Piennolo Vine Tomatoes – Casa Barone – Mount Vesuvius, Campania, Italy – 18.4 oz

Piennolo tomatoes are grown organically on the Mount Vesuvius National Park and benefit from the high concentration of minerals of the rich lava soil. The Piennolo tomato variety is the ONLY one included in the Slow Food Ark of endangered foods, our Piennolo by Casa Barone tomatoes the ONLY certified organic tomato of its kind and growing on the Mount Vesuvius slopes since 1944. To add status to status Piennolo tomatoes will soon be given DOP certification and they are one of the very few varieties recommended by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Impressive pedigree, and even more impressive tomato flavor. The powerful Vesuvian sun and the scarcity of water happily conjure to create pulpy tomatoes of a remarkable fresh flavor. The marvellous balance of sweetness and acidity, renders a perfect tomato preserve that never needs any sugar added to it! The products of Casa Barone company are certified organic, picked at the point of ripeness, only between July and August and prepared on the spot using traditional techniques and bottled in their own juice. Piennolo tomatoes are ideal for spaghetti, in a simple sauce of GENTLY HEATED tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and garlic — a small, but unforgettable masterpiece, and they will make your pizza sing adding the most authentic note to the most authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe!

Quick facts

  • Rare Italian tomato variety grown on Mount Vesuvius National Park; as seen on NBC’s Today Show
  • EU Cert. Organic and D.O.P. (protected designation of origin)
  • Included in the Slow Food Italian Presidia Arc of Endangered Foods
  • Perfect Balance of Sweetness and Acidity
  • In a glass jar of 520 g – 1.1 lb

Top reviews

Now lower price – but same great quality!

I love these little tomatoes. They are a specialty from southern Italy, growing at the foot of the Vesuvio. When you taste them, you actually feel little taste explosions in your mouth! Crazy? No, not at all, you must try this for yourself!

These little tomatoes are best used as a simple (simple!) companion for outstanding pasta (for example Bucatini By Pastificio Faella From Gragnano, or Maccheroni by Martelli, Toscana, or Latini Spaghetti Chitarra 1.1lb) by just sweating 2 or 3 cloves of fresh garlic in evo oil, than adding these tomatoes with a pinch of salt on MILD heat and gently heat them up, then add to prepared pasta. You can add a good pesto or fresh basil to taste, if you like. The experience will be otherwordly!

I had tried them first in 2009, that is how I know the price difference. At that time the small jar (520g) was 22.50$, and I found that a bit steap. But now they offer 2 sizes, and now you get a kilo (1000g) for 25.50, respective the small jar for 14.00$. Now I have tested the product again, because I was suspicious about that. Would that be a lesser quality, now with the lower price? No, not at all, it is really the same great item. Maybe the higher price had to with a lesser harvest back then? I have no idea, but I love love love these tomatoes.

I have seen videos on youtube about fancy restaurants in New York City putting them on their fancy pizza. I can’t travel there, but I can get the ingredients delivered to my kitchen!

ClarisaRaymore, MO