Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milano Cookies, 7.5-ounce bag

Pepperidge Farm Milano Double Chocolate Distinctive Cookies 7.5 oz

Quick facts

  • Rich chocolate
  • Exquisite texture

Top reviews

Crunchy Cookie with a Hint of Chocolate and Orange

Pepperidge Farm is one of the few national companies that mass markets distinctive cookies. One of those cookies is the marvelous Orange Milano cookie. When you bite into this crunchy cookie you get a hint of chocolate as you reach the center, and as you chew the orange flavor spreads throughout your mouth. Yet, none of the flavors is overwhelming. The problem with Orange Milano cookies is that it is hard to stop after eating only one.

These cookies are relatively expensive compared to other brands. However, one of the hallmarks of Pepperidge Farm from the beginning of the company in the 1930s is quality. For an alternative to the sweeter cookies typically available in the cookie isle, try Pepperidge Farm’s cookies. If you are looking for a good cookie to try first, this one is a winner.

TresaHumboldt, IA