Perugina Panettone, 1.1 Lbs

Panettone is a rich, delicately sweet cake with candied orange peel and plump raisins and is ideal for any celebration! 500 grams

Quick facts

  • Christmas delicacy
  • Rich and sweet cake
  • With candied orange peel and plump raisins
  • 500 grams

Top reviews

Best panettone I’ve ever tasted!

I grew up in South America, where it is a tradition to eat panettone every holiday season. My family has continued this tradition, so as you can imagine, I have sampled my share of panettone. This is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted. I will be buying Perugina panettone exclusively in the future (I just hope I can continue to find it!).
NakitaChestnut Mound, TN

Absolutely positive

This panettone is incredible!!! Having eaten numerous examples of this wonderful cake, I am qualified to judge that this one is as good as any I have found, and better than most.
GregMiles City, MT

Not so good

We were not happy with this Panettone at all. It was extremely dry and not what we have had from other brands in the past. We have had much better from less expensive breads. Would not purchase again.
KatiTripp, SD