Pfanni Semmel Knodel

Pfanni Semmel Knodel will soon be a family side dish favorite. Each bread dumpling is conveniently packaged in a cooking bag, so there is nothing to add and no mixing needed! One box holds six (6) dumplings.

Quick facts

  • 6 bread dumplings
  • Easy to prepare
  • Nothing to add, no mixing
  • A taste of Germany
  • Pack of 7 7-ounce boxes

Top reviews

So easy!

Love these dumplings; just like the ones we enjoy in Munich when visiting family. Best part is how easy they are to make. They are in individual bags and ready to go…just soak and boil. Done! No mixing, no mess. Be careful, though, when removing them from their individual bags as they are hot and you must use your fingers to open them. There are little tabs to hold onto, but it can still be a bit precarious.
ZacharyMico, TX