Philippine Dried Mangoes – 20 Oz. Bag – Healthy Fruit Snacks

Philippine Brand Naturally Delicious Dried Mangoes are without a doubt the best tasting Dried Mangos in the world! Delicious, high in Vitamin C and naturally a fat free food, Philippine Dried Mangoes are a healthy alternative for an all day snack.

Quick facts

  • Stay fresh, resealable zipper bag * Great taste
  • Naturally a fat free food
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Naturally Tree Ripened Mangoes
  • Home of the original mango

Top reviews

1 word, Costco !!!!

This really is the world’s best Dried Mangoes, but you can get a 32oz bag for only 11 at any costo. Don’t spend 18 for a 20 oz bag online.
KendraBurr, NE


I am not much for dried fruit, but the Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes are so tasty and perfectly chewy. They are simply mouth-watering! Albeit they are a bit on the expensive side.

I became addicted from the very first bag, and once I introduced them to my mother and sister, they were hooked as well! Definitely try these if you like mangoes or dried fruit, or if you are trying to find a healthy alternative to snacking.

AlishiaKaylor, SD

Great Snack

These dried mangoes are awesome!!! The taste is so sweet!!! The price is a bit steep, and the shipping seems excessive . . . but, if it is the only way I can get these things, I guess it will do .. .
GrahamStratford, IA

Delicious Snack

DELICIOUSSS!!! the only reason why it is a 4/5 stars is because even though the bag is resealable, i noticed the mangoes would go a little hard and stale if i didnt finish eatting them after a few days.
CarrollEyota, MN