Pear’s Gourmet Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee, 32-Ounce Bags

Breakfast Blend: South American beans roasted for a light bodied coffee. Pear’s Gourmet Coffee uses only the finest green Arabica coffee beans from lush plantations throught the world. We carefully roast each bean to its unique requirements until it reaches maximum flavor and aroma. Our beans are fresh roasted daily so you experience complete coffee freshness with every cup. Pear’s premium decaffeinated, roasted coffee comes in a variety of blends, flavors and origins. Each foil bag contains 8 ounces of ground coffee. The choice is yours. Make sure to try them all.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 32-Ounce (total of 128-Ounces)
  • Premium whole bean coffee
  • Roasted for a light bodied coffee

Top reviews

Better than Maxwell

Pear’s Gourmet Breakfast is a must have for Breakfast Blend Coffee drinkers. I subscribe and save it for work and purchase 1 (set of 4 32oz bags) about every 6 weeks or so. Smooth and plain (in a good way!)Best deal for your money.
CeolaHilton, NY

Previous review way too negative.

I bought several bags of Pear’s Coffee and I’ve liked it very much. A number of fellow coffee drinkers have had some with me, and no one has complained. Pear’s has a rich taste and like any other coffee can be brewed for a strong or a mild flavor, depending on the number of scoops used. No hard bits have hit my grinder blades yet; for my money, this is a great buy! It’s not Kona, but it’s pretty darn good.
IsidroLompoc, CA

Cheap price for cheaper coffee

I purchased this coffee for my office when our usual stuff was unavailable, thinking that it seemed like a really good price for decent coffee.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. This coffee is horrible. The beans aren’t processed very well before roasting, so there’s all kinds of chaff left behind. When you grind the beans, you get all this stuff that looks like pencil shavings. Plus, you’ll occasionally find some random shells in there – something that looked like half a pecan shell but was significantly harder broke one of the blades in our bean grinder. Awesome.

The roast is somewhere between medium-light and medium. The flavor is bitterly bland. It takes a lot of cream and sugar to make this drinkable.

I’m never buying this again.

LeannBronson, FL