Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder, 900-Grams

Dry Whole Milk with vitamins A and D3.

Quick facts

  • Dry Whole Milk with vitamins A and D3
  • Peak

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Good, but not what I thought I was buying….

I purchased this product because I wanted a powdered full fat cream substitute for baking and cooking on my low carb diet ( full fat cream has zero carbs). However, when the product arrived, it was DRY WHOLE MILK which has 8 grams of carbs per 3 tbsp! It has a decent taste and arrived as promised, but I would have never purchased dry whole milk… The product title is misleading…..
KinaHuntington, TX

It’s better

This is better than the crappy 2% they make us drink. Who needs 2% milk when you can get 100%(joke). It also last’s for a while.
YahairaWillis, MI

You have to try it

I tried this based on my mother-in-law’s recommendation. This milk powder is nothing like the nonfat milk powder that they sell at most grocery stores. You know what I’m talking about–the kind that tastes like powdered milk. Blech. This one is so rich and delicious. You have to use a lot of it to make a single glass, so it doesn’t last very long. This is also great to keep at the office to use in your coffee where it’s not always practical to keep a carton of milk.

I can’t emphasize enough how good this milk is. This may sound strangely random, but when I first made a glass, I noticed my dogs intensely staring at me, hoping I’d give them some. So I did. They absolutely love it, too. They reacted to it as if it were the most delicious thing in the world. They don’t even react that way to steak. My husband even noticed and commented it’s like doggie crack. I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s also nice that you can control the richness of it by adding more or less powder. I also tried the Nestle Nido milk powder that I got as a sample, and it is just as good.

AngleaHopkins Park, IL

Better than any typical “just out of the cow” milk….EVER!

I first had instant whole dried milk when doing missionary work down in Honduras, CA. That dried milk happened to be either KLIM, a Borden product, or Nido, a Nestle’s product. For all you dyslectics, you probably picked up on KLIM is just MILK spelled backwards……LOL. I have had whole milk in the UK and even their full cream Jersey, gold topped, milk and thought that might be the best milk ever. Matter of fact, I grew up in Houston, Texas and raised on a local dairy milk, Westmoreland. During those days the very best milk was the one that was the creamiest and Westmoreland guaranteed that, as all their milk was from Jersey herds. Peak easily surpasses that great “fresh” milk. Not only does Peak taste great, not dried/instant, but it has the greatest milk taste ever. I dare say that as long as I can order this stuff, I will never buy “fresh” milk ever again. I am no longer a frequent milk consumer, but I do use it to make yogurt occasionally, on cereal, or even drink it, but rarely buy it as it typically goes bad/off before it is consumed. Frankly, I do use it every morning in my coffee or tea. I would recommend that it is made in a blender, chilled overnight, and then consumed. I also have used half Peak and Sanalac powder to achieve a lower fat, but full flavored milk.
MatildeWest Harwich, MA

Yummy milk product.

Homogenization and ultra-pasteurizing having ruined milk as a healthy product, we have long searched for a tasty powdered milk substitute. This product has superior flavor and is easily mixed into either cold or hot water. The container is a tin and has a tightly-sealing cap to ensure freshness.
JessSpringfield, WI

My Favorite Milk Ever

This is great for those that don’t drink milk on the regular. This way your milk won’t go bad, and you always have delicious milk on hand when you need it. It is really sweet, so if you don’t like sweet, just add more water. It comes out creamy when you mix according to the instructions. Good packaging, doesn’t get stale, and I usually keep it for about 4 months. Great purchase, and I have Amazon Prime, so it came quick.
DiaChalmers, IN

I detest liquid milk…Perfect solution

I went to Africa and when we were leaving made sure to bring back 2 Peak containers home. We ran out and I knew that i must replace it immediately. I went to the Caribbean stores ad they had it on say for $20. Checked on Amazon and it was $12. Perfect price! I no longer need to buy from overseas.
DeeWest Hickory, PA

Peak is whole milk not cream!


They have a product dried cream on amazon. I forget the make. I’m going to order it and review it.

