PetGuard Premium Feast Dinner for Cats, 5.5 oz

PetGuard’s choice of wholesome ingredients helps create a highly digestible food with a texture and the great tastes that cats enjoy. Free of tuna, by-products, artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners, sugar, or preservatives. Low in ash and magnesium.

Quick facts

  • Gluten Free
  • Natural or Organic Ingredients

Top reviews

Yum Yum

Ordered this cat food per recommendation from Dr. M. Fox because my young cat has become allegic to something and thought it might be from the grocery-store canned which I have discovered is BAD quality. Due to the increased cost plus shipping I called Pet Guard direct to see if they supplied anyone locally. They were very helpful and they do and now I have been getting the food from a local health store. Cats love it! However, cat is still losing hair, but the nutrition is greatly enhanced so will look at other possible allergens, i.e., carpet chemicals.
TerenceHigh View, WV

Cat food, Cat food.

This is a top rate cat food. Nutritionally it is perfect for cats that have urinary problems. I live out in the sticks and can’t find it locally so I purchased this from Amazon.

The shipping fee is way too high!

HayleyBurlington, TX