PetGuard Venison And Rice Dinner For Cats

PetGuards choice of wholesome ingredients helps create a highly digestible food with a texture and the great tastes that cats enjoy. Free of tuna, by-products, artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners, sugar, or preservatives. Low in ash and magnesium. (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always Check The Actual Product Label In Your Possession For The Most Accurate Ingredient Information Before Use. For Any Health Or Dietary Related Matter Always Consult Your Doctor Before Use.) 35883005316

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PetGuard Venison and Rice Dinner for Cats

This is a superior quality item, arrived in very good condition. However, my cats refused to eat it! It’s far healthier than the food one can find in local department stores. My cats DO eat the more routine flavors in PetGuard brand–chicken, beef, seafood, etc…. but venison–absolutely not! I think they’d have done better with it, if they’d been more accustomed to the flavor. Perhaps if you have younger cats….. still a great product.
RobertWright, MN

Wrong Food in Can, and they won’t man up about it.

I’ve bought Petguard for my cat for a good while. She needed a specific protein diet and this was the only thing we could find on the shelves locally. The food in the cans were always dry and old looking but she ate it and that is what counted. One of my last purchases of a case of this online, I opened a can and it was different. Instead of the gray-pink food, it was dark and smelled like fish but it had the rice particles in it. I thought maybe they changed their formula and like the law gives them.. 6 months to make changes to the label… eventually they would reveal the new formula for venison and rice. I used a dozen cans of this dark fishy smell *venison and rice* and then ordered another case. I opened up a can of the new case and it was back to the gray-pink food! The dates for this new case showed it was manufactured after the dark fishy smell venison and rice. That made me question what on earth my cat has been eating! I’ve tried to contact Petguard sooo many times and I get no replies. I will be recording opening a can of the *who knows what* venison and rice and putting it on youtube. Maybe then Petguard will see they made a big mistake and depending on allergies… the potential of killing pets with whatever they put in the venison and rice cans.

My review is 2 star for the old gray-pink crumbly food, a 1 star for the unknown stuff. I’d give a negative 5 star (if it was possible) to the foreign matter in this case of venison and rice cans. And I’d give a negative 10 star for the company for making itself so difficult to get a hold of (they took off their facebook page… why??? And they haven’t responded on twitter for a year and a half. And they do not respond to either email addresses they have on their current website.)

I do not recommend Petguard, the food nor the company.

MarciSpanish Fort, AL