Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 1.6 oz

INGREDIENTS: Salmon Flavor: Wheat Flour, Chicken Livers, Glycerin, Salmon, Corn Syrup, Pregelatinized Corn, Salmon Oil, Water (sufficient for processing), Wheat Gluten, Gelatin, Natural Flavor, Starch, Salt, Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Phosphates, Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Lactis, Lactobacillus Casei), Vitamin E Supplement, Natural Antioxidants.

Quick facts

  • Pill Pockets for dogs and cats
  • Makes pill taking easy
  • Pill Pockets are designed to carry your dog’s or cati 1/2s pill medication inside
  • No more forcing a pill down your peti 1/2s throat
  • Veterinarian designed and recommended

Top reviews

UPDATE-Change Not Always Good

I previously wrote a review for the chicken, so I couldn’t update it there. Please see my Other Reviews , the one for Septmber 30th so you can fully understand my follow-up about the change in ingredients below.

Kind of funny, I waited for 3 months to hear back from the manufacturer of Gennies Pill Pockets about their change in their ingredients and since posting this on 9/30, I received an e-mail, finally, on 10/2, coinsidence, maybe. Here is what they stated:

“Thank you for contacting Greenies with your inquiry.The only change we have made in the formula for Feline Pill Pockets is an increase in Glycerin to insure moisture content. There have been no changes to any of the protein sources.Please feel free to contact us anytime! John X. Consumer Quality RepresentativeNutro Products Inc.Please do NOT reply to this email. If you would like to respond to this message, click on the link below.” I changed the customer reps name to John X. to leave her name out of it.

I e-mailed them back to inform them of their misinformation and suggested they revert back to the orignal ingredients. There wouldn’t be need for extra glycerin if they didn’t mess with the original recipe.

I guess NO ONE there is aware of what they put or no longer put in their products that our pets eats. Just read for yourself, there is no mention of any type of probiotic. Their statement “Healthy Treat” went by the wayside after they removed the probiotics.

With the recent pet food scare, I would want to buy from a manufacturer who is aware of not only where they buy their ingredients, but of every tiny particle that is used in producing their product.

So, use your judgement. I will use pill pockets ONLY if I HAVE to medicate.

By the way, I gave it 3 stars for pill dosing, not for quality or healthy ingredients.

CodySherwood, MD

Great product

The product works great. My cat ate the pill with no fuss at all. Is just amazing.
DottyKingsley, MI

Great transaction!

Fast shipping, great transaction. I did order the regular pill pockets but got the Greenies ones instead. However, they work just as well and I would’ve bought them anyway (if the regular ones weren’t available). I will definitely buy from again–this seller has the best prices and service around! Thank you!
KatinaMount Angel, OR

Pill Pockets for Cats

Pill Pockets are very helpful in getting a cat to take a pill. The only thing is that they are typically expensive to purchase in stores ($9 for 45 treats). Luckily, I can pay about half that price online via Amazon or other web retailers.
DiannFort Washakie, WY

Pill Pockets are great!

These took all of the stress out of giving pills to my cat twice a day. He gulped them right down – didn’t even bother to chew. He loved the flavor so much he badgered me for them at “treat time”.
AnjanetteWashington, ME

Pill pockets are wonderful!

These little treats are fantastic! You will now be able to administer any type of pills to your cat- even the most bitter type. They seemed to be so tasty that they do not even notice that there is a pill inside- even if the have to crunch it. The treats are made from human grade ingredients and there is even acidophilus added for those that are giving there cats antibiotics.
ShaquanaMelrose, NY