Pico de Gallo Bean and Rice Chips 6 Ounces

Non-gmo Gluten Free

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  • 6 Ounces

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Great Corn Free Product

Great taste, wonderful that they are Corn Free, nachos are finally back on the list. Wish they were lower in sodium.
IllaDenver, CO

An excellent replacement for chips and salsa

I am on a restricted diet and so cannot have things like corn, lime juice, and citric acid. That has put quite a damper on my dining out a la Mexican, but it has also eliminated my favorite snack of chips and salsa.

I just happened to walk by these little bags in the store. They shouted out from the end cap “We’re gluten free!” I paid no attention. When they also shouted they were corn free, I stopped my cart so quickly I may have left skid marks on the floor. I read the ingredient list at least four times to make sure they were really safe for me to eat.

The texture and feel in the mouth of these chips is a little strange; I expect that’s from the beans. Otherwise they are entirely delightful. My only complaint about them is that I ate too many when I first opened the bag. Well, that and they do leave the seasoning remnants on my fingers.

If you have a restricted diet these come highly recommended.

NohemiClear Lake, IA