Peppermint Double Milk Chocolate Truffle Cremes – Dilettante 24oz Tub

Dilettante’s Truffle Crémes are a gourmet, silky-smooth, minty chocolate delight. The delicious truffles feature a peppermint ganache center made with a unique recipe of milk chocolate and high quality, all natural peppermint oil. Each Peppermint Truffle Créme is coated with Dilettante’s premium, creamy milk chocolate. This makes a double milk chocolate candy that is bursting with cool, smooth peppermint flavor. Check out these reviews : “I think this is some of the finest chocolate I have ever eaten. As a reward, I let one melt in my mouth without chewing, just letting the chocolate mint flavor treat my tongue. Because it is so rich and full flavored, I don’t need much to satisfy myself.” -Nancy: Sequim, WA “I first got these as a gift from a friend from Seattle and was hooked immediately… He warned me not to take them into the office, since they would disappear in minutes – and they did. They are light, creamy and the perfect pick-me-up. Like I said, buy two: one to share and one to stash for yourself.” -Mike: Houston, TX You’ll never find fillers or artificial additives in Dilettante chocolates. Our gourmet delicacies are made with only the best pure, all natural ingredients. These Peppermint Truffle Crémes come in a handy 24oz tub with the perfect amount of truffles for your next party’s dessert table, to keep your candy dish full, or to keep on hand for after-dinner mints. Your order will include one 24 oz tub of Dilettante Peppermint Truffle Crémes. We will ship the product direct to you from our warehouse.

Quick facts

  • Lightly sweet with a cool mint flavor
  • Made with all natural, high quality, velvety milk chocolate & natural peppermint oil
  • Bulk size great for parties, office occasions
  • Product of the USA
  • 1 Bulk Tub of Peppermint Truffle Cremes; net weight 24 ounces

Top reviews

Order at your own risk!

I’ve reviewed the peppermint truffle cremes before. They’re deliciously decadent. I recently ordered this 24oz tub. It didn’t last a month. What did you have for breakfast? truffle creme. What did you have for lunch? truffle creme. What did you have for dinner? 2 truffle cremes. Can you say addictive? My advice? Have a family member who doesn’t like mint, chocolate, or both, if such a person exists, hide the tub from you. It’s your only hope. ;D
JasperTekoa, WA


Perfectly flavored, melts in your mouth just right!! Dangerous to have around but worth the risk!!
SuzanCayey, PR

Closest thing to a Frango yet!

We found the 24oz bag at Costco last week. This seems to only be around for the Holidays so stock up if you find them at your club. That said they are about half the price at Costco as they are going for here at Amazon so if you have a membership head there fast. As a long time Frango lover we are always looking for a Frango like chocolate since we only get to Seattle every other year or so to visit family. Very happy to report that these truffle creme mints are the closest knockoffs yet. Since Macy’s bought out the Bon Marche years ago Frango’s seem to have changed anyway (not as good as they used to be) The secret ingredient that is slightly lacking in these mints is of course bad for you and that is salt. These are just slightly less salty than the real deal but probably better for you as far as your blood pressure goes. Of course if you want to make it taste like the real deal just grab your salt grinder and hit it with a light coating and pop in your mouth and you will have the perfect winning combination of chocolate, mint, sweet, salty in one glorious fell swoop. WARNING: As others have noted these things are ADDICTING! But so well worth it. Highly recommended!
DotWoodville, AL

Frango lover

They’re not Frangos – but boy are they good!!! I keep this big jar hidden and only “reward” myself with a couple of them now & then – YUM!!!
WillenaUniversity Park, IA

peppermint truffle Dilettante

Was trying to get Frango mints so I ordered Peppermint truffles for a friend; she liked them. Shared them with friends who also enjoyed them. Wish I could have sampled them. My all time favorite is Frango mint.
GarretGoleta, CA

Best Chocolates ever.

I love these chocolates! Like to keep them around to use as small gifts – thank you when I write a note to someone. I just wrap up a few for them. Of course, I do happen to love them when a chocolate hit is necessary. They are really special.
GaynelleTontogany, OH

Creamy Treats

My very favorite treat is minted chocolate, and these creamy tidbits really answer the craving. The problem is that if they are around, they aren’t around very long, because just one or two bring on the need for more and more. My friends enjoy them as well, and I try to share them as much as possible. Absolutly delectable! EHK
JaeAngus, MN

Not Campbell’s soup but Ummmm Good!

She loves them, and she has excellent taste, possibly except for me, but they are darn good.
MarylynnCommerce Township, MI