Philippine Brand Dried Pineapple, 14-Ounce Pouches

Profood International Corporation is the largest Philippine-based dried mango producer and the standard-bearer of world-class processed fruit products from the Philippine Islands. From the small company that once catered only to the local market, Profood International Corporation has grown to become the leading producer of various dried fruits, fruit preserves, purees, concentrates and juices. Its products are available all over the Philippines and exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. As it is situated on the island of Cebu, its central location proves to be an advantage over other processed-fruit exporters. This gives Profood easy access to a continuous supply of premium-quality fruits from any part of the Philippines. Since its inception in 1980. Profood International Corporation has remained steadfast in its commitment to product excellence. This strict adherence to superior quality has earned not only satisfaction from discriminating Filipino and foreign customers but also recognition from industry partners. With its respectable position in the export industry, Profood International Corp. strives even more to maintain the degree of consistency in quality and professionalism known to many of its business counterparts.

Quick facts

  • Delicious pineapple only from the Philippines
  • Naturally a Fat Free Food
  • Naturally Delicious
  • Made in the Philippines by a leading producer of various dried fruits.

Top reviews

the greatest!!!

Really love this stuff. Very highly rated. My highest recommendation and my favorite dried fruit. Have already ordered five or six bags.
ErlindaRichwoods, MO