More than just a dog chew, PEDIGREE JUMBONE Mini Dog Snacks are a delicious dog treat with a crunchy bone-like shell on the outside, and a flavorful, meaty center on the inside. Our long-lasting adult dog treat is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and features a mini size to help keep small dogs healthy. PEDIGREE Small Dog Treats are mini treats you can trust, and ones your dog will love.

Quick facts

  • Contains (12) 10-count packs of PEDIGREE JUMBONE Mini Snacks for Dogs
  • A long-lasting dog bone that’s fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep dogs healthy
  • These PEDIGREE Dog Treats are specially designed for treating toy and small adult dogs
  • Our mouthwatering dog chews contain a delicious, meaty center with a bone-like outer shell for longer chewing enjoyment
  • PEDIGREE JUMBONE Dog Treats have an irresistible, real beef flavor dogs love

Top reviews

Be wary of these ingredients for your pet

I have studied canine nutrition for the last 5 years and one of the biggest negatives I see in many commercial dog food companies is putting profit over care.

In looking at ingredients in treats and food, many companies are fabulous. However, sadly, some put the cheapest ingredients that often even cause negative reactions in dogs into their products and then add flavors to make the dog want them so they continue to be bought.

Ah, but don’t take my word for it.

First ingredient in these? Rice Flour. Not meat. Not whole wheat flour. Not brown rice flour. Rice flour…bad carb, no protein, breaks down into sugar. But it gets better. Second main ingredient? SUGAR.

Let me repeat that. This contains mostly sugar.

Yes they are shaped like bones and you feel like you are getting some good protein in and that they aren’t like giving your pet hard candy. Naw. That’s marketing. They only contain 7% protein and the protein source is derived from “dried meat by product”. In other words, meat waste.

But lets go back to sugar. You could give your dog a tablespoon of sugar each day and they would crave that too. But you will also have to pay for extra tartar scrapings from your vet which are stressful to your canine companion or have a pet lose their teeth in their later years.

But I’m just getting started. 3rd ingredient? Wheat flour. Not whole wheat flour…processed and stripped of it’s nutriotional value. Cheaper.

So you think the fourth ingredient must be some protein huh? Naw, it’s Propylene Glycol.

Then powdered cellulose

Then sodium caseinate

but we dont want our dogs to thumb their paws up at such ingredients so natural poultry FLAVOR is then added. This is what some dog companies do, besides adding sugar, to make a product marketable…have it TASTE to the dog like it has something they need or want in it but it just be a flavoring. Then they beg for it and owners think it’s great, buy more, and profit is good.


Now then, let me sum this up with the warning under the feeding guide:
“Up to (meaning no more than) 5 sticks every week”
and “not suitable for puppies or dogs under 5 lbs.” Yet the jumbone mini with a yorkie on the front has these ingredients and then says not to give it to small dogs! That is called a legal disclaimer should your dog develop issues from the feeding of this product. What more needs to be said?

Yeah, you don’t have those warnings about nutritional harm when you just feed your dog some good natural treats or meat.

Animal crackers or saltwater taffy would offer your dog the same taste and ingredients for the most part as these and be cheaper.

I take it back. The above two wouldn’t have as many artificial flavors and preservatives.

Don’t buy into the hype “big meaty center”

If by “meaty” they mean ‘sugar and cellulse” then I agree…

I so hate seeing profit over care for companion animals.

Why did I give it 2 stars? If you have to go by will your dog like it? You bet! But they like chocolate too…doesn’t mean they should eat it.

I am not promoting any particular dog food or treat here…just giving my opinion (based on 5 years of study on the subject on my part) that you may wish to avoid sugar and cheap fillers for anything going into your pet. Animals are so little and dependant upon our choices for them. And, especially if you dont brush their teeth daily as most of us don’t, giving them something filled with sugar and bad-carb flours is highly detrimental to thier livers, teeth, livers, kidneys, and full canine systems.

Not to mention the artificial fillers and dried meat by products. Meat waste can have very bad things in it. It’s not suitable for human consumption (these include the parts thrown away that may be diseased or tumerous. Yes, seriously, these ARE allowed to be used in dog food.)

And don’t even consider the vitamins added. When made into a processed dog food of this type, they get baked out at such high temperatures used in the processing. So consider that teeninsy bit added at the very end of the ingredient list null and void after processing.

Buy em a real soup bone or give them carrots or NATURAL wet dog food or cottage cheese for a treat.

Dogs don’t do well on things like this and it can cost you more in their health than the savings on buying a less expensive brand.

I love em (pets) too much not to review this honestly…

ShilohMattapoisett, MA

My dog got REALLY sick from these

I gave my dog her first jumbone two days ago. Since then she has been super sick, lethargic, and throwing up about 3x per day. If this does not get better tomorrow morning I will be taking her to the vet 🙁
MarinSmoot, WY

A nice sized treat

Sometimes you want to give your best friend a nice treat that isn’t too small, nor too big and this is it. My dog is actually a medium sized one, but these are big enough that she is kept busy for a minute or so, yet not so large that I worry about her having “too many treats”. Bottom line — she loves them.
JesicaFullerton, NE

It’s the only snack for my Old Boy

Baby Ar, my black chow/lab, is a spoiled boy and refuses to eat any other snack. Caution though, I cut this into 4ths because, if allowed to “gobble” it on his own, he will swallow big chunks and it acts like a dog bone in his stomach. It never fails that he will yack it up on my carpet if I don’t cut it into 4ths before giving it to him.
CelestinaJustice, IL


SharieDos Palos, CA

Favorite Treat

We have a dachshund that is very finicky! We have tried many types of treats for her but the Pedigree Mini Jumbones are her number one choice. I had trouble finding them not only in our food store and the pet department of Walmart, but even in pet stores (all the other sizes are there). Once I went to and found I could order them in bulk, I was so relieved. Our hot dog is once again in business with her favorite treat!
RayleneKamrar, IA

Cheaper at Walmart

My doggies each get one a day of these and they LOVE them — but they are cheaper at walmart — considerably.
LouannSeabrook, SC

My doggies love

My chihuahua love these so much that I have to order several bags to make sure we don’t run out. They need to have plenty of water available because of the bulk fiber. They usually have 2 or 3 a day for their size. More than that may make your pet constipated. I break them in half and give them 1/2 each at a time.
AsaEdenton, NC

Great mini chew bone

My 12 yr old toothless mini-schnauzer just loves his Jumbone mini’s. It’s the only snack item that looks like a chew bone, so he thinks he’s getting a rawhide bone just like his younger boxer sister gets.
RustyLucernemines, PA


Unlike the Medium Jumbone I purchased, these was fresh. You could see it and the dogs did not reject them unlike the others.
AnibalEverest, KS

Jumbone review

My dog loves this snack….I have had a hard time finding the mini jumbones in the grocery store so I was very happy to find it on Amazon. It even saves me money over what I paid in the store!
JazmineLake Villa, IL