PETMATE 26333 Looney Loops Cat Toy

Pet mate 26333 Looney Loops Cat Toy are the crazy plastic loops that your cat will love to slide, flip, roll, bite and play. Simple design never breaks down or loses the fun factor. Keeps cats entertained for hours.

Quick facts

  • Crazy plastic loop toy
  • Drives cats crazy
  • Fun to slide, flip, roll, bite and carry
  • Simple plastic toys

Top reviews

Kitty was not impressed

I found these at a local pet store but my cat won’t play with them at all. She just stares at them like they are aliens from Mars. Some of the best things in life are free (sort of). Here’s a tip to save you some money. Pull the ring off your milk container or orange just container and flip it off the counter and watch your cat go wild! My cat loves ‘milk rings’. Her all time favorite toy above anything I have purchased that is an actual ‘cat toy’. We have them all over the house. Bottles of vinegar have a nice wide loop to pull off too. My kitty loves them because they fit so well under anything she can bat them under (like the furniture or the refrigerator).
LacreshaGrantsville, MD

Wonderfully simple toy!

Length:: 1:47 Mins

My 6 month old kitten Dinah absolutely LOVES this toy. She’ll play with it until she’s so exhausted that she can’t anymore and yet she’ll continue to try and muster up the energy to go at it some more anyway! It’s fun to play with the toy with her as well, so it’s not only good for solo play when i’m not around but also for interactive play. It’s lightweight so kittens can bat it around and pick it up with their mouths and i’d day its definitely a must have toy for any cat/kitten :]

Also, just a side note- apologies for the semi-jumpy video quality… It’s hard to play with a kitten and record a video with a steady hand haha.

AntionetteMc Lean, VA

For the cat with hardwood floors

My cat loves toys. She wasn’t too crazy about Petmate’s Cat Crazies toys, but these Looney Loops are her favorites. I brought these home and she abandoned her previous favorites (which is good since they were stuffed mice which were falling apart) and actually gets upset when she slides one of these toys under the furniture and can’t reach them. She hasn’t lost interest in them in over 6 months. I originally bought them at PetSmart, but they’ve either been out of stock or no longer carrying them. I’m very happy to find them on Amazon.

These are great because they move quickly across the floor and she can bat them atound. And they’re QUIET, which makes them great for her night-time play sessions. If you step on them you won’t get injured (a rule for any cat toy in my house.) They’re durable.

I don’t know how they’d do on carpet — I image they’re a hard-floor toy.

RockyDunlap, IA

My Cat’s Favorite Toy

My cat loves these so much that I bought ten packs of them just in case they stop making them. Seriously. She purrs the minute I pick one up. She likes to play fetch with these so any time I’m around she brings one to me and meows until I throw it for her. Then she has a great time chasing it around the room until she catches it. I have to put them away at night, though, since she’ll bring them to my bed and meow for me to throw them. This is the best cat toy ever.
JenaeLincoln, TX

My cat ADORES these

I bought these after trying several other toys to keep my cat happy while I am at work, and he loves them! He wraps them around his paws to chew on, loops them on door stops for the ‘twang’ fun, tosses them in the air and brings them to me to throw for him (the only thing he fetches–self taught by the way). They are quiet and don’t hurt your feet at o’dark hundred when wandering around the house. My cat even plays with them in bed next to me and I never wake up! Petsmart still carries them for around $2-3 (saw them today) and I have passed them on to other family members with cats.
SimoneJefferson, SD

cats did not like them

I think when it comes to cats its hard to tell what they like or do not like.
They absolutely love the plastic spring toys so I thought these would be almost the same, just a bit more durable than the thinner spring ones…which have somewhat short life span due to those sharp cat teeth!
no luck for my Bengals.

so this is not a negative review of the product as much as a heads up 😉

FloridaWaikoloa, HI

The Most Amazing Cat Toy!

I just bought my 6 month old kitten these, just to try them out. She loves batting around paper balls and paper-clip type items so I was happy to find something that wasn’t expensive and seemed something she would like. SHE LOVES THEM! It’s been about 25 minutes and she is still batting it around, carrying it in her mouth and having her crazy kitten moments! It’s the perfect cat toy. To big to swollow, quiet and durable, bright colors, cool shape and cheap! She is having a ball. It works on carpet or hardwood floors too!

I also recommend the PetMate Crazy Spinners. She really enjoyed those also!

CarrieArnold, NE

A Surprise Hit!

You wouldn’t think these simple little plastic curls would make even a mild-mannered cat act like a fool, but they DO.

You know how cats go nuts for the plastic pull off the milk/water jug? These are made on the same principle but stronger and more to hold onto.

The beauty is in the simplicity. (Like how cats usually like the BOX the fancy gift came in instead of the fancy gift…and would rather sleep on a dictionary than a 100 dollar bed.) Big cats and little cats both liked it. And you can’t beat the price. Five paws-up.

MelidaDaly City, CA

waste of money

items are very cheap..and my cat wasn’t at all interested in them..overpriced and overrated in other reviews..disapointing and too cheap to return for refund.
MoniqueAuriesville, NY

Love it!

I bought these along with Cat Crazies. Our cats love them both! I bought these knowing the cats love milk tabs. I don’t have to worry about them chewing up and choking on plastic bits.
AshleaEl Nido, CA

Poor product, do not waste your money on this, possible choking hazard

I gave my cat one of these Looney Loops to test, and in less than 8 hours I discovered that two of the loops had come off. Smallish plastic pieces, and a choking hazard for sure. Needless to say that one plus the two remaining in the package went out in the trash.
ArdithHaughton, LA

Not at first…but now she loves them!

Got these for my cat. She’s high maintenance and I wanted a toy that would keep her interest. And wouldn’t fall apart like her rabbit fur mice toys.

At first when I opened these up she was…unenthused. She batted them around a few times and then walked off to play with her other toys. Then, about a week later, I found her going *nuts* around the house. I thought it was another mouse she was chasing and then saw it was one of the Looney-Loops.

Now she loves them, and will carry them around the house and chase them for hours. A great, simple cat toy–I just needed to give it time.

SommerUnion, MO

Crazy Cat Toy

Our 15 week old kitten was raised playing with wand toys, before we adopted him. This is the only toy he will play with that doesn’t require me to interact and play with him. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing with him, but I am a student and I do need some time to myself for studying. He rolls them around on the floor, puts his arms through them (like bracelets) and then flings them across the room, hides and stalks them, and basically acts just plain goofy with them. I plan on getting a few more of these to have spares on hand as he looses them under the entertainment center every now and then.
SherrylFarnam, NE

Cheap and effective

My kitten loves this toy. I have hardwood floors so I watch her run around and play with it all day long. She can literally spend hours playing with it alone. I’ve seen her put it insides shoes, boxes, any type of storage and try to bat them around and out for fun. The cutest part is when she picks it up with her mouth and carries it around with her. She’s carries it around all over the house and I find it laying everywhere, even on my bed. But the funniest was when I actually found it in her litterbox! Guess she liked it so much she took it with her when she had to potty.
AnnamaeOlean, NY

cat toys

This is one of the best cat toys we have ever bought. It keeps your cat entertained and you can
just sit back and watch all the fun they have with this toy.
BreeCrane Hill, AL

My cats go crazy for these!

I don’t know what it is about these little plastic toys but my kitties go crazy for them. They get so much joy out of flicking them and chasing them all around. Sometimes they take them and try to hide them away from each other. I will say that I do not leave these out. When they are done playing with them I put them away in case of any choking hazard. Better safe than sorry. 5 stars though, they love them!
RosamondCarolina Beach, NC

Best cat toys ever

I have yet to find a cat that doesn’t love these. I am so upset that I can only find these online now.
Sadly my dog loves to destroy them.
RoyalRonkonkoma, NY

cats not impressed

My two cats were not impressed with these. Granted, they are older cats and don’t play with much in general, but they are still cats that like to bat things around here n there. Just had no interest in these. Stick with milk jug cap rings. They love those.
ErlineGalesburg, IL

Not For My Two Cats

Bought these because of all the glowing reviews. My two could care less. I do see them in different places sometimes in the mornings but it’s usually only about 1 roll from where I left them. At least I don’t have to hunt them down or order more because they lost them. Ordered different kinds of these but they dissed all of them. Cats…….
DellFranklinville, NJ

not a bad product but…

…my cats just dont like them. i thought they’ld love em since they the love the Ethical Pet Wide Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic Colorful Springs. Go figure. You get 3 lousy Looney Loops for $5 + they barely gave em the time of day. But the pack of 10 Ethical springs for less than $2 a pack they cant get enough of. Theres nothing wrong with the looney Loops, you just cant predict whats going to tickle a cats fancy.
KeeshaSaint Rose, LA

My cat is obsessed!

In general, my cat is pretty indifferent when it comes to store-bought toys. She tends to prefer balls of tinfoil, paper bags, cardboard, etc. The first few days, she was not really into these. Then she saw the way they bounced and rolled on the linoleum kitchen floor and is now completely hooked. She goes totally nuts; smacking into cupboards and rolling all over the floor playing with these. The plastic is stiff enough that they roll well but pliable enough that she can pick it up in her mouth, chew it (she’s never broken off a piece to eat), stick her paw through the middle; it’s hilarious to watch. They are pretty hardy so even when you inevitably step on them in the dark, they bounce back into shape pretty well. My only complaint is that they only come 3 per pack. If I could buy bulk, I would because there is an entire pack under my refrigerator right now! Every time my kitty gets one stuck under something, she goes nuts trying to get it out, so if I can’t get it easily I break out another. They used to sell these at one of the chain pet stores but not anymore. I recommend buying 2 packs at a time cuz they will be under your furniture pretty quickly!
StaceeBridgewater, MA

OMG My Cat goes gaga for these!

I’ve tried all kinds of cat toys and wasted a lot of money on toys she’s played with a cople of times then never touches again. Then I bought the looney loops and oh boy she absolutely loves them! She chases them all over the apartment, bats at them, and loves digging them out from under the couch. She plays with them so much they no longer resemble their original form and I had to throw them away they were so ratty in shape. I went into panic mode when my local store was out of them and didn’t get them back into stock for ages. Then I found them online! I bought a whole bunch so I wouldn’t be caught without any of her favorite toy. I don’t know why she loves playing with them but she does! I highly recomend them!
WendiDevils Tower, WY

Not for my cat

my cat only looks at it if i throw it around. he would not play with it at all! would not recommend this product
HildegardeJoshua, TX

My Cat Loves These!!!

My kitty absolutely loves these things…I leave them out for her at night and in the morning I have to really hunt to locate then since she bats them around the living room all night..LOL.
ArleenNorton, MA

awesome cat toy

second time purchasing these little loops–they are really great, my cats both love them and they take them with them everywhere, under the bed, in the tub, etc. they’re a really great toy to play “fetch” with your cat as well as a fun activity for kitty to do on his own. mine like to paw at them and then throw them gleefully into the air and run around the house. only problem i have with these is that sometimes they get stuck under the couch sometimes, but other than that- great toy
SheldonWhitewater, KS

Cat goes Looney for Looney-Loops

One of my cats is extremely fussy when it goes to toys. He likes his mice, but he is always tearing those up. I have tried many others but he just walks away from them. Until I found these. He goes nuts. He is always carrying them around in his mouth. Then will drop it and start batting it around. When that one ‘escapes’ he goes back to his basket and grabs another. His favorite thing to do is go into an empty bath tub with one of these. He can spend hours in there playing.

I highly recommend these. They don’t shed, they don’t fall apart, they don’t break, and they are completely washable!

JunieMinneapolis, MN

Great toy! Their new instant favorite!

I recommend these highly instead of the wire, painted springs that Amazon refuses to remove from their inventory: . This toy is safe, and they instantly loved it from the moment it came out of the package.
DewayneSidney, NY

cat springs

Very satisfied the cats have a ball playing with them. They arrived in a timely manner no damage to product.
TiffaneyEdna, KY


This should be included in physical therapy for cats; my cats never ran this much in their lives. Very good for exercising your aimal
HelenTurtlepoint, PA

My cat ignores these

My 16 mo. cat loves her springs, so I thought I’d try something different, but similar. She just looks at these and ignores them. I will be getting her the springs from now on.
HanaBriscoe, TX