like brown rice. No surprise. A heavy sauce can mask the flavor. More properly though, if you don’t like brown rice you won’t like these noodles.

Prep was super easy. Not as easy as indicated on the packaging though. The package suggests a couple minutes in warm water. It actually took 5ish minutes in hot water. Just a soak and they were done.

I tried two dishes with these noodles, both basically pesto. The first one was:

put hot tap water in a bowl, add noodles;
wait 5ish minutes, grab noodles and pour water out of bowl;
stir in olive oil, basil, salt, and garlic salt.

No cooking, one bowl, one fork. Not a gourmet recipe, but good enough for most.

The second recipe was about the same as the first but I minced some garlic and cooked it in olive oil, then stirred the noodles and other ingredients (without garlic salt) together in the pan to get a bit of the fried noodle thing going. It tasted fine but it isn’t easy to stir fry these noodles.

AmbroseSwink, CO

Ok, not that easy to work with really

I have tried cooking with this in a number of dishes now, almost all involving fish. The first thing I noticed is that the package is not resealable, this is a downside to me as I only cook single or double servings, so I will not be using a whole package. 2. Related to the serving size, this stuff is really hard to rip or tear to extract a portion of it rather than the whole package. 3. The 1 minute soak in water before cooking might need tweaking. The first few time I used it, 1 minute did not seem long enough for soaking and I was left with chewy vermicelli. I went up to about 2 minutes and that seemed to work fine for me. The stuff really has no really flavor of its own, but it does do a good job of picking up flavors of the food its cooked with.
Not bad all in all but for me personally, this stuff is a little bit more trouble than the payoff. Its much easier for me to just buy a bag of steamable brown rice at the grocery store. It does however have potential.
KarleenWarwick, MD

Natural, But Is It Organic

The packaging description ,like many others are deceptive. Natural,but is it Organic I would be a regular buyer of this product, if it is Organic.

The Vermicelli was easy to cook, My wife and kids liked it. I , frankly did not feel much different except that it was little more crispier and thinner than the store brand I used to get from grocery stores.( That is not the problem with this product, but in general of most gluten free products) . So it makes me think it is better served fried than making water rich noodles. But again , why pay more to get a product which is only best served fried. Unless you have gluten allergy, safe to pass it on.

MarybethIrving, NY

All Natural Rice Vermicelli- Great Side Dish

Peacock brown rice vermicelli is superb tasting. It is made from authentic ingredients and is easy to prepare. This is an excellent, all natural, nutritious product. It is wonderful food.
JessieRural Retreat, VA

Good product

Good product, decent value and not low quality. The only reason I did not give it five stars is that I dont eat alot of this rice so I want to be fair about my review. I cant’ say its the best out there but I can tell you I’ve definetly had worse. It was a enjoyable accent to the meal I made.
LutherWheeler, WI

Good texture and taste, hard to handle

Having once lived in Japan for almost ten years, I’m a bit of a noodle freak. Ramen, soba, rice, glass, pasta, every kind of noodle is my friend. These noodles looked to be a promising candidate to join my circle of noodle friends. Unfortunately, these were a bit harder to get to know than most noodles.

First of all, there is nothing on the package that tells you how to cook the noodles. There is an unhelpful (but critical) suggestion to soak the noodles in water for one minute (to soften them up), followed by two recipes. I’m assuming the recipes are a good way to enjoy the noodles (I didn’t try them, however), but I just wanted to add them to some chicken soup I’d made. After soaking the noodles, I noticed that they had not gotten noticeably softer, and they were still quite bland. I decided to put them in a fry pan with some butter, and that did the trick. They softened up nicely as they absorbed the oil, and they were quite tasty after that. They were great in the soup, too. So with the preparation mystery solved, my second complaint is that the noodles are dry and very fragile coming out of the bag, and it was next to impossible to pull off a reasonable sized portion from the massive woven nest of noodles. Attempts at breaking them by hand ended with a flurry of noodle fragments all over the counter and floor (and probably the bottom of the bag of noodles, too). Same result with a knife. I suppose you could crush the bag before opening it to break up the noodles, but then where’s the fun of the long, slender, slurpable noodle? I suffered through carefully pulling them apart and brushing the fragments into the pan to cook (and vacuuming the rest off the floor). But I say again, these were delicious noodles.

So here’s what you’ve got: very tasty noodles with great texture and flavor that require experimentation to figure out how to cook and that make a mess during preparation (unless you plan to eat the whole bag all at once). I’ll sum them up as “clumsily delicious” and worth three and a half, okay four, stars.

RomanaWaterloo, AL

Bland But Easy to Prepare

The vermicelli is made from brown rice but doesn’t have a heartier flavor than regular white vermicelli. When you think “brown rice” you would think it would be thicker, but it isn’t. It has the flavor of tofu, which means it has no taste. Each noodle is thin, hair-like, and breaks off easily. When cooked it tends to melt and clump together. I used the recipe on the back of the package and substituted imitation crabmeat instead. The dish turned out OK, but the noodles are very bland tasting and I can see why chili sauce was recommended.

