Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Rice Balls Dog Treats

Ideal as a treat, training tool, or reward for your dog, Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Rice Balls Natural Dog Treats provide your dog with a high-protein, low-fat, natural, and healthy snack. Made from natural all-white meat chicken mixed with white rice, they offer a delicious crunch for dogs of all sizes. They have no additives, artificial colors, or preservatives. They are also free of any wheat, corn, and soy. Each highly nutritious treat is completely digestible and is carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor to provide your dog with a natural and healthy snack. Ingredients: Chicken, rice Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 56% (minimum); Crude Fat 3% (minimum); Crude Ash 2.8% (maximum); Crude Fiber 0.1% (maximum); Moisture 18% (maximum) Pet ‘n Shape offers a full line of healthy treats and chews made from natural chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, and beef, delivering highly nutritious snacks that pets crave and that pet owners can trust.

Quick facts

  • High-protein, low-fat, natural, and healthy snack for your dog made of 100 percent natural chicken and rice
  • Delicious crunch for dogs of all sizes; ideal as a treat, training tool, or reward
  • All natural with no preservatives, additives, or artificial colors; free of wheat, corn, and soy
  • All ingredients U.S. lab tested for safety; carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor
  • 4-ounce resealable bag

Top reviews

My dog knows these by name and RUNS for the treat jar

I’ve named these “chicken balls” and my Puggle is fully aware of what I mean when I utter those words. She RUNS to her treat jar and pokes at it with her nose with reckless impatience as I hurry along behind her. I love that they’re simple with no additives, just dehydrated chicken and rice. They smell just like chicken and rice if you put them right up to your nose. So they’re inoffensive for those with sensitive noses. They’re bite size and super crunchy. These may be too large or too hard for Shih Tzu and smaller dogs. I say this because when I babysit an adult Shih Tzu, she attempts to eat it but can’t. I’ve broken them into smaller pieces for her and she’ll eat them. These do not stain the teeth like those other chewy treats with color additives. They’re safe to keep at room temperature and they keep for a very long time since they’re dehydrated, although they never last more than a couple of weeks in my house!

I highly recommend them.

ParisTenino, WA

My dog loves these….

I bought these for my golden retriever to try. He just loves these treats…he could eat the whole bag if I didn’t limit them. I am hoping with the chicken and rice they are healthy for him. If your dog likes treats, try these…he’ll drop other treats if he sees these coming out.
KentonMalaga, NM

Pet’n Shape – Chik’n Rice Balls

I purchase these small treat balls as a quick reward for a good girl treat. They are small and easy to carry in a pocket. I use them mostly as a reward when out walking with Misty. I have a small dog so these are just the right size for us.
ElodiaBurbank, OK

Excellent Product!

I have two dogs with digestive problems and they need a treat that can be eaten without causing their systems to get upset. This is one of only two products available that meets their needs. No stool problems! In addition, these 100% real chicken treats are small enough not to have to break apart for dogs on a restricted calorie count. One treat will do it. Lastly, since they are round they don’t break apart into sharp pieces while the dogs are chewing them. It is dangerous for a dog to try to swallow a hard, sharp piece of food! This was a major problem even with my large dog and the flat 100% chicken treats on the market. This is a great product!
DortheaGridley, CA

Tasty Treats for my little puppies

My puppies (5 months old) absolutely LOVE these. They play with them for a little and chew chew chew!!! And being that the ingredients are chicken breast and rice only (no sugar or other fillers) I feel comfortable letting them enjoy it.
CatinaCortlandt Manor, NY