Perugina Sorrento Spicchi Hard Candies

Perugina Sorrento Lemon Orange Tangerine Flavored Candies is a premium hard candy in lemon,orange and tangerine flavors.

Quick facts

  • Sorrento Candies are produced by Perugina. This hard candy assortment includes Tangerine, Lemon, and Orange flavors.
  • 1lb Bag of Sorrento
  • Flavored candy from Italy

Top reviews

love this candy

My English teacher first introduced them to me, one of her other students mother worked for the company and would give the sample to my English teacher. Now and then our teacher would give them out, I love them so much that I ordered some. They are a little pricey though
PearlyHanover, NM


the perugina candy is my favorite. It arrived so fast and I will definately reorder
FranceneOslo, MN

not speciaL–no one if family LIKED !

ITALY hard candies.




*gluten free. (good)

2 wrappers-the 1st wrapper comes
off easy but the inside wrapper
sticks to candy.

3 color wrappers …..B U T, hard
to tell flavor you are eating.


(but-was very FAST).

bbp okc ok 63 retired

WesDexter, OR


The Phoenican puts this candy out on tables at conferences. I became totally addicted to this candy and had to order some. The orange, mandarin, and lemon flavors are absolutely delicious.
AudreyWhigham, GA

Delicious candies!

I love citrus candies and am always looking for new varieties to try. The three flavors in the bag are orange, tangerine, and lemon. All three flavors are true to their names and there is no “off” or artificial flavor with these. They actually taste like a sweetened version of the fruit. Amazon shipped quickly and they arrived in perfect shape. My favorites are the orange (arancia) and the lemon, but the tangerine is also good.
JessiRipon, WI


Lovely, citrusy candies. I Will be ordering more of these delights for my family. They don’t stay in the candy dish very long
JettaRio Vista, CA

Really good candy!

I first tried these candies at a conference in Washington, DC and got hooked on them! They are slightly sour and have an intense true flavor. They’re excellent for keeping your saliva flowing. There are 3 flavors in this mix: lemon, mandarin orange, and another kind of orange that is close to blood orange. These candies arrived a little sticky in their wrappers, but it doesn’t affect their flavor.
TiannaSaverton, MO