Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Peanut Brittle, 8-Ounces Boxes

Peanut brittle is a Southern tradition, and the folks of Atkinson’s Candy use a secret family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Their Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle features a rich buttery base mixed with Texas Grade A Jumbo peanuts to achieve fresh-roasted peanutty perfection. Candy makers with decades of experience carefully watch over kettles full of gently simmering homemade sugar syrup, and then mix in warm roasted peanuts.

Quick facts

  • 8 ounces Box in a pack of 4 (total of 32 ounce)
  • Decadent chunks of crunchy peanut brittle drizzled with rich chocolate
  • Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle features a rich buttery base mixed with Texas Grade
  • A Jumbo peanuts to achieve fresh-roasted peanutty perfection
  • Cooling tables work to lower the temperature before they cut it into generous squares

Top reviews

Terrible brittle

The pictures on the box does not even come close to matching what the brittle actually is inside the box. There are no peanuts, it is just brittle. And the brittle is just bad. Do not purchase.
AlinaGustine, TX

No peanuts, no chocolate

There is no chocolate at all. There are almost no peanuts. Most pieces have no peanuts at all. Just sugar. A waste of money. I tossed it into the garbage.
MarleenCollegeport, TX

99% sugar-1% peanuts

I agree with I hate it , practically no peanuts. I bought it because there was a couple of 4 and 5 ratings, but should have listened to the 1 rating. I purchased peanut brittle from another company that was delicious but they are not taking orders now. Thought I would try this, and I took a couple of bites and through the rest in the garbage. Save your money DO NOT BUY.
JuliannePatrick Springs, VA

Pretty tasty.

My mom is a big fan of this brittle. I personally think it lacks in the peanut department but I bought it for her and she loves it so I’m happy with it.
RubiSaint Patrick, MO

Very Terrible product

The Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Peanut Brittle taste terrible and it has after taste as if they are using a very bad sweetener to make it. I would never recommend this product to anyone.
BlanchTamassee, SC


After buying once I purchased this product again within a few weeks. I was happy with both the quality and quantity of brittle for the price.
JessiaHelendale, CA

Good reviews.

My brother-in-law loves peanut brittle. He liked this Pennsylvania Dutch Peanut Brittle very much when I gave it to him as a gift.. It looks and tastes like the gold old fashioned kind of candy of years gone by.
CortneyMathiston, MS

Auntie loved it

My 93 yr old Aunt loves peanut brittle and I can’t find it in the stores. I sent her some of this for her birthday through Amazon and she loved it.
EmelinaParis, TX

thumbs up!

I bought the peanut brittle for my son in Iraq & he says it is good, so I must agree!!
KurtisBixby, MO