My main issue is with the packaging. It’s hard to measure how much noodles you need for 2 or more people. It’s hard to open the package without tearing it – when I did the noodles spilled out all over the place. I soaked the first batch in cold water for a minute as directed and it was fine; however, when I realized I needed more noodles, it was hard to get them to soften quickly just by running the second batch under cold water – you really have to soak them.

I can eat gluten so that wasn’t as issue for me. It tasted OK but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more.

MalikSouth Bend, TX

just a little bit bland…

My wife prepared the Brown Rice vermicelli to have with Spaghetti sauce in place of our normal angel hair pasta. The package came with easy-to-follow preparation instructions and she cooked the product accordingly.

I tried the cooked Vermicelli before adding the sauce and found that it did not have much taste at all.

I found it to be a little bit sticky and clumpy, but I honestly do not have a lot of experience with Vermicelli…

I’m sorry but I’d not buy it again.

SoniaRembrandt, IA

A Delicious Addition!

When the noodles arrived, we had no idea how to cook them. The directions were very vague at best, so I went online to get an idea of exactly how to prepare and use them. The package says to soak in room temp. water for one minute, but that wasn’t long enough to separate the noodles. I let them sit longer and used my fingers poke and wiggle apart the straw-like noodles. They did soften up, but before they were at a texture I thought I’d like, I drained them and then added them to my basic stir-fry, using the noodles in place of the rice. I just stirred them in the meat/veggie mix and let them cook a little. This made for a very delicious dinner – enough for 2-4 adult servings (depending on appetite).

Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli makes a delicious addition to your Asian cuisine.

DeenaWest Blocton, AL


I made these noodles with the classic pho (soup). They were just fine, but nothing to rave about. Yes, they are made with brown rice, and somewhat healthier, but I wasn’t enamored enough to buy them again.
Frankly, if I have a hankering for non-wheat noodles, there are always pure buckwheat, or white rice vermicelli. With enough vegetables and protein, you don’t need the added little boost of brown rice noodles.
TammeraCoolidge, TX

Asian brown rice vermicelli

I admit it-when I ordered this item initially, I did not look at the package in great detail. If I had, I would have noticed that the product is asian, not italian which I initally thought. I thought I was going to get a box of italian vermicelli, ideal for a red spaghetti or a white wine sauce. Instead, I got a product that is ideal for someone who likes asian food, who is watching their cholesterol and their gluten intake.

I prepared the noodles as advertised on the back of the package. I pre-soaked them, and heated them in olive oil and garlic. Instead of serving them with red chilli, I put them with bell pepper and beef strips and added soy sauce at the end. They were good-I thought they tasted a little tough, but that could be the noodle style. I have never had noodles like these before. They were different, but exciting, and I would try them again.

JohnaRutland, VT

Some technical difficulty, but in the end it all works out…

I was excited to try these noodles. I love Tai food and these Singapore noodles strongly resembled glass noodles used in Taiwanese cooking. That is something to keep in mind, considering that these are packaged as Vermicelli (which is another word for Angel Hair) and it is far more reminiscent of glass noodles.

When cooking this product I found immediate detractors, and upon eating it I found immediate plusses. It’s kind of a mixed bag that could easily be tweaked to a perfected product.

Cooking this Brown Rice Vermicelli is a bit difficult. The main problem is that the packaging instructions are vague and don’t really help you much. Soaking this product for a minute doesn’t do anything. Soaking it for five minutes also doesn’t really do anything. It takes much longer to soften. I eventually had to just take it out of the water and toss it in the frying pan in order to get it to soften. The noodles have a hard time separating from one another and so it gets clumpy and you have to work with it a lot in order to get it apart, which causes many of the noodles to break. Eventually, they do get to that required texture and you’re ready to eat. The first thing I noticed when eating this product is that it absorbs flavor really well. Some pastas retain their starchy flavor even after mixing in with a sauce or vegetables, but this product soaked in rich flavors with ease and maintained those flavors. The texture, once softened, is quite wonderful. While the package states that there are only about three servings here, there is more than enough to eat once it is cooked up. We have a family of four, and we all ate till we were full and had leftovers (granted, we made a meat to go along with our pasta, but most people do).

So, despite some cooking issues, this is a tasty product. It is also quite healthy. Not only is this product Gluten, Fat and Cholesterol free, but the entire package is only about 600 calories. I will mention price, which can always be an issue. You’re looking at a little over $2 a package if you purchase it at this site. That is obviously more expensive than your usual box of pasta. Even whole grain spaghetti (which is what we usually buy) is slightly less expensive (still in the $1+ area), but at the end of the day, $2 isn’t a whole lot to spend on a tasty product that can feed your whole family.

This is a product that requires a simple preparation. Heavy handed sauces would overwhelm these tiny noodles. Some vegetables, oil and herbs will do the trick; which is also a favor to your wallet.

If the package instructions were clearer and more informative, I’d give this a higher rating, but cooking should never be a frustration. At least the eating is very good!

RolandeMascotte, FL