Peregrino Sliced Jamon Serrano

This is true Jamón Serrano: a lean ham with a rich nutty flavor, cured in the mountains of Spain for over a year. There is no other sliced Jamón Serrano in America which approaches the level of painstaking preparation. This package contains very high quality Serrano ham, carefully sliced to achieve a remarkable thinness. Serving tapas or hors d’oeuvres? Just peel off the slices you want, arrange them on a plate accompanied by slices of Manchego cheese or perhaps some cracked olives and keep the rest in a zip-lock package for another day. Every week or so we select hams to be sliced into paper-thin slices by a local Virginia smokehouse in a neighboring town. By slicing our hams locally, rather than weeks earlier in Spain, we assure that the slices remain moist and flavorful. Once packaged, we apply our house Peregrino label – a symbol of its gourmet quality presentation. In the original unopened package, these slices will remain fresh for weeks, if not longer. For top freshness, we recommend they be stored in the refrigerator.

Quick facts

  • Perishable – Requires expedited shipping
  • Instant Tapas!
  • Carefully trimmed and hand sliced
  • Ready to eat

Top reviews

Instant Tapa

At $38 a pound it should be good and, believe me, it is. My wife and I enjoy Serrano ham in Spain and this is spot on. It is hard not to sneak to the frig and retrieve a quick tapa. I highly recommend this product. It is wonderful by itself or with scrambled eggs. La Tienda is a top notch supplier.
CarmellaEnglewood, OH

not the best jamon serrano

The look of the ham was somewhat dissapointing. Having eaten Jamon Serrano throughout latin America and Spain… I was not blown away like I was hoping,,, it was OK but only OK.
KendaMonroe, SD

Delicious and full of flavor! Also, best deal on Amazon

I became addicted to spanish ham while I was pregnant… spending $10 per plate for a 1oz portion on top of some salad greens at a local restaurant… I ordered this ham because it was the best price per ounce that I could find, and was not disappointed!

This ham has a very rich flavor, causing me to eat it very slowly and enjoy it for longer. A half of a slice would satisfy my craving, and it seemed to never run out!

Tastes great paired with fruit such as pears or sweet apples.. It cleanses your pallet to allow your next bite of ham to be as delicious as the first!

I’ve since had my baby, but am ordering another pack of this ham because it’s so good! My husband loves it as well.

ShardaMatfield Green, KS