Pilão Roasted and Ground Coffee – 17.6 oz – Café Pilão Torrado e Moído – 500g

Pilao is a full-bodied coffee made with dark roast and very finely ground beans coming from the best planting regions of Brazil. Perfect for the traditional method of coffee brewing or espresso machines.

Quick facts

  • 100% Roast and ground coffee harvested and blend in Brazil. Brazilian very fine ground coffee
  • Vacuum sealed 17.60 oz pack: no air, no light. Pure freshness. Light bodied and smooth tasting.
  • Does not contain gluten

Top reviews

Great Find. Bold, rich, non bitter Highly recommended for Keurig owners

I tried various K cups in order to find the one for my taste. Finally, a friend of mine gave me a pack of this and I used it with EZ cup and EZ filter on Keurig B60 system. 1.5 tablespoon of this finely ground coffee brews a great 8/10 oz cup of rich, bold coffee. This is BOLD but DOES NOT leave bitter taste in your mouth. The seller is quick to ship and has great communication in addition to offering free shipping.
PearlineFowlerton, TX

Flavorful Change

If you’re looking for a flavorful change from boring bitter coffee this is perfect. Full of smooth body rich flavor from the first sip, this finishes with a great coffee taste without a bitter or “too strong” ending. I enjoy drinking my coffee black without the additives to cover up taste that just isn’t that good. I find this is so good tasting that there is no need to add anything. I do not enjoy Starbucks because to get the flavor you also have to take the bitter and too strong with it. I want a full rich flavor without thinking I am drinking bitter espresso. I would recommend trying this Brazilian favorite and see what you are missing. A mere 6 level tablespoons makes a full 12 cup pot in my Cuisinart maker, so this ends up being quite reasonable in cost as well. 5 Star in my book.
RudyMillersburg, MI

Brazilian Pilao coffee

One of the best espresso coffees I have tasted. Smooth and silky with no bitter taste at the end. Very enjoyable and I strongly recommend it to coffee lovers, especially espresso.
LiaPaincourtville, LA