Peanut Butter Dog Treat

SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew, Medium Rawhide-Free Dog Treat Taste Dogs Love. The Smart Alternative To Rawhide Chewing is an essential, healthy and enjoyable activity for dogs. Dog chews help keep teeth clean, jaws strong and are mentally stimulating to help prevent boredom and destructive behavior. As a pet parent, you should ensure that you satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instinct in a safe and satisfying way. Many veterinarians are concerned with the potential health risks associated with dogs consuming rawhide. These health risks include, stomach & intestinal blockage and potential ingestion of toxic chemicals used to process rawhide chews. In addition, there are serious negative environmental issues generated by the use of chemicals in processing rawhide products. Highly Digestible. What Does This Mean? It took over 2 years to formulate SmartBones in order to achieve our amazing high digestibility level. This means that SmartBones will very seldom cause an upset stomach or loose stool. What’s even more amazing is that SmartBones actually exceed the digestibility level of premium dog foods. Quality & Safety. Our Priority At PetMatrix, we are committed to providing the healthiest, tastiest, safest pet chews available. We have strict quality control programs to ensure we produce only the highest quality pet products possible. Our factories follow strict U. S. quality control protocols, are fully certified, and are among the most modern and safest manufacturing facilities in the world. They have to be, as we at PetMatrix feed SmartBones to our own dogs. SmartBones offers a wide range of healthy, delectable, chew products you can feel comfortable feeding your dog. We have a variety of tantalizing flavors and shapes your dog will be sure to love. Dog chew consumption will depend on your dog size. It is recommended that you feed a maximum of 1-2 chews per day. SmartBones are the Healthy Alternative to Rawhide: 100% Rawhide-Free Highly Digestible Made with Wholesome Vegetables and Real Chicken Low in Fat Vitamin and Mineral Enriched, providing more nutritional value than rawhide chews 100% Delicious, preferred by 9 out of 10 dogs over leading rawhide chews

Quick facts

  • SmartBones are healthy dog chews that provide an alternative to traditional rawhide
  • These highly digestible chicken-flavored dog treats are available in a economical value pack
  • Made in China

Top reviews

Made in China

My dogs love this but it is made in China. Had I known I would not have purchased them. They need to reveal this in the product description
MiriamMineral Wells, WV

Peanut Butter Treat for Dogs

If your dog loves peanut butter, it will love SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew. I purchased the 8-pack Mini and is my dog JJ’s favorite treat. Product should be offered in larger quantities, maybe 12 to 24 in a package as they don’t last long in our house!
BoydFenwick, MI

Much better and safer than rawhide

My dogs love these and so much easier on them than rawhide bones. I buy these all the time! And they love peanut butter flavor!
LavadaCompton, MD

Smart Bones? What bones? Gobbled em’ down!

Seller had the product out and to us very fast, TY. The only thing wrong with the product was there wasn’t enough to last!! My Goldens ate them up in a couple of bites:0) Better buy a bunch!!!
LaneWoodstock, VT


The price is good, size is perfect…but my dog doesn’t like them at all. Would not buy again sorry. Not the products fault
MeghannRichfield, UT

smarrtBones, peanut vbutter dog chew, mini 16-pack

What a great product for dogs. My mini doxie just loves these chew and to top it of, she loves the peanut butter favor. The day is complete when she is given one. If she doen’t eat it at once, she will hide it for later or carry it around with her. This flavor is the only one that she eats. I purchase the mini size because it is not too big for her and she can handle it for eating or carrying it around.
CatinaGouldsboro, PA

dog loves them

My dog loves the taste of these…they’re a nice change from rawhides..I feel like I can give him treats more often
ChiTilden, TX


My dogs recognize the package & the sound of the tear-off top. As soon as they get a whiff of that peanut-butter flavor, they start dancing & prancing around me! I”ve gotten these before – the only negative part is the dogs snarf these up too fast!
EunKennett, MO

My dog loves these!

My dog loves the flavor and texture of these bones! Since they are dried, they allow that stiff resistance for bigger dogs mouths without the rawhide. Great product.
ThanhLaguna Beach, CA

Tiggie’s favorite

Great product! My pup is spoiled but these treats are his favorite. He loves the peanut butter flavored ones the best.
OllieAllerton, IL

Woof Woof.

SmartBones are a wonderful treat for your dogss. My two Dachushunds love the peanut butter flavor. Not only do they love them they are wonderful for them.
YukoRiddleton, TN

These are a MUST!!!

My dogs LOVE these Smartbones! So much so that they sometimes turn their noses at other treats I try to give them. These bones are a great alternative to rawhide, and Amazon & Co. have some of the lowest prices on them. I have seen them sold for as high as $15.99 in some local stores. The only downside is that they do not last very long, as they are so easy to chew through. My dogs (Lab mix and Boxer mix) power through the medium and large sized bones in just a few minutes. Still, all in all, worth the money!
DeenaDubois, ID

Best bones around

These are the best bones for your dogs. No rawhide and my labs love them. Well work the money. I have been ordering these for about 3months now and always a great transaction. Delievery has arrived either on time or early. A++++++++++++++++++
JameBell Buckle, TN


My dogs love them. They don’t last very long with the larger dog. Will order more some time. Good price.
FranklynMountain Village, AK

Happy puppy!

Our Cocker Spaniel Tinker Bell got this from Santa, and she picked it over all the other treats. It was gone in no time.
BerrySamantha, AL

My dog loves Peanut Butter Smart Bones!

My dog loves Smart Bones Peanut Butter Dog Chew Minis…your dog will love them too! Good for digestion and affordable.
RickeyDunkirk, OH