Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams, Chocolate Chip, 6.6-ounce

Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Chocolate Chip Grahams. New! Baked graham snacks. Finn® Made with whole grain. No artificial preservatives. Made with real chocolate.

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fake and gross

I agree with the other reviewer, but I think cereal marshmallows are gross and never liked teddy grahams that much anyway.
WilmerKurten, TX

who needs cheese when you have chocolate

I purchased these at a “local” target for movie snacks. they are pretty good. any lover of teddy grams will enjoy these. the dry marshmallows are reminiscent of the kind in cereal. they have a tiny grove in them so you can “stack them”.

I strongly recommend them. what I don’t recommend is putting them in a bowl and dumping milk on them.
it is a horrible idea and creates and unpleasant gritty slurry.

MonserrateMendon, NY


A delicious great tasting product by Pepperidge Farm that normally cost you $2.49 per bag, sometimes on sale at the supermarket 2 for $4.00, but I picked my Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Graham Goldfish Crackers (Pack Of 8) through Warehouse Deals fulfilled by and shipped free to my home for an awesome price of ONLY $10.63!!! If you can get a deal like this I highly suggest purchasing it right away! If not, no worries and try getting it a little more than my bargain for no more $13.00 in my opinion, seeing as if you were to pay the retail suggested price on bag for $2.49 X 8 = $19.92 would still be a bargain if you look at it this way like I do! Good Luck and happy bargain shopping, ENJOY!!!
HsiuBrodhead, WI

kids love them!

They are better than any other chocolate graham we have purchased so far. Super chocolatey and not fake tasting at all. My kids LOVED them!
KristynCallahan, FL

UNCANNY! Must Buy! Must Have! With Kids or Without Kids!

Amazing! When you can’t have a campfire and you’ve got the craving for S’mores, Pepperidge Farms had created an awesome FUN FISH!
Zany as Zany can be – Vanilla Gold Fish, Chocolate Goldfish, and of course – Marshmallow Goldfish – Stack’em up; but make sure
you hide your evidence if you want these to be ALL YOURS or otherwise they’ll be gone before you get a chance to be a “kid at
heart”! Having bought two bags… thinking I would like these very much (how right I was!)…

I was downright impressed, while not the traditional S’mores – but gee whiz; I actually ate the whole danged bag in one sitting
without even realizing it! *blush* It was so much fun hunting or is it fishing (?) for one after another and then stacking them
together and eating “fishbait” – hahahahahaha!

Next day, began to open the other bag (already!) and started to munch away ….

Until, my grandchildren saw the “evidence” and wahhh 🙁 – Poor Grandma here – ended up having to “share” and goodness gracious,
the laughter and giggles from the little ones were far worth it all!

I 10,000 times recommend this … this is the best ever from Pepperidge Farms! Way to go! Now if they can come up with the big box,
I’d buy it on Amazon in a heartbeat! Who would ever dream that Pepperidge Farms would come up with this? Just awesome!

Interestingly, the very next day; while I had to babysit the youngest grandchild for a short time; she went off looking for something
that I had to inquire what she was looking for and she kept saying Whitey, Blackie and Creamy. Looking everywhere in my room even
under the bed, leaving me totally bewildered until she sulked and said

“Grandma, where did you hide them?”

“Hide what?”

“The 3 goldfishies”


“The 3 Goldfishes? We don’t have Goldfish in the house.”

(now she is mad with her arms folded)

“Yes we do, we ate them yessteday! Grandma, where did you hide them?”

(trying not to laugh)

“Sweetie, we ate them all up yesterday.”

“Grandma, buy more. I like them lots! Tummy hungry, says want more goldfish.”

(points to her stomach)

Kids are adorable! <3 If you buy them, make sure you stash some for yourself, they are completely
and you just cannot resist them!

AugustaNew Hampshire, OH