Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Crispy Cookies, Chesapeake Dark Chocolate Pecan, 7.2-ounce

Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate Pecan Crisp Cookies 7.2 oz (Pack of 6)

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  • 7.2 oz

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if i had am illion stars it would not be enough

these are the best cookies in the universe, and i wish i was a little less heavy so i could at least rolls over in bed and grab a fresh bag

my mom has not been home in four hours, where is she

my cookies i need my cookies

RoselynPalm City, FL

Stale cookies

I purchased these Pepperidge Farm cookies for a family member that is sick in the hospital. The cookies had an expiration date of 5/2/2012 but they were STALE. This was very embarrassing and disappointing to say the least. This tells me that food products are not a good buy from Amazon.
BillySimpsonville, SC


Another delicious selection from the Pepperidge Farm Cookie Line-Up called Chesapeake Dark Chocolate Pecan. You get 8 large cookies per bag with 4 bags in an order. I purchased mine through Warehouse Deals fulfilled by for $8.73 per order *I got 2* ’cause it was such a good price! These normally go for $3.49/per bag in the supermarket/grocery store and usually are not 1 of the type of Pepperidge Farm Cookie that goes on sale at all, unlike their Milano Cookie Brand counterpart which do on a semi-regular basis. A great deal, highly recommended, buy them if the price is right!
ClementePewee Valley, KY

Good taste and quaility

Delicious as usual for this cookie. Love them. Glad Amazon had them on their website, esp. on sale when I ordered them. Can’t beat that.
MignonGlen Fork, WV