PETCO Treat Bar Carob Chip Cookies, 15 lbs.

Your dog will go nuts for these Carob Chip Cookies made with quality ingredients. Go ahead and tell them these are chocolate chip, because once they have one taste they won’t care what they’re called. Use them as a reward, for training, or for just plain snacking and your dog will certainly know he better behave so he can have more. Treat your dog to PETCO Treat Bar Carob Chip cookies today and so they can savor them and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Quick facts

  • Your dog’s favorite snacks from the Petco Treat Bar
  • Choose from a variety of flavors and shapes
  • Large economy-sized boxes

Top reviews

As long as the dog is happy….

My dog always liked these best when we went to Petco, they were just a bit too expensive. Now he’s thrilled… but I didn’t realize how many cookies makes up 15 pounds. Now I feel like I’ve got enough cookies for WW III !
They come delivered in a box somewhat broken, but still a really good deal.
RolandaJoppa, MD