Penguin Natural Foods All Natural Baking Mix Corn Bread 6 Pouch Box net wt 5.625

Penguin Corn Bread is a combination of traditional recipes, our cornbread is rich, moist and highlighted with sweet yellow corn. The ideal complement to a wide variety of dishes, it can be served either by itself, drizzled with honey or syrup, alongside a hearty chili, your favorite soup, or as the perfect addition to your holiday feast.

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Way too expensive!

It’s back at Costco! For those of you who were so disappointed when Costco discontinued this cornbread, which is the very best, weep no more. I visited my local Western PA Costco yesterday and lot and behold, there it was. For what I paid to get it through Amazon’s vendor, I could have bought at least two in the store.
TonaEast Galesburg, IL

Not sweet at all

I am suprised to see so many positive reviews. I like cornbread that is sweet – this is not sweet at all…and I mean at all…

It is actually quite bland and more doughy than I’m used to…with a bit of an aftertaste. I just threw out the rest of the box – we just couldn’t bring ourselves to eat it.

AlexWebster, MA

absolutely delicious

GloryGrovespring, MO


This Penquin Cornbread has me dreaming of cornbread and smelling it when there is none. I like others got it at COSTCO; this was originally about a year ago. I had a dinner party and everyone raved about it. Now I went back for more and nothing but an empty shelf. (I think they just keep it around the holidays.) Since I can always depend on AMAZON, I checked here. Well you/they do carry it which I am thrilled about, but you’re/they’re out. Don’t get me wrong I can usually do without cornbread for long periods. HONEST. But not since this Penquin Cornbread. It’s good and goes with so many dishes. The perfect compliment. It also seems to substitute for meat if you’re eating vegetarian chili or an all vegetable meal. The other store bought varieties just didn’t fill that bill, too sweet and flimsy. OK AMAZON I’LL JUST CHECK EVERY DAY. OKAY. Really folks this stuff is unusually good; just add 1 egg and oil. Convenient as well. I usually line my black iron frying pan with foil and spray with PAM. You can order it from the company (Penquin) but for such a high delivery fee. I’m trying to wait for AMAZON hoping it will not be as much for delivery!!!
JazminCrawfordsville, IA

YUM YUM in my TUM!

This is the best cornbread I’ve ever had! I’ve tried other brands and I’ve also used one brand for years, but my mom went to Costco and bought this to make cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving, and we polished off a whole batch of cornbread and had to make another one for the stuffing. LOL! I highly recommend this.
PenelopeOlin, NC


Like all of you I am dying to get more of this wonderful cornbread. I finally gave up and called the company direct to see where I could get it. The rep told me it is only sold at Costco during the fourth quarter. They will start selling it in late September. Not sure if it will be at all Costcos but it is worth calling your local store to make sure they order enough for you for the next year. It usually has a year or longer shelf life so I recommend stocking up. He also suggested I go to Target and get the Honey Amber Cornbread. It is very close to this one. I think he said it was by Archer Farms, I’m can’t remember. I hope this helps all of you who are dying to get more of this wonderful cornbread. Have a great day!
FranceneStuart, NE

Best Cornbread, Costco is crazy

Costco carried this particular brand of cornbread for many years, but appears to have stopped carrying it. Big mistake. This is hands down the best cornbread period. It is moist and sweet. Almost cake-like. Perfect with Chili or Pork BBQ Country Ribs.
KelleyAuburn, WA

Best cornbread EVER

I’ve been searching for a long time for a good cornbread. Bought this on a whim. It is DELICIOUS! It turns out moist, sweet (but not overly), light, and yummy! I’m not even much of a cook and this always turns out perfect!

You just mix in 1 egg, milk, and oil and bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes in an 8x8x2 greased pan.

I can’t say enough good about this product!

ClorindaRio Nido, CA


I love cornbread, but find it very dry and bland…………even when I make it. However, this cornbread is moist and delicious. It even has corn right in the mix. Yes, I purchased it at Costco, but the shelves were being depleted. I guess the word is out on this.
LurleneKechi, KS

Hands down, the best boxed corn bread mix I’ve found.