MarianneDavenport, OK


This product is suprisingly delicious. Unlike the instant non-fat milk that I am familiar with, this product tastes exactly like milk on cereal, in coffee/tea and from the glass. Rich and creamy.
CarlynSaint Germain, WI


I have only used Carnation or generic instant milk before. awful stuff. this product is excellent. I added it to oatmeal while it was cooking vs plain water and I was very pleased. I USED IT FOR MY ELDERLY MOMS COFFEE VS USING NON NUTRITIOUS COFFEE CREAMER. Looking forward to trying it other ways but at this point I can forsee me ordering it again. I have now started using it in canned cream soups for my elderly mom. i fill the empty can with desired amount of water and then add the Peak. and the best part because i use non fat or skim for myself….THERE IS NEVER ANY SPOILED OR WASTED MILK OR YOU NEVER HAVE TO GO WITHOUT MILK.
LorenaBassett, AR


I was looking for milk for my coffee that I could keep at work unrefrigerated and was planning on purchasing those little creamer cups. After reading reviews on Amazon for Peak, I decided to try it. This is not like instant milk of old. It is a very smooth and wonderful powder that easily stirs into a cup of coffee. So much better than coffee-mate type powders.
JacindaHudson, NH

So many uses and yet so yummy!

I ordered this with several uses in mind, and keep finding more as I get more creative! I do not buy milk because I just don’t drink it, however, this powder is the best tasting milk I have had since I was a kid! I decided that CoffeeMate is just alot of chemicals, so each morning I put a tablespoon or so of this into my coffee and it is heavenly!! It has vitamin A and D too! Any recipe that calls for milk, I just make the milk using Peak instant milk powder and water and presto! So convenient and it mixes in a snap. My latest kick is to make a milkshake (moderately low calorie) in a blender using the Peak milk powder, a few packs of Splenda, some water and ice and either some fruit or cocoa powder and a splash of vanilla! Delicious treat for under 150 calories. Satisfies that sweet/creamy craving I get. I used to eat ice cream and now I do this and I have kept off those extra 20 lbs. I lost without depriving myself of something I enjoy. This is so much better than the diet ice creams they sell at the grocery store, and no chemical additives! I cannot say enough good about this product. I highly recommend!
QuinnParshall, CO

Great milk to have on hand

We have tried several different brands of powdered milk recently to see which is the best for food storage. This is very good tasting milk according to my husband – very creamy. My ratio is different than the directions on the can as I did not want 3.5% milk fat. I mixed 1/3 c. powder with 2 c. water (or 2 1/2 level Tbsp per cup water). This probably made a very creamy 2% milk – more or less. The directions on the can call for 3 heaping Tbsp. to about 6 oz. water to make 6.75 oz. That’s not even a full cup. The can will make 3.5 gallons (about 56 cups of milk) using my ratio above so that equals $4.95 per gallon or $4.70 with subscribe and save option. Not so bad considering. However, if you use the ratios on the can it can be very expensive.
JoelDriftwood, TX

Better than regular dry milk, but it is NOT as good as real milk.

This is OK, but it does not taste like the REAL thing. It does not taste like milk, the flavor is OK, but it is not satisfying my desire for REAL milk. So if not having milk on hand for cereal, or cooking it is OK. But I cannot drink it on its own no matter how cold it may be.
DerickBentley, LA


I was skeptical when I was reading reviews but this stuff is awesome!! I don’t drink much milk (mostly put it in coffee or cook with it) so the convenience of being able to make just as much as I need and not have to waste half a carton of milk is very nice. But more than that, this stuff actually tastes good. Not quite as good as Organic Valley fresh organic whole milk but definately as good as any regular whole milk or even Horizon whole milk. After you mix it up, it even coats the glass in the same way as fresh whole milk. But its powder, and instant. It tastes nothing like that nasty powder skim milk at all… it just tastes like good milk. It dissolves easily in warm water with nothing more than a quick stir. I haven’t tried stirring it into cold water (the instructions say to use warm water) but I imagine it would take a bit more stirring. Anyways, I will definitely be purchasing this again. I have been searching for a brand of powdered milk to make homemade instant cocoa and I think this may be the perfect thing.
YunDuncan, NE

Good, but expensive

I wanted to replace my old stand by Nido with this brand. It tastes great, with no smell found in the Nido product, but the price… This brand is about double what you pay for Nido!

