Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes, 20 Ounce

Delicious dried mangoes Great taste, fat free, sweet and moist, high in vitamin C Stay fresh resealabe zipper bag.

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  • 30 ounce

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Laxative Effect

Phillippine Brand Naturally Delicious Dried Mangoes Tree Ripened Value Bag 30 Ounces Dried Mango

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL OF HOW MUCH OF THESE YOU EAT. I have been crapping myself continuously for 5 days now. Really try them in moderation they have a CRAZYYYY LAXATIVE EFFECT.

LovellaHalifax, PA

Great if you want it as candy!!!

I am a health food nut. I discovered dried mangos in my local nature/organic food store. They were bulk quantity by the scoop around 9-10/lb. I LOVED THEM so much and soo much healthier as a substitute for a sweet snack, that I wanted to find a better price. After reading reviews about this brand I went to Costco and bought the 30 ounce bag… HERE ARE MY THOUGHT

IT CANNOT EVEN COMPARE TO THE NATURAL literally RAW pieces of dried Mango in the organic store WITH NO ADDITIVES!!!! We are talking about DRY pieces of real fruit

This AS I SUSPECTED (but nevertheless bought the bag) IS MORE LIKE CANDY!!!!
Ingredients list: Dry Mango, SUGAR, Sulfur Dioxide (for preservative)

The pieces of mango are COATED with something like powdery SUGAR!!! It is very sweet. 31g of Sugar per serving of ~42g. ALSO the inside part is sort of still juicy EXACTLY LIKE A CANDY. And dont get me even started on the Sulfur Dioxide. I bought grapes that said: “Treated with SO2 PLEASE RINSE THOROUGHLY!!”


SUMMARY: If you want candy-like stuff, buy it. GREAT PRICE. If you want REAL RAW amazing dry mango with no sugar and no chemicals go to a organic health store. My store recently had a sale I got 3 pounds at 7$, which is just as low as the costco one. I will finish this bag that I bought from Philippines and never buy it again.

P.s. My first amazon review JUST because I knew that I will be tricked into getting this candy but went ahead anyway to prove my initial worries.

CarinaEckman, WV

These Mangoes has become my favorite dried fruit

I like dried fruit. Ever since I discovered these dried Mangoes they have become my favorite dried fruit. They are a blend of sweet and sour taste, that leaves a wonderful complex flavor in your mouth. I have tried other Mangos that have additional sugar added to them, and the ones with extra sugar are too sweet for me. This variety, however, is perfect! They are also rather soft as far as dried fruits go. The only problem with them I have is stopping after just one piece!

I found the best price for these Mangoes at Costco. Amazon price fluctuates. There is a nice online tool that I use to help catch a good price on Amazon, this tool is called “Online Price Alert”. This tool will send you an email when the Amazon item price reaches the target price range that you specify. If you search on “online price alert” in Google it will be come up at the top. I find this tool to be very helpful.

TrangHouston, AR

Great Snack

This product is very difficult to get where I live. Thanks to Amazon, I get as much as I want. It is healthy and tasty and really makes a great snack. If you like Mangos, then I suggest trying these Dried Mangoes.
ErrolBellefonte, PA

Great tasting Mangoes!

Great tasting Mangoes. They do have about 32g of sugar per serving (about 6 pieces), but they don’t taste artificial like so many others do. Overall these are my favorite dried mangoes.
HermanPinetop, AZ


Who doesn’t love dried mango? Seriously, is there anyone out there? And its got a great price. This is great.
PatriciaBrooklyn, MI

Delicious/none better

Dried mango is my favorite snack and trust me there are some brands that are disgusting. This particular brand, Phillipine Brand, makes an incredible product. I have tried many brands and while some are equivalent, none are better. And this is a great value. I definitely will reorder.
GenevieveDaleville, AL

Love Phillippine Mangoes

These dried mangoes are the best I have found. We love to mix them with frozen strawberrys and peachs for a great fruit salad
CoyLadiesburg, MD

Darn you Phillipine Mangoes!!!!!

I got my 30 ounce bag today. I have about 15 ounces left. For those of you doing the math, that is nearly a pound of mango in roughly two hours. These things are just addictive! I am quitting cold turkey…after the next bag. I swear!
SarahVanderbilt Beach, FL

Almost Heaven on Earth

These are so good there should be a warning on them saying: Might cause overeating leading to diabetes. SO GOOD! A note tho: why are these so expensive on amazon? You can get them on c o s t c o, same weight, for about $13.50.
NaidaCanaan, VT

Excellent Treat!

A couple years ago I picked up a bag of Philippine Dried Mangos and I can still remember how much I liked them. I found them at Costco, but when I returned to pick up another bag they were gone. I wanted to write a review telling others how good they were, but Amazon didn’t carry them at the time. Well, today I visited Costco again and they were back. Yum. I just had to pick up a 30-ounce bag. And they’re just as delicious as I remembered.

I use these dried mangos as a snack, as an item I put into my bagged lunch and I like to take them and other dried fruits and nuts along on camping trips. The only problem I have with them is that they’re hard to stay away from. Excellent treat!

Gary Peterson

NoreneOccoquan, VA

Supper yummy

I love these things. The sugar load is over the top and I am in constant danger of eating too many.
DeboraMount Hermon, KY