Peychaud’s Bitters, 10 oz

The classic New Orleans bitters and a crucial ingredient in the signature Sazerac cocktail, Peychaud’s is sure to enhance the taste of whatever you’re sipping. As one of only two brands of cocktail bitters to survive from pre-prohibition days, Peychaud’s is used some of the world’s most classic cocktails like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Whiskey Sour. Made right in New Orleans, it’s been a legendary favorite since the 1800’s. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Used in cocktails like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and in the signature Sazerac Cocktail. One of only two brands to survive from pre-prohibition days. Made in New Orleans. Specs: 35% alcohol by volume.

Quick facts

  • A New Orleans tradition since 1793.
  • Used to make a Sazerac Cocktail.
  • Also try it in Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and Whisky Sours.
  • 35% food grade alcohol by volume.

Top reviews

Didn’t know this was anise flavored…

I’m no bitters expert but I bought it as a gift for a friend. I was surprised when I heard that this was anise flavored because neither of us are fans of licorice flavored things and I wish the description had mentioned that. I might have choosen another brand that didn’t have that flavor.
GayleneCharlestown, MA

alright, not as good as angostura

these are probably great in the right drinks, but i dont like them at all in an old fashioned. i’ll stick with angostura
IvoryKerr, OH

Need some for Sazeracs, great in Manhattans

If you want to have a complete battery of bitters for mixing drinks at home or at a bar, you need:

Orange Bitters
Peach Bitters
Lemon Bitters
Old Fashioned (Angostura-type) Bitters
Peychaud’s Bitters

You can’t get Peychaud’s bitters anywhere else…nothing else compares. I think its one of the most versatile bitters there is. Is great as a digestif, too. I like it more than Underberg’s as a digestif.

VioletLawton, MI

Taste of Old New Orleans

Peychaud’s Bitters is the defining ingredient in the classic New Orlean’s cocktail known as the Sazerac, allegedly the first “cocktail” invented in the U.S., dating to the pre-Civil War period.
As such, there’s no substitute! It lends a mildly bitter taste and a sophisticated aroma to any beverage. In addition to mixing it for Sazeracs (check on line for various recipe versions), I add 7 – 10 drops to an iced glass of tonic or lemon-lime soda when I want a super-low-alcohol beverage with the taste of an alcohol cocktail. I find it soothes both the nerves and the digestive system.
JesusaMonetta, SC

The best!

I love a good champagne cocktail and this brand of bitters is MUCH better than the bitters found at the grocery store.
SharleenDowell, IL

Bring New Orleans home

Impossible to find these bitters anywhere but New Orleans and here. Can’t make a proper Sazerac cocktail without them.They bring New Orleans home to you.Excellent!!
PenneyHighlands, NC

Hard to find

Searching and searching for these bitters to make a traditional Sazerac. Finally found it at Amazon and a good price. Makes a nice cocktail.
AnamariaRichland Springs, TX

Sazerac. Anything else?

This is just one of those things you need if you really want a complete bar. They do have a pretty interesting and distinct taste, but it doesn’t show up as potently as some other bitters in drinks.

I bought the 10oz because it was cheaper per ounce after shipping. Note that Fee and Angostura usually sell their products in 4oz size. I don’t think either of those companies make a Peychauds substitute.

So what calls for Peychauds bitters besides a Sazerac? Well, a tequila/absinthe sazerac for one (thanks to “Absinthe Cocktails” by Kate Simon). I’ll keep looking for other uses…

JennifferLancaster, MO

The Essential Sazerac Ingredient

Want a perfect Sazerac — the official cocktail of New Orleans? Can’t get one without Peychauds bitters. Four dashes add an incredible aromatic and tasty element to each Sazerac. I have never been able to find these bitters in any store (maybe in New Orleans; but, I live in Seattle–a long way from the Big Easy). Enjoy.
DannielleChattahoochee, FL

Great bitters.

I needed this to make my new favorite cocktail, (sazeracs) and it is a great product. Hard to find but leave it to Amazon to come through once again. The service and shipping was very fast also.
CorrinaWillow, OK

the right ingredient

If you’re a fan of Sazeracs and cocktails, you need to know this essential component.
CucCombs, KY

Must have

Adds a nice flavor to manhattans. Lots of flavor. I use Peychauds with other bitters in ice water for a great 0 calorie drink. Vary the amounts of each for a well rounded drink. Peychauds can be used alone because it has the high, medium and base flavor notes. Try it.
JeannetteStarkville, CO

Great Bar Addition

A must for a well stocked bar, especially if you want to try a Sazerac. Arrived fast and my order was 100% accurate.
JesseTwentynine Palms, CA