On price alone, I had to take a star away.

MaxwellPalo Pinto, TX

The best possible substitute for whole milk

My parents took us to live in Nigeria in the eighties and one thing we missed at first was having a glass of ice cold milk after school. That is,until my Dad came home from the university he was teaching at with a huge tin of Peak Milk,given to him by a colleague who’d heard of our yearnings. It was perfect. For one serving ,just dissolve 2 heaping tablespoons of the powder in two ounces of water, mix thoroughly to get any lumps out then top up with another six to eight ounces of water, either hot or cold, depending on how rich you like it. Peak milk and Klim ( a similar product by Borden)were life-savers in Nigeria at a period in the nation’s history when electricity was a luxury rather than a take-for-granted amenity.

* It is a splendid pantry item in areas where power is spotty and you can’t keep things refrigerated for long;
* With the rest of my family on vacation(without me,*whine*),I find that I may not always be able to use up the container of milk before it starts going south so this is great if you find that happening to you a lot. (I need sour milk for several of my chocolate cake recipes,but there’s only so many brownies a girl can bake when the rest of the family is out of town…);
* It works wonderfully for baking and yogurt making. Just reconstitute according to package directions and carry on;
* One strange thing I noticed: like many adults of African ancestry I began to develop lactose intolerance as I grew older but I find that unless you are truly allergic, drinking reconstituted dried milk somehow has no ill effects on “the pipes”. Go figure.
* You will find Peak milk in powdered and evaporated forms(better than Carnation by me)in most African and Spanish stores,in varying sizes. The size offered here is the Granddaddy and great bang for your buck.

EdmundoWhitesboro, OK

Very good powder milk

My wife only drinks powdered milk. She only had powdered milk in China although never as good as “Peak”. Drink it hot or cold. Some vitamins and minerals. Best in a blender with ice. Also use it as a base for protein shakes.
RoselineMount Ayr, IA

Tastes great, but not quite milk.

This product has a great taste, but it doesn’t quite have a regular milk taste. Nor does it taste like normal powdered milk. It has a unique pleasant taste of it’s own..

However, for a heavenly unique taste, mix up a glass of this milk and add some “Pappy’s Sassafras.” Add your favorite sweetener. This drank is truly great.

RoryMarks, MS

great product

I bought this for my mother who is allergic to milk. She loves it. She said it mixes well in both cold and hot water (unlike supermarket powdered milk which doesn’t mix well in cold water). She said the taste is great and she enjoys it on cereal, in her coffee and for cooking. Highly recommend this!
CorazonHoltsville, NY

This stuff is GREAT

I was surprised when this peak powder came,I found many uses for it,It is great used as coffee cream,it is a lot like Pream from the 50/60s.I will be ordering it from Amazon from now on,my daughter and grand kids take some home everytime they visit.
BernardGray, PA

taste great and dissolves instantly

I bought 2 dried milks. Peaks dry Whole Milk and Now foods Non Fat Dry Milk. Peaks dissolves instantly even in hot coffee, Now Foods does not, makes a complete mess. Bought it for making fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Haven’t got around to making the cheese, need more ingredients. Wish they made Non Fat Dry Milk too.
VaughnStamford, VT

Better Than Fresh — No Waste

Peak blew away my expectations… I had tried powdered milk before. Never have I had milk taste this good. I use it as a staple in my diet and never worry about spoilage. Great for your survival stash. Highly recommend.
TrumanOxford, GA


Almost tastes like “farm fresh” milk. A defined departure from the usual preconception of powdered milk. Has “texture” like red cap vitamin D milk.
DorothyMc Intyre, GA