persian lamb blend

The pungent spices of the Middle East combine with the pure essences of peppermint, rosemary and garlic to create a new way to experience lamb. Faerie’s unique blends of natural herbs and gourmet spices make it easy for anyone to create mouth-watering dishes.  Each of our seasoning blends is available in ½-cup and 2-cup shaker top jars.

Quick facts

  • The perfect rub for both lamb chops and leg of lamb.
  • Pungent Middle East spices combined with pure essences of mint, rosemary and garlic.
  • Faerie’s unique blends of natural herbs and spices make it easy to create mouth-watering dishes.

Top reviews

Excessive shipping charges

I purchased this product and the seasoning is very good. I am, however, very dissapointed with their shipping charges. I had sent the seller an email stating that their shipping charge was excessive ($7.50) for such a small item. I received no response. The spice jar (3.5oz) arrived in a small box sent via USPS, and the USPS label on the front showed the cost of $2.38 for shipping. So faerie’s finest makes an extra $5.12 on S&H. I suggest they notice that part of’s success is due to the fact that they charge straight shipping costs, not inflated S%H. I won’t buy from faeire’s again.
InocenciaCoolspring, PA