Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Xtra Cheddar, 30-ounce carton

Goldfish Snack Crackers Everyone loves Goldfish crackers – tasty and fun! The Snack That Smiles Back When it comes to Goldfish crackers you can always feel good about eating your favorite snacks! All of our cheese varieties are baked with real cheese. Our Made with Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish crackers have 12g of whole grain per serving. And our delicious Goldfish Grahams S’Mores are made with whole grain. Customize your Goldfish Pack Now you can create even more smiles by visiting and creating a personalized Goldfish package – perfect for birthdays, graduations, or other special occasions. Try All Of Our Delicious Varieties Goldfish Crackers Are: Always baked Made with no artificial preservatives 0g trans fat per serving

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I am not understanding the price? You can get this box from the grocery store for 7 dollars why is it almost 20?
NolanLoving, TX

More Flavorful Than the Original

Kids like Goldfish crackers, the size, the shape, the color, the texture, maybe even the flavor. Personally I find them too bland to satisfy my occasional craving for something cheesy. These Xtra Cheddar Goldfish, on the other hand, though not finger licking cheesy are a step up from the regular Goldfish. They do have an enjoyable flavor that could almost compel a snacker to eat the entire bag. That may or may not be a good thing.

For flavor and satisfaction, the Extra Cheddar is definitely a better option that the original cheese goldfish.

KatieBentonia, MS


Pepperidge Farms is becoming slack with the flavor of the infamous goldfish. Compared to the small size bag(6oz), this 30 oz carton taste like plain goldfish and not the flavor blast xtra cheddar we like so much and wanted to purchase. Price was right; however, it would have been great to have experienced the FLAVOR BLAST of XTRA CHEDDAR taste.
RhebaMocksville, NC

Great product for the price

Great product for the price. They stayed fresh for a while and tasted very good! I love that we can get the cheddar blast in a large container.
DamarisNew Orleans, LA

Family Favorite! Great Snack!

My family loves gold fish, we eat them all of the time. Put them in soup, snack on them at lunch and late at night. I bought the whole grain version to have something a bit healthier… although they aren’t healthy by any means! The box is a great size, it’s a bit smaller then the ones you might see at a grocery store though so do not expect one of the humongous boxes but it is still a great size and lasted my family of 3 for about a month which is a lot more affordable than buying the smaller boxes every week! These do have a powdered cheese on them that can stay on your fingers unlock the original so if you have small children you don’t want cheese fingers everywhere I would stay away from them.
ReidJunction City, GA