PEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS in Gravy Canned Dog Food

Dogs love a meaty feast, and PEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS Canned Dog Food Variety Pack With Beef and Country Stew Flavors gives your dog satisfying taste and the nutrition they need. Made with flavorful morsels in delectable gravy sauce, our meaty dog food provides the perfect balance of oils and minerals for healthy skin and a glistening coat. The ingredients are highly digestible for easy nutrient absorption, so you know they are getting the most from their wet dog food. Help your dog grow happy and healthy with PEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS Food for Dogs.

Quick facts

  • Contains two (2) 12-can cases of 13.2-ounce PEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS Variety Pack With Beef (6) and Country Stew (6) Canned Dog Food
  • Oil and minerals to help nourish your dog’s skin and coat
  • Dogs will love our delectable dog food with hearty cuts of real meat in gravy for irresistible beef and country stew tastes
  • PEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS Dog Food provides complete nutrition in a balanced dog food
  • Juicy, meaty bites provide a soft texture for flavor and variety

Top reviews

Horrible product – caused problems for my dog

I bought this particular canned Pedigree dog food from Petco for my dog, a spayed female corgi. Before trying Pedigree, we were feeding her Science Diet dry food. I bought a 12 pack of the ones with beef and ones with country stew. It was cheap (<$1/can).

Within a few days of feeding her the wet food mixed with some Science Diet dry food, her vagina started smelling strongly like fish. A few more days went by and thick bits of mucous were appearing on the fur around her vagina. One time I saw her pooping and at the same time saw a thick rope of mucous drop from her vagina. A few more days later, her fur around the vagina was tinged pink and later became red. It was evident to us there was mucous and some blood coming out of her vagina. So we stopped feeding Pedigree and went back to just the dry Science diet food. In a few days her excessive vaginal mucous and blood stopped. She is back to normal now.

All in all we only fed her 5 cans of Pedigree dog food. For those 5 cans to cause this much problems is astounding. I would not recommend Pedigree to anyone after what happened to my dog.

TaiHorner, WV

subscribe/save ripoff

this is my four dogs favorite canned food-i figured using the subscribe/save was the best way to get it since the UPS guy brings it right to my door-no more heavy cans from the store. i first signed up december 13,2011-got 24 cans for $12.66–today-not even a month later– i went to send for an extra delivery and the price is now $22.29 -it went from 53 cents a can to 93 cents a can in under a month–i will be going back to the grocery store for this–it is 67 cents a can there–i am not sure why pedigree thinks they can get away with making it seem we are getting a bargain by signing up for subscribe/saving when really they are ripping us off. my subscription is cancelled.-i will go back to lugging heavy bags at grocery store-
IssacRupert, VT

My dogs love it!

I have two pit mixes and they both chow down when i give it to them. They even get super excited when i get the can out to get ready to feed them.
EleonoraCameron, NY

Dog Food

Obviously the product is self explanatory and FIDO says it tastes great. However, getting the product is another issue altogether. It is quite clear that the packaging of two 12 pack cases in a single Amazon box is insufficient for the rigorous journey through UPS. The cans are damaged and some split open with fortunately the shrink wrapping holding dried up mess inside of outer package. I would be prepared to spend time with customer service if you subscribe for their packaging is horrendous.
LaurenceFittstown, OK

Good Dog Food – Amazon Subscribe/Save Ripoff

Well – I’m not changing my review of the dog food. I stand by Pedigree and my dogs thrive on it. HOWEVER, I bought my first 24-pack for $12.66 and did Subscribe and Save. Thank goodness I looked, because the price when my next shipment was due had gone up to $24. Then it was $17, now I think it’s $16 something. You simply cannot tell me the price of this dog food DOUBLED in less than a month. There is something very wrong here, so I’m not downgrading the dog food, I’m downgrading what Amazon is doing with pricing. Very, very wrong. Beware of Subscribe and Save. Like another reviewer, I’ll be going back to lugging cans of dog food rather than pay double.

Initial review, prior to price increase: *I have to have wet food around for my older rescue dogs – and my own two love this as well. Was surprised to find it on Amazon, available at a better price than the store and with subscription I will NEVER run out again. I know some people don’t like Pedigree due to high filler content, and if I had my druthers, I’d be feeding my crew a raw, organic diet. But I don’t. With the rate people are dumping dogs, we feed them as best we can and there is NOTHING wrong with Pedigree Dog Food, canned OR dry. I have two 8 year old dogs who have been raised on it and they are the picture of health. So with that in mind, give em all the love you can and don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong by feeding them Pedigree. This is much cheaper than I can get at the store and now I don’t have to haul crates of food into the house. *

SaritaGraham, TX

Great product and price!

My dogs absolutely love Pedigree, as do my cats too! There is nothing left over! And it is so healthy for all of the too!
LesterSilver Lake, NY

My beagle wolfs this stuff down

so I think that he likes it. He always looks around for more under his dish. As I combine the food with a weight control dry dog food, it does not bother me that much of the can content is gravy compared to the higher calorie traditional ground dinner varieties but pet parents serving it alone may feel that it is not enough due to the higher water content. Price with subscribe and save is very good.
BradBethany, OK

Dented cans

My problem is the cans show up dented all the time. Which breaks the pull tab top and allows bacteria.
SandyWarsaw, NY

tastes great

I run an animal hospital and the dogs loves this dog food. My dog loves it too. I give a little canned on top of the dry food and the dogs love it. The chunks are a good size and it keeps the dogs stool regular.
MattieBonners Ferry, ID


We have 2 150# dogs that are very appreciative when we mix the Pedigree Choice Cuts with their dry food. They keep their boyish figures and wag their tails a lot!!
GennaMount Holly, NC

Fido loves it…but 3 cans smashed open defeited the JUST “decent” subscript. price

This is my dogs favorite dinner. At subscription price it came to $.70 per can which is competitive with a walmart or foodlion sale. HOWEVER, 3 cans arrived smashed open which put me back to paying regular price PLUS having to clean off all the gew that spilled over the unsmashed cans. (Thats for a packaging review). Had they all come in tacked, and I didn’t have a mess and a $$ loss, I’d of given it 5 stars for the convenience and price.
MaureenIota, LA

So convenient!

This is the same product we buy at the pet store but it is much cheaper and is more convenient to have it delivered every month!
AshleighYoung America, MN


The product is what I needed. Works out fine receiving it one a month for the dogs. It is also great to order an extra shipment when needed.
MarisSaint Helena, CA

Dogs love it!

We have 8 dogs, mostly rescue, from Chihuahua to Lab mix, and they love thier Pedigree! If you could see the smiles on their faces and the wag on thier tails, you would know how happy they are every morning when they see those yellow cans.
MargaritaGray Hawk, KY

Dogs Love It

I purchased several of these for our dogs when they went on sale. Cheaper than I could buy in the store and our dogs love the gravy. Very satisfied.
TanekaWessington, SD