I love corn bread and corn muffins, and have been eating the cheap stuff for years. Every so often I will make my own from scratch, but that’s too much work for the time I usually have. So when I found this mix, I was very excited. And after tasting it? I was even MORE excited! It is so moist, with actual pieces of corn in it! My husband, who really DOES NOT LIKE corn bread even likes this! My dad, who I consider a corn bread connoisseur, LOVES it and now wants this instead of his regular corn bread. It’s not available everywhere, so I end up buying multiple boxes to ship home with family!
IleanaGlace, WV

“Seasonal availability” and southern style baking advice

When I found the shelves at Costco empty and complained to the checkout cashier she smiled and informed me that Costco will carry this wonderful product during the spring and summer months only. Sure enough, it’s now March and I found it there last week! What a relief…. I think they have it wrong though, it should be on available year round, and certainly during the fall and winter when comfort foods such as chili are frequently on the supper menu. On another note: if you want to enjoy it even more, try baking it the way the Southern grandmother would: simply add an extra couple of tablespoons of oil to a heavy cast iron skillet, place it in the oven while it is heating up, remove hot skillet and pour in the cornbread batter. You should see the oil go up the sides and sizzle a bit. Bake for about 35-40 minutes as directed. This extra oil and hot skillet method creates a very ” crispy ” bottom and side crust (not to mention a few more calories, but you want to be authentic, right ? ) Serve with some cooked greens such as swiss chard, kale or collards…. dee-licious!! You can also have more cornbread for breakfast the next day if there is any leftover, which is unlikely.
KelsiWoodstock, CT


I, too, bought this at Costco and can’t find it there lately. This is the best cornbread mix ever. Moist, Bits of corn in it. Very flavorful.
MaiNakina, NC

Best cornbread mix ever!!!!

Great corn bread mix.Perfect for thanksgiving.It is a seasonal product so stock up.Expiration date is up to 2 years .Way cheaper at Costco though.
FarahBenton, LA

Best Ever, but when will it be available???

This is THE best cornbread mix ever and I have purchased it several times on Amazon. It’s almost like a cake, just the perfect mixture of sweet and corn flavor. It always is so moist and is still good re-heated as leftovers! However, suddenly, it has not been available on this website and I am heartsick! I’ve even gone directly to the manufacturer’s website and nothing there either. Can it be that they have stopped producing it??? Say it isn’t so.
EsmeraldaMiami, TX

half cornbread half corn muffin = penguin

This is the best cornbread/muffin mix ever! First of all, it’s so easy to make even my husband can make it! Second, it smells delicious — like roasted corn. I love to be woken up by my husband’s freshly baked cornbread on a Saturday morning. Third, it tastes amazing…not too sweet, moist yet still crumbly. Finally, it has whole corn kernels in the mix that rise to the top when you bake it so it not only tastes and smells great, it looks great too! We have brought this cornbread to dinner parties as a side dish and have gotten lots of compliments.

You can add an extra egg or two to turn it into corn muffin (and maybe some more sugar if you like sweet).

I too am having a hard time finding it at my local costco and have signed up to be notified on Amazon when this product becomes available.

BlairSugar Grove, VA

Penguin cornbread

My husband bought this cornbread at COSCO and we just loved it. COSCO has stopped selling it in our area and I have been searching everywhere for it. Since we always find everything we want at Amazon, we thought we would give it a try and HERE IT IS. Can’t wait for it to be in stock !!!
AlexandraDelano, PA

As good as, or better than, from scratch!

Like so many others, I haunted the Costco aisles for weeks until finally giving up. Amazon is my go-to place for hard to find items so here I am! I make most things from scratch, but this mix is by far the best! I am delighted to be able to still keep it in my pantry. BTW, you can always tweak this by adding a spoon of sugar, or a can of creamed corn. I usually saute some finely chopped onion and poblano pepper, toss them in with the other ingredients and bake. YUM!!! (If Costco has picked it up again, it’s not showing up in this area, yet.)
SantaKingston, GA

Corn Bread

The best corn bread mix ever. Totally natural, lovely pieces of real corn. Tastes great alone, or added with jalapenos. Hearty and delicious. Highly recommended!
TamishaFredericksburg, VA

Our favorite Corn Bread

We too were introduced to Penguin Corn Bread at Costco which used to carry it seasonally in the fall. We are all cooks in our family but can’t improve on the taste. This is the best, sweetest corn bread. We used to buy a number of boxes each year as it has a great shelf life and would last until Costco sold it again each fall. Were sure to serve it to friends and family. Our grandkids have been asking about it for the past year since Costco discontinued it and we are delighted to be able to get it through Amazon. Thanks for carrying it and making it a prime item.
SusieGravel Switch, KY


Had son’s fiance and her parents over for breakfast after church and they raved about this cornbread…so I gave her Mom the rest of my 6 pouch box and now I can’t find it anywhere. Found it at Costco once and not there anymore. I want my cornbread back!!
JakeCorbett, OR