PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

Premier Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug The Busy Buddy line of dog toys and treats is designed for longer lasting playtime. Busy Buddy treat holding or treat dispensing toys encourage dogs to interact with the toys longer. This built-in gratification system keeps them actively engaged and can be used as a part of your dogs’ treat routine, instead of giving them high calorie treats that they consume all too quickly. The Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug provides a multi-sensory appeal to keep dogs interested and motivated to play. It stimulates your dog’s sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, making the Tug-A-Jug the ultimate solution for interactive play. He can see and smell the treats and hear them rattle. Dogs are positively rewarded when treats or kibble dispense from the jug’s opening. The Tug-A-Jug is perfect for a game of tug, hide and seek, and fetch. It can also be used as a training tool for commands such as “Bring it,” “Leave it” and “Fetch.” Product FeaturesTreat dispensing toy: Reward your dogs’ playtime and make it more fun. The Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug dispenses treats or kibble for your dog to enjoy while he plays. Longer lasting playtime: The Tug-A-Jug is made from an incredibly durable, non-toxic plastic. However, the Tug-A-Jug is NOT a chew toy. Supervise your dog during play and remove the toy if damaged. Dishwasher safe: Top rack only. Treats We recommend using dense, hard-to-break treats so your dog has to work harder to get them out of the toy. You may find that you need to use smaller treats at first, so they come out faster, rewarding your dog as he plays. Once your dog becomes more experienced with the Tug-A-Jug, you can begin using larger treats. They will come out more slowly and make the Tug-A-Jug more of a challenge for him. Remember to stock up on Buddy-Ohs! treats for longer lasting playtime. Use as a Feeder The Tug-A-Jug can be used to feed your dog his entire meal. This is especially helpful for dogs that “inhale” their meals, and immediately start asking for more. Fill the Tug-A-Jug with your dog’s kibble, and make him work for his dinner! Getting the Right Size Remember to consider your dog’s size and breed when choosing the right size Tug-A-Jug. If you aren’t sure which size toy is correct for your dog, go up a size. This is a good rule of thumb for choosing the right size toy. The Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug will challenge your dog to work for his meals and encourage longer lasting playtime. PLEASE NOTE: Some dogs may chew through the rope during play. However, this doesn’t mean that the toy is unusable. You and your dog can continue to enjoy the Tug-A-Jug by placing various sized balls inside the jug with kibble or treats. As the balls roll back and forth, they interfere with the dispensing of kibble. By changing the size of the balls or the treats, the level of difficulty can be adjusted to suit your dog’s level of play and interest. We recommend using a couple of golf balls or a Wiffle ball to begin with to build your dog’s confidence as he plays. Once he understands the new rules of the game, you can increase the number and/or diameter of the balls. As always, we encourage you to observe your dog as he plays and to take the toy away as necessary.

Quick facts

  • Interactive dog toy provides multi-sensory appeal to keep your pet engaged
  • Durable non-toxic material withstands prolonged play
  • Textured rubber wrap cleans teeth
  • For dogs 10 to 40 pounds
  • Treats sold separately
  • New packaging, same great product

Top reviews

Love the Idea But Not as Great in Practice for Us

Length:: 1:01 Mins

Tucker was nervous about this toy at first (as you’ll see in the video) but really warmed up to it quickly and has enjoyed gnawing on it. However, this has not worked very well for us as a treat dispenser. I consider Tucker to be quite a clever puppy, but after fiddling with the tug-a-jug for a couple days, he just began bringing the thing to me and dropping it at my feet for me to dispense the treats for him. (I suppose that may be evidence of just how clever he is!)

DavidMc Arthur, OH

Three Dogs…No want…

I bought this tug toy because of the reviews…However, none of my three dogs had any interest in them, even when I put their favorite snacks in them. I dog is a big chewer, one is a medium chewer, and one is too old to chew! Not one would go near it…Also, it does not look like the picture. It is entirely in purple, and the tug is all purple and rubber… This is the only toy I ever bought that all three dogs disliked. It has been a week, and I keep giving them the toys, but no luck. I personally think it is too awkward and heavy..Fell on my bare foot, and it hurt somewhat. I think you could make this with a plastic soda bottle, for nothing…
Sorry for the bad review….The review is from the dogs, and not me! I paid quite a bit for 2 of them, and I
need to figure out what to do with them…paid too much to throw them away.. maybe make a bird feeder?
DaraNewville, PA

$10 thrown away

My dog destroyed the rubber “cord” in 5 minutes (worse yet, swallowed it), got very nervous trying to get the treats out and almost attacked my other dog for trying to get it from her (which she never before did). I had to take her toy away and wish i could get my money back. $10 is not a cheap tog toy, so it could be at least durable. I bought it because i thought it’d be a good distraction to keep her entertained and less anxious when i leave, but now i’m afraid it’d be inducing aggression and causing harm if ingested. And that would cost much more… Better stick to Kong toys, the only ones so far my chewing dog cannot destroy it!
DickSarahsville, OH


KoriPollock, SD

Tug-a-Jug lasts 5 minutes.

I was very disappointed with the tug-a-jug. It came in the mail today. The dog had it for 5 minutes and she had the rubber rope chewed in half in that short amount of time. A waste of money for me. I have yet to find something that this black lab doesn’t destroy in record time.
KayceSteeleville, IL

Use a Plastic Coke Bottle Instead

So I bought this thing and my cockapoo wouldn’t touch it, I played with her with it and tried to show her how it worked and even rubbed cheese on it, but she never figured it out. So I got the idea that I could take a empty 20 oz coke bottle and fill it half way with kibble and maybe she would graduate to the tug a jug eventually. Well, she loves the plastic soda bottles, but still ignores this toy. I think maybe it is because they replaced the rope with a rubber faux rope. She loves her rope toys, but doesn’t like this rubber rope. I recommend starting with a soda bottle and only moving to this if they regularly destroy the soda bottle.
ChloeFreeport, NY

Wish they hadn’t changed this toy

I originally purchased this item back in March of last year. It worked out great with my yellow lab in dispensing a meal a day. This version of the toy had an actual rope coming out of the jug. After about half a year, the rope wore through, but given the low price of the toy, I was satisfied with 6 months of heavy use and recommended it to friends.

I then purchased a replacement end of last year. Unfortunately, the manufacturers had changed the toy so now it’s a rubber rope in place of the original fiber one. This toy lasted about 15 minutes before my dog had completely chewed through it, making the toy nearly useless.

5 stars for the original version, 1 for new and unimproved.

LavinaWilliamstown, OH

Expected more…

I bought this for my Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) because he loves to chew on empty soda bottles. The bottle part is very tough, but he had the rope part destroyed within an hour. I expected more from it than that. Without the rope, it’s just not the same. I consider this to have been a waste of money.
MarlenGrapeland, TX

not good

my dog wouldn’t even touch it. However from what I’ve heard other people use it. It seems way too heavy and bulky for a dog to play with and I can see if causing a lot of damage to your furniture if your dog was to swing this around. Especially if you have a small child that could get whipped in the head with it.
KeiraBotkins, OH

? dog toy??

My dog has still not figured out what to do with this. He is a very smart dog with a vocab of about 50 words. I was surprised how hard the plastic is and am also worried. Once he does figure out how it works I am afraid he will knock himself out when he shakes it from side to side! Let alone what will happen if it flies out of his mouth!
OlivaRichmond, VA

Doggie No Likey

I thought that this would be the perfect toy for my 100 lb lab who destroys Kongs in about 3 days. But, to my surprise, he was interested in it for all of about 5 min. He chewed the rope part for a little bit but has not touched it since.
BabetteIndian, AK

waste of money!!!

my dog loved it at first but an hour later the plastic bottle cracked!! maybe this toy should be kept “indoors” only 🙁
JohnathanOceano, CA

Not as pictured…

The picture shown does not match the item I received. I specifically ordered this product because it showed the jug to have a plastic rope and not an actual rope (my dog loves to tear apart ropes, and I’d had a tug-a-jug that had the plastic rope previously and that was a great product. I’m not sure if they’re making it with the plastic rope anymore, but I assumed that since that was what was shown, that’s what I’d receive.) I’m not really happy with this bait and switch because I have to closely monitor my dog with this toy to make sure she doesn’t shred the rope and render it useless.
JoeannCreve Coeur, IL

They shoud re-name this the “Tug-A-Huh?”

I have two dogs: one is not very good at figuring out puzzle toys, even with scaffolding and attempts at teaching him, the other is like a dog genius. That, coupled with her highly food driven motivation, usually leads to her mastering these types of treat toys instantly. This is the only item I’ve ever purchased that she can’t manipulate well. Unlike some of these other types of dog toys, I also find that it has to be fairly full to work well. She’s a relatively small dog and even if I put all of her kibble in the smallest jar, it’s even tough for me to get it all out with the little pull rope because it sinks to the bottom of bottle and has to go up the bottle neck to exit. Also, because I have two dogs, sometimes the other dog wants to come in and play, too. This works nicely with the ball dispensers, but for this jar, if they both pull on the rope, the motion required to actually get the treats or kibble out immediately becomes impossible. Regardless of the number of dogs in your household, this is one toy I’d pass on.

Update: My medium chewer has now completely chewed apart the rubber pull rope with this. If I could change my original 1 star rating to a zero, I would.

FranklynArtois, CA

Broken Bottom

The first time i filled it, it droped on my hard floor and the bottom shattered. My doggie didn’t even get a chance to try it out!
ElishaLyons, IL

Dog can’t Get treats out!

I thought this toy would be amazingly stimulating. If you look at the top of the bottle, it is nearly impossible for a dog to get the treat out. I wanted a toy that would engage and keep my Cojack busy.. She can’t get the treats out. Please fix the design!!
EvaSan Juan Bautista, CA

Did not work for us

We ordered the medium/large tug jug. It smelled like plastic so strongly my dog would not go near it no matter what food we put in it. I tried it with a friends dog four times and the dog could not connect that kibble came out when he let go. All he wanted to do was tug. The rope was so stiff he couldn’t really get a grip on it and the rope also smelled of chemicals. Between the BPA in the bottle and cap and the inflexible rope, we found it was unusable and sent it back.
ArtBerwick, LA

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

Pretty cool idea. Lab loved it for a while…then it broke when it got tossed onto the driveway – bye, bye, toy!
RachalAlbany, OK

Not worth it…you’ll need to spend more money

So the version of the toy I got had a rope and not the rubber ‘rope’. It’s a bit misleading because there are pictures of both versions. I had seen the toys in the store and had only seen the rubber ropes so figured that was the current version…I figured wrong…and within 10 minutes my dog had untied and completely frayed the rope, thus ending the whole point of the toy. They have a ‘helpful hint’ of what to do when the dog has destroyed the rope of putting different sized balls in the toy to get a ‘similar’ effect…that’s great, but it’s not the toy I bought. AND now, I have to go out and buy the balls to put in it so I don’t completely waste my money on what became a useless toy in 10 minutes. It’s a good idea but I wouldn’t recommend this toy…they need to work out some kinks first and/or up the quality of this product.
ChelseaSaint Bernice, IN

Great Idea, but no match for a smarty

I was so excited when I bought this toy, imagining the hours my dog would spend entertaining herself with this toy. Unfortunately my mutt took two seconds to size it up and decide that the best way to get the treats out was to chew the rope off, which she did promptly. She was right, and I could hardly be upset with her, but I was disappointed that such an expensive toy was so easily destroyed.
LatashaKing, WI


My Min-Pin shows absolutely no interest in this item. He is usually very receptive to anything that dispenses treats.
AlmedaNetarts, OR

Don’t Buy

This toy did not last. I have a boxer and he chewed the rope off the jar.
CyrilFraser, MI

Awful! Didn’t make it through a day!

Length:: 0:19 Mins

It took my dog no more than 4 hours to destroy this. First off there are two types of rope that this product can come with – we’ve seen a cotton rope or a rubber one. Ours came with the rubber one (as shown in the x-small and small size on amazon).
First, my dog took to chewing the jug. She saw the treats and would hit at the jug. She also chewed on the grip and bone. In addition to being loud as others complain, she just kept tripping over it. She’s a clumsy dog, but every couple of minutes it would roll behind her and as the jug is really bulky, kind of knock into her. Also, the rubber rope didn’t stand up to her chewing AT ALL. In addition, we couldn’t find treats that really…came out of it easily at all. She got it out every now and then, which was good, but she didn’t ever figure out how to go about doing so and just tore at the bottom of the judge.
For reference, we had the medium/large for about a 40-45 pound 1 year old beagle/basset mix.

BruceSkamokawa, WA


My dog chewed the rope in half first, then chewed off the spiky ball. Finally then he got to some treats. He doesn’t have patience for many toys and this one did not keep his interest. I was not impressed with it. One of the worst toys i have bought.
OctaviaMills, WY

Dog Danger

I purchased two of these for our labs at Christmas. I filled them with their usual training treats, and the dogs loved them…they played with them for about 30 minutes trying to get to the treats. Then…the two dogs figured if they bit off the ball on the end of the rope, they could get the treats to fall out sooner. Yup…within 30 minutes the plastic ropes were destroyed. It could really be a danger to dogs if swallowed. (This is why I watch the dogs when they get new toys…and thank goodness I did.)

Anyhow, totally disappointed with the product, it’s safety and the price. THESE TOYS ARE NOT LAB-TOUGH!

SynthiaCedar Mountain, NC

Not As Described

I think this toy has potential, but it didn’t come as pictured. The rope is not actually a rope, it’s a plastic mimic of a rope and my dog can’t seem to figure out that he can tug at it like he can his tug rope. He quickly figured out all the other busy buddy toys and the buster cube, so I assume the rope just seems too foreign. I am going to buy an actual tug tope that will fit and try that instead. Will update review once I do this.
JefferyPottersville, NJ

Don’t Waste your Money

I bought a xsmall for my 12 lb dog. My dog is unable to get the treats out and when I tried to pull on the rope I coudln’t get them out either. I also tried to pull the rope when the bottle is upside down and still no treats. I tried several sizes of treats/food to see if perhaps that would help and still no treats. The rope in the bottle is so thick that nothing seems to fall through the bottle neck. Don’t bother purchasing.
JoellenBald Knob, WV

Bad for extreme chewers and smart dogs

I purchased this for my Westie because I work and she’s home alone in her crate most of the day. I wanted to give her something to stimulate her mind, so she didn’t get too bored while I was away. I received many recommendations on this toy, and read many great reviews. Here are my issues with it.

1) My dog may only be 16 lbs., but she’s an extreme chewer. The product says it’s durable, but it’s not. She almost had it chewed through by day one.

2) Apparently, my dog is a genius. She figured out how to dispense the treats, just not the way they’re supposed to be dispensed. She unraveled the rope. Pulled it out and dumped the treats out. Now, the toy is useless.

I think it would be a great toy for a dog that doesn’t like to chew and can’t figure out a work around to dispensing the treats. For extreme chewers, and smart dogs, it’s not durable or stimulating enough for them.

SharynBybee, TN

Not for powerful chewers!

I bought two of these for my 16 month black lab and my 3 year old Golden Retriever. At first they nosed it and tossed it, but within 5 minutes my black lab had ripped the rubber stopper in half and dumped out the kibble! Maybe he is smarter than I thought!
The toy is completely unusable now and we are sedning it back.
I think this would be a great toy for a smaller or less voracious chewer. If your dog is a strong chewer, I would get something else to entertain them.
CalvinFort Davis, AL

Lasted 5 minutes, item not as pictured

My dog chewed up the “rope” that stops up the bottle into dangerously large pieces in a manner of minutes. Note that in the “Medium/Large” photos for this item the stopper appears to be an actual purple and white rope, but the item I received had the solid purple soft rubber “rope” that appears in the “Small” photos. This design is completely unsuited for even moderately powerful chewers. I never would have bought this item had the photographs been accurate.
IvonneCrown Point, IN