Peppercorns, Szechuan – 8 Oz

An essential ingredient in Chinese cooking, Szechuan peppercorns are once again allowed to be imported. Our Szechuan peppercorns are imported directly from the growing region in China. These tiny, reddish-brown peppercorns are noted for their strong, pungent flavor that distinguishes them from black peppercorns. They are used a great deal in Szechuan cooking which is noted for its spiciness. Noted Chinese cookbook author Irene Kuo wrote that only the seeded peppercorns should be purchased since the flavor and aroma only come from the petal-like husks. Ours are just that and are free of twigs and other residue. Szechuan peppercorns are often used as a seasoning for roasted meats and poultry.

Quick facts

  • Not as pungent as black peppercorns
  • Unusual lemony flavor and unque aroma
  • Goes well with fish, duck, and chicken dishes as well as fried eggplant

Top reviews

Unique, but not exactly exotic.

For an American pallet, the flavor of these is reminiscent of many different things, while still being unique. In addition to black pepper, I pick up elements of pine, (like a very subtle clove), a hint of heat similar to mace, and something unique to Sichuan Peppercorns. Would be a great addition to home-made chai, if you like it spicy.
AugustKirkland, TX

Great addition to variety of dishes

While this or course is an ingredient in many oriental dishes, I don’t cook any of them. My specialty is “modified” Mexican and Italian, so even if you’re not making Chinese food, this is still worth a try. It makes an interesting counter to the flowery/fruity flavor of habanero, and works well with cumin. It does give a rather unique flavor that will remind people of Asian cuisine, but it doesn’t overpower or mask flavors. It does take a little experimenting to work into new dishes, and the preparation for it isn’t quick and easy, but it’s usually worth the effort.

Before using it, I place the peppercorns in a dry frying pan and cook for about 60 seconds on high heat, then pour them into a mortar and use a pestle to crush them into powder or flakes. The result then can be added to the dish and cooked in.

My only complaint is the spam I seem to have signed up for by purchasing this.

GriceldaLynd, MN

Sichuan Peppercorns, “The real deal”

I have visited many cities in China enjoying hot pot and a variety of other dishes with Sichuan Peppercorns as an ingredient. It was terrific to find I could buy them on-line and that after using them in a recipe learned in Guangzhou I discovered the flavor and quality to be what I had experienced in China. The shipping and packaging was good with no issues.
FranceUmatilla, FL

Great for Chinese (or other) dishes

I have traveled extensively in China over the past 10 years. I especially enjoy Sichuan (or Szechuan) cooking – I really love the hot, spicy, flavorful dishes. I also enjoy cooking these dishes at home; however it is difficult to obtain the true flavor of these dishes without the use of Sichuan peppercorns, which add both a unique flavor as well as a unique feel for the tongue and mouth.

Note that Sichuan peppercorns (which aren’t really peppecorns at all) are not hot or spicy like chilis or peppers, but are pungent and flavorful. Don’t use them on their own and expect a hot/spicy dish – you need to add chilis or peppers if you want hot.

Be sure you toast them gently a bit before cooking with them – this releases the oils and flavors. Once heated/toasted you can grind them in a spice grinder – or, as another reviewer has noted you can use a mortar and pestle. I prefer the mortar and pestle because it provides a more rustic or uneven grind, which I prefer and which I think adds to the quality of the dish.

I have used with chicken, beef, pork, tofu, and just vegetables, and enjoy it in each of them. I tend to use quite a bit more than most people might. If you haven’t used them before, experiment a bit to find the right amount for your palate. I also enjoy the aroma from the peppercorns being cooked – makes the kitchen smell great.

I have also used the peppercorns in other than Chinese cooking. Suggestion: try some with your popcorn next time. Toast up the peppercorns, grind them in a spice grinder, melt some butter and add in the ground peppercorns and cook gently for less than a minute, then add evenly to your popcorn and enjoy a new taste.

These peppercorns seem to be fresh and clean and have good flavor. They arrived quickly and were well packaged in a resealable bag.

I’ll be ordering some more soon.

DaveJohnson, AR