Pfeiffer Dressing, French, 16-Ounce Bottles

With its classic orange color, Pfeiffer French Salad Dressing is a great way to add a tangy twist to your salad.

Quick facts

  • Originated at the Marine Grille in Buffalo, NY
  • In the late 1950’s Samuel Pfeiffer these unique flavors national
  • Resealable Plastc Bottles
  • Go To for recipes and serving suggestions
  • Go to for wonderful salad pairings

Top reviews

Why is it so hard to get???

Pfeiffer French salad dressing is absolutely the best. I don’t eat salads much because the acid in most dressings tends to wilt the greens before I’m finished. When on a diet, I have “Monster” salads with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, turkey, Cheddar cheese and pretzels (For crunch). Worried about calories? Use half Peiffer and half Salsa. I’m sure a doctor would not endorse this kind of diet, but I lost 60 pounds in 8 months.

So why are Peiffer products so hard to find?

ClaudetteWest Stockholm, NY

No longer available in Buffalo

I’m from Buffalo where Pfeiffer originated and I’ve been eating it my whole life. I was disappointed when they stopped carrying it in our local grocery stores a few months ago. I seriously called every grocery store within 20 miles. I was ready to call the company and try to order it through them. I was so happy when I found it on Amazon, although, I was a little weirded out ordering food via the internet. Everything is fine though, there was nothing wrong with it and it’s best buy date is not for about 7 months. The only problem is the price, I used to pay $1.50 per bottle but with shipping it equaled out to more than $5.00 per bottle. It’s worth it.
BeaulahHelen, MD

Thank you,Amazon

Peiffer French Salad Dressing is the best. We could no longer find it in stores. Happy to find and purchase it from online Amazon.
TristanKenwood, CA

Great Transaction!

Wonderful French dressing that is not overly sweet. Find other French dressings loaded with sugar and more like eating dessert. This is a classic sweet/sour which does not hide the taste of the salad itself.
AnnaHughes, AR

Delicious but hard to find!

This is a fantastic french dressing…I have been unable to find it in grocery stores. I was excited to find it on Amazon and I thought the price was very reasonable!
TatumOsceola